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Hang em High

Personally I think that even had the victim of this brutal and terrible crime lived the men who raped her should have faced the gallows, now that she has succumbed to her injuries her attackers will face a well deserved appointment with the rope.

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As the example of the surviving Jihadist Mohammad Ajmal Kasab from the Mumbai  massacre shows India does execute murdering scum-bags swiftly enough for justice to be served  without having a drearily endless drawn out appeals process. Justice delayed is justice denied in my book and the girls in the picture are right, “Murderers should be hanged” not just in India but here as well.

Cheers Comrades

hangman noose on own

Talking the talk is all that Labor has, because we can’t afford to walk the walk even if the destination was any good

Gillard may have improved slightly in the polls of late however she has done so only with the help of a great deal of smoke and many mirrors

Over the last couple of days I’ve been listening to and watching the usual media suspects in conga line (of suckholes?) mode praising the intentions of the Gillard government’s white paper. there has been a plethora of vested interests saying that we should expend a great deal of time and treasure teaching our children to speak an Asian language. Frankly  I am less than excited about this idea for a couple of reasons.

Firstly we are fortunate enough to live in a country that speaks what is effectively the global language, ENGLISH, and as such it gives our players on the international stage an advantage if we have maximum competency in our own tongue rather than  some rudimentary grasp of just one of the many Asian languages.

Secondly I think that Gillard and Labor are kidding themselves if they think that teaching a few individuals the rudiments of another language will make them players in the rising economies of Asia. All of these economies have more than enough of their own “players” who will be miles ahead of any wannabe Aussies even if those Aussies have some understanding of the language there. In any event if we do want to get involved in one of the rising Asian countries then the natural choice should be India rather than China for the very simple reason that there ENGLISH is the lingua franca  of that nation and it like us draws upon a British legal system, its also a democracy rather than the totalitarian regime that rules China  so ethically we can be more comfortable as well.

Finally like a lot of Labor’s most recent brain farts there is no money to pay for this grand scheme. Its plucked from the air, intended to shift the public discourse away from Labor’s  many manifest policy failures. So instead of getting caught up with the logistical issues of making this brain fart smell less like hydrogen sulphide and more like roses lets save time and consider can we afford to do any of this? Sadly due to Labor economic policy  mismanagement  we just won’t be able to do it anyway even if it were actually a good idea, which it isn’t.

Cheers Comrades

Hari Om

The biggest story today has to be the Australian government decision to sell Uranium to India despite the fact that India is not a signatory to the NNPT.

India now needs to win IAEA approval of its planned safeguards, the support of an international grouping of nuclear suppliers, and ratification of its nuclear co-operation agreement with the US. Only then can it do a bilateral deal with Australia to allow the uranium trade and start negotiating with local miners.

Last week, Pakistan’s Minister for Religious Affairs, Ejaz ul-Haq, said Australia should consider selling uranium to Pakistan. He rejected concerns Islamabad would use the uranium in nuclear weapons. But Mr Downer ruled out selling uranium to Pakistan.

Australian uranium miners are bound by national legislation which allows them to sell yellowcake (uranium oxide) only to companies in countries that are signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as well as a bilateral safeguards agreement with the Australian Government. Neither India nor Pakistan is a signatory to the treaty. They also do not yet have any bilateral agreement with Australia.

Under these arrangements, exporters must apply for a licence from the Australian Safeguards and Non-Proliferations Office, where it can be proved that the uranium will be used for peaceful purposes.

The Australian

It does not take psychic powers to expect that the Greens and the ALP will make a big noise about this but I can’t get away from how their stance on Nuclear energy is very much at odds with their religious belief on Global warming. At present India generates much of it’s electricity from coal-fired power stations so according to the Gore Gospel these should be shut down to reduce their emissions of “dangerous” CO2. Nuclear energy makes sense as part of the mix in a fast growing India and it makes sense if you believe the Gore Gospel.
The bottom line really is that the NNPT is without doubt an instrument that has its roots and Raison Detre well and truly rooted in the cold war paradigm, a paradigm that has not existed for a very long time. What we should be asking ourselves is to what extent we can even trust the NNPT? And can we achieve the same result (no increase in the number of A bombs) through other instruments? Clearly the Australian and the United States governments both think that in the case of India think that non-proliferation is possible with out the signing of a cold war instrument.

So do I.

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