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We stop taking it, at last

We are beginning to see the strength  of the government’s resolve to end the  flow of illegal immigrants coming via Indonesia and I for one can’t help but applaud the effectiveness of the strategy. Naturally the  Indonesian  government are not happy but frankly they are just going to have to cop it sweet because quite laudably the Abbott Government are not going to be bullied the way that Labor was bullied and just tug our forelocks as we do as they wish.

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Australia is under no obligation to accept undocumented economic migrants as these men so clearly are, What amazes me is that these men are all Bangladeshis, who in heavens name are they claiming to be oppressed by? This has to be a case of well done to the Royal Australian Navy, well done to the minister Scott Morrison, and well done to the Abbott government for keeping their promise to turn back the boats when it is safe to do so. Its interesting to read the comments attached to may source piece in the Fairfax press where they seem to me to be running very strongly in support of the government actions. The “open borders” shrills are increasingly  pissing into the wind on this issue and the Australian people are quite rightly less than impressed by their blathering anymore.

As for Indonesia well what can they do? Whine and complain?  For too long they have tried to shirk the responsibility that they have for the foreign nationals that they allow into their country in transit to illegal entry into our territory and  they scream blue murder when we quite rightly jail their nationals for braking our laws. I think that they may well be tightening the visa-less entry for their fellow Muslim Bangladeshis  in the near future just as they have for Iranians.  What it boils down to is respect, Indonesia has for years failed to respect our right to control our borders and allowed all and sundry to transit their territory to facilitate the people smuggling trade, now they can’t get away with it.

Cheers Comrades


Making immigration work

Call me a cynic but I have been expecting this for some time because it seems pretty obvious to me that passport-less travel within Europe will only be acceptable to the governments and people of the member countries for as long as they believe that non EU citizens will not be allowed free entry by any of their member states as Italy has done recently with “refugees” from north Africa

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This report comes from the Guardian and it demonstrates the leftist mindset to a tee. Notice how they want to insist that Italy and France have only a minor problem? well according to the China daily:

The number of people fleeing North Africa has soared since mid-January, after Tunisia overthrew its president and set off a series of uprisings in Egypt and Libya.

Some 25,000 people, mostly Tunisians, have flooded Lampedusa, which is right off the North African coast.

Do you get what the Guardian is dong here?

They are using the rather disingenuous argument that the world wide problem with people wanting to flee from failed societies is so huge that we should be unconcerned  when only a “small” influx of people try to get into Europe that any concern is far in excess of the problem’s real magnitude. It is a fundamentally dishonest argument that tries to guilt trip the public into ignoring their legitimate concerns about the flow of uninvited  immigrants into their countries. It is the actual numbers crossing the borders that worries people and not how “low” those numbers are compared  to some academic toting up the size of a  “global” problem. In the case of Lampedusa the numbers were not insignificant and easily overwhelmed Italian resources on that island. Further the rather cowardly decision by the Italian government to just let these French speaking asylum seekers  immigrants transit Italy into France has fundamentally undermined the trust of other European nations that the external  borders of Europe mean anything.

As I see it if you want  immigration into any society to “work” it has to be at a rate at which the indigenous populace are willing to accept and welcome the new arrivals. This requires an orderly process and some measure of dispassionate selection that considers the needs of the country as much as considers the reason that individuals want to come in the first place. If a government ignores this necessity for the sake of some sort of well meaning but naive  “we are all part of one world” philosophy (ever so popular with the left) all you are doing is creating a problem for the future, just as we are beginning to see in some of the previously  more generous to asylum seeker host countries in  northern Europe. Another example closer to home is the decision by the Hawke government to allow unfettered arrivals from Lebanon during his stint in the big chair. It was certainly an act of compassion on his part but look at the social problems  in parts of western  Sydney now.

So what I’m saying is that its fine to talk about high minded principles of inclusiveness and compassion but you have to take the people with you and you have  to make sure that those that you allow to immigrate into your country will either have values consistent with your social norms, like a willingness to accept gender equality, religious diversity  or the liberal views of sexuality or a sincere  willingness to freely accommodate them. Otherwise all you are importing is the sorts of problems that we have seen in Denmark or Sweden and that leads to the very thing that the well meaning but naive left fear most, the rise of far right nationalism as the indigenous people begin to fear the fast growing immigrant communities within their own cities. Frankly I think that here in Australia we have the opportunity to avoid such social discord buy making sure that we create and maintain an immigration system where the numbers that come and the schedule of their arrival is determined by the governments that we elect not by those who try to get in uninvited by the back-door.

Cheers Comrades

Brother Number One proves that he is a “lite” version of John Howard

There is no doubt at all that Brother Number One has been caught on the back foot on the issue of illegal boat arrivals. His obvious softening of the treatment of the status of “asylum seekers” who arrive here illegally is a most obvious “pull factor” that encourages both the people smugglers and their clients. After the furious denials from all of the usual suspects  became untenable Brother Number One has done precisely what he did to gain office and that is to take a very big leaf out of John Howard’s song book by finding an off shore processing option that meets the obligations under the UN refugee Convention.

The MV Oceanic Viking.

The MV Oceanic Viking.

SEVENTY-EIGHT asylum seekers who were picked up by an Australian customs ship at the weekend are likely to end up in detention in Indonesia after a diplomatic impasse over their fate was broken late yesterday.

The breakthrough came as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd left for Jakarta, where he will hold talks on people smuggling with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

He left behind a political storm in Australia, with the Opposition homing in on the issue in Parliament and a prominent trade union leader turning up the heat on Mr Rudd, urging him to show compassion and to put out the ”red carpet” for asylum seekers.

The latest arrivals were intercepted in Indonesian waters by HMAS Armidale on Sunday, and plucked from their stricken boat that night by an Australian customs vessel.

It is believed the asylum seekers initiated direct contact with authorities in Canberra on Friday night, using a mobile phone to call the international hotline featured on the website of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

After being informed of the situation, Indonesia asked Australia to come to the aid of the asylum seekers.

It has only taken the deaths of a few boat people and the disfigurement by fire of a few more for the hard reality of the situation to show that the naive playing to the hard left sympathies has  proven to be a very bad idea indeed.

Of course “open doorists” will be horrified that “asylum seekers” will have to prove their claim in Indonesia  rather than under our generous  country, but if there people are , as they claim actaully fleeing for their lives  then they should be entirely satisfied that they are being offered a place of safety and accessment of their status by the UNHCR.

On the other hand, illegal immigrants will be mad as hell to have paid for passage to Australia  and to be held indefinitely in Indonesia.

Cheers Comrades


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