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Looking for the iClouds in the Internet sky

(by SockPuppet ~ one confused little puppy)

This is just a brief and short little post with a question I want answered:

What the f*ck is an iCloud and how do I find one?

Apparently there are some dumb celebratees who have stuck nude photos of themselve innit.

If you know the answer maybe you know the passwords too?

That is all. I have to go outside now and look for iClouds in the sky before it gets too dark.



Monika, Muslims, Mosques and …. Irony

by Ray Dixon (a Victorian and not-a-muslim-basher)


Bendigo woman Monika Evers would not approve of the above – not in her town.

No Burqas for Bendigo is Monika’s mantra and sworn belief.

You see, Monika hates Muslims so much (or ‘fears’ them so much she hates them – same thing) that she lodged a VCAT objection against the Bendigo Council’s approval of a Mosque proposed to be built in the regional Victorian City of Bendigo. One of 432 such objections (from a population of over 100,000).

Monika also joined (or formed) a local protest group whose arguments against the Mosque  included such gems of genius as these:

 Opponents said the mosque would bring violence to Bendigo and the city would be overtaken by Sharia law.

 “If you’re Muslim and you want a mosque, go back to the Middle East. This is Australia,” one member of the public said.

The protest group asked what councillors were doing to protect the city from terrorism and accused the council of failing to consult the community.

Bendigo people own Bendigo, it’s their town, they have the right to say mosque or no mosque,” one person said.

“We’re not racists.”

But Monika went further than that and started up an anti-Mosque Facebook page, Stop the Mosque in Bendigo. Not surprisingly, the Facebook page contains very little about the actual proposed building itself but a shitload of anti-muslim sentiment and reports and commentary on Islamic matters from far and wide, none of which seems relevant to Bendigo, which has had an established Muslim community for over 15 years that has peacefully co-existed with the “owners”, i.e. with “Bendigo people”, you know, the real “owners” of Bendigo, got it? Read it if you like but it doesn’t make much sense or have any coherence – just a lot of hate speech (GD might enoy it though?)

So Monika trots off to VCAT and what does she do? Well, she applies to have her name suppressed because, according to her, she’s received “online death threats” and “fears for her safety”. What a surprise.

Despite claims by her advocate that “the alleged threats to her safety have led to Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, the Australian Federal Police and Victoria Police checking in on her a number of times”, VCAT rejected the suppression application, saying there was a lack of credible information to support Ms Evers’ safety threat claims, which I guess means neither ASIO or the Police found any evidence of them either.

Oh dear, what does a true blue Aussie girl just trying to protect herself and her fellow Bendigoites from:

Sharia Law



Halal sausages and


… then go and do?



………………………………………………………………………….. ?????????????????????????????????

Well she leaves the court in tears of course (under police guard) while attempting to hide her identity ….

 …. like this:


Oh, the irony.

I’ll give the last word on this episode of anti-Muslim madness to a member of Bendigo’s Islamic community and to the Victorian Government’s Minister for Planning Matthew Guy (who is a Liberal MP, GD please note):

A member of Bendigo’s Islamic community said he was grateful the local council had decided to support plans.

Heri Febriyanto said the local Muslim community was growing, and has nowhere to pray or celebrate.

“We are also the local community in Bendigo,” Mr Febriyanto said.

We have been living here for more than 15 years, so we are same as the locals in Bendigo, we are working as well.

“So I think we should have the equality of rights, then we would like to live in harmony within the community of Bendigo.”

Victoria’s Planning and Multicultural Affairs Minister, Matthew Guy, has backed the council’s decision and criticised the comments of some of those opposing the application.

People making those kinds of comments are silly, I mean that’s not what we expect in this country, particularly on a planning matter like this, people should be respectful and sensible,” Mr Guy said.

“They’ve considered it (the mosque application) on its merits, it’s got through, if people want to appeal it they should, but it should be on the grounds of planning law and not on emotion.”

Thank you Heri – when did you get off welfare again? GD wants to know how (and why) you did that, you bludger. 

And thank you Matthew Guy. For a while there I was losing my faith in my fellow Victorians and was contemplating a move to Western Sydney Wellington, New Zealand.

We are ‘The Smarter State’ after all.

I think.

I hope. 

The naked snowman

As I’ve said before, I love living in north-east Victoria, even though it’s pretty quiet up here at the moment and the ski fields are doing it real tough despite the excellent conditions they’ve had. It looks like skiing is a stuffed industry but, as far as I’m concerned, tell someone who cares. We do well enough down here in Bright over the other 9 months of the year so the greedy corporates up there at the over-developed mountain resorts are getting exactly what they deserve in my opinion – i.e. bankruptcy.

Anyway, I guess the near deserted state of the ski resorts might explain this guy’s Darwin Club attempt last night at nearby Falls Creek.

Well, that and some, err, substances perhaps:

‘Naked’ man found in snow unconscious

MYSTERY surrounds the discovery of a reportedly naked man, suffering from hypothermia at Falls Creek.

Men heard the man groaning in the snow below a chalet about 4am and he was taken to the Falls Creek Medical Centre where he was attended by Dr Dominic Blanks.

Some reports stated he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but the doctor said that did not appear the case.

“I don’t even think he was wearing that, I think he was naked in the snow,” Dr Blanks said.

The man was believed to be semi-conscious when he was found and had lost consciousness when he arrived at the clinic.

“Initially he had a temperature of 24.5, normal would start about 36 and anything below 30 is quite severe hypothermia,” Dr Blanks said.

Police are investigating how the man came to spend the night in the freezing temperatures.

Look, I hope he recovers, but I think he should be named & shamed.

Better still let’s see a photo of him. Or a video … preferably clothed!

In the meantime, this video that I found on YouTube will have to do. It’s not him (or maybe it was) but he’s obviously not the first to try this little party trick.

What an idiot:



World’s most useless invention – the jet ski

Hi and a very bogan welcome to 2011. Lets kick things off with a story that is just too stupid for words:

TWO teenage jetskiers are in hospital after crashing into each other on Lake Eildon in Victoria’s northeast. A 16 year-old girl was flown to The Alfred hospital with a fracture to her leg while an 18-year-old youth was taken to the Mansfield Hospital with multiple leg fractures. Mansfield police say the two collided with each other just after 1pm today.

I dunno whether to laugh or cry but I hope their bogan parents are proud that these bogan kids have learnt to play (well sort-of) on the ultimate bogan toy – the very useless and ridiculous jet ski.

WTF are these motorcycles on water supposed to be for? Real motor cycles are bad enough but at least they get you from A to B. But with a jet ski all you’re gonna do is put it in the water and drive around in circles until you end up where you started from. F*cking brilliant! And thats if you survive.

Look, I hate to say this. Okay I don’t hate to say it: If you own a jet ski you are not only a bogan … you are also a moron.

(I bet they had mullet hairdos)

Two (2) examples of how Twitter is dumbing down the world

Example 1. (One) Paul Chambers:

Paul the pom has become the first pommie to be convicted of a criminal offence for what he wrote on Twitter:

Crap! Robin Hood airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!

Chambers only sent his tweet to his 600 followers and being a nobody he probably thought nothing would come of it (Think again dumbo). But as The Age reports, the tweet was found by an airport manager doing an “unrelated computer search” that I guess is what might happen when you tweet about blowing up an airport and you are even stupid enough to name it. The idjut was arrested by anti-terror police at his office and charged. Paul had his iPhone and two computers impounded, was fined £385 and ordered to pay £600 costs. He was also sacked from his job at a car distribution firm.

But how does this first (1st) example show how Twitter is dumbing down the world I hear you ask?

Are you stupid? It Speaks for itself


Example Two (2) Mark Pesce:

This Aussie has bursted in print on ‘The Drum’ with his spirited defence of what peoples like Devney & Devine tweet.

But I bet hes wishing he read example number one (1) first before he said we should all chill out and what’s written on Twiiter does not matter:

Judging from the feigned shock from the public, the horror and outrage from the tabloid set, and the deleted tweets in nearly everyone’s timeline, I’d suggest people are taking things a bit too seriously – and a bit too far.

Mark finished his piece with a love-in moment, like we is all one big happy twitter family singing Bandaids We are the world:

Twitter is all of us, at our best and at our worst. You can’t just look away. This is who we are.

And how does this second (2nd) example show how Twitter is dumbing down the world?

He’s a teacher!

Dangerious idiots

Matt Hayes

Fire fighers inspected the charred hull of Aspley's Bank of Queensland branch, decimated in an explosion early this morning. Photo: Matt Hayes

When I was a younger man we used to make jokes about the ineptitude of the IRA along the lines of Question: How do you know an IRA man has been trying to blow up a bus?
Answer: Because he has burnt lips from the exhaust pipe
This little escapade certainly seems to be of the same oeuvre as the jokes of my youth for the ineptitude of the would be robbers, that one of them was injured makes their apprehension far more likely and I hope that the police find them soon because idiots who try to use explosives to steal a relatively small amount of money from an ATM (and fail to even crack the machine open) are a menace to society.
When they are caught I wonder if they can also be charged with terrorism offences?
Cheers comrades

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