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Ian Thorpe finally admits he swims for the other team, nobody is surprised, cares or thinks that it matters at all

As one of those who does not care who fucks who as long as the fucking is all mutually consensual and all of the fuckers are adults I can’t help thinking  with the admission for Ian Thorpe that he swims for the other team “why the lies and bullshit Mr Thorpe?

Back in the spotlight: Ian Thorpe.

Back in the spotlight: Ian Thorpe.

After years of dismissing speculation about his sexuality, Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay.

Thorpe made the admission in a tell-all interview with Sir Michael Parkinson, News Corp reports.

The interview, which will air on Sunday night on Channel Ten, has been described by Sir Michael as one he had wanted to do for a long time.

“Ian Thorpe has always been near the top of my list to interview. The reasons are obvious. Not many athletes can claim to be the best of all time. Ian can.”

Before he retired for the first time at the age of 24, Thorpe broke 22 world records and won five gold and three silver medals and one bronze medal at the Olympic Games.

But despite his success in the pool, Thorpe’s career has been plagued with persistent rumours about his sexuality.

In his 2012 autobiography, This is Me, Thorpe confronted the speculation head-on: ”For the record, I am not gay and all my sexual experiences have been straight. I’m attracted to women, I love children and aspire to have a family one day … I know what it’s like to grow up and be told what your sexuality is, then realising that it’s not the full reality. I was accused of being gay before I knew who I was.”


The way that we put any gormless athlete who can run jump or swim better than other people up on a such a high pedestal is really incredibly tedious. These meat heads are not the sort of inspirations that I think are very good for the young people who are our future. Anyway its obvious to me that the reason that Ian Thorpe consistently lied about which team he swims for was all about the almighty dollar because he thought or was advised that he would be less valuable to sell breakfast cereals as a Gay athlete than he was as a straight one. Now that he has lost much of his previous golden shine coming out provides another chance to get a whole new payday from his shallow celebrity. I would be very surprised if this latest interview to be aired tonight is not going to put money in to Thorpe’s budgie smugglers. Does anyone seriously think that we won’t see a media blitz from this washed up swimmer in the women’s magazines, the Gay media will be delighted to have a new icon to deify and all of this will feed into Thorpe’s budgie smuggler stash.  Does anyone want to bet that it won’t be long before Thorpe becomes the poster boy for all of the elements for the Gay agenda?  Ah the cult of celebrity ain’t it the epitome of the vacuousness of the 24/7 media cycle  that is eternally sucking up any issue or person  who will keep the masses addicted to its electronic heroin.
Cheers Comrades

Heroes? Yeah we all admire heroes or, The loneliness of the long distance swimmer, Ian Thorpe

Its no secret that I am far less than keen on any sort of sport, I can see its sociological value as a surrogate for war and for its participants it provides a way to channel their inner warrior but in this age of the professional athlete it also has a tendency to suck up some young people into the maelstrom of fame  and unbridled adulation entirely bereft of  very much humility and on top of that many of the particular sports are incredibly wearing on young bodies never really designed to be so focused on the choreography of “scientific” training. Thus in some sports an athlete is burned out by the time they are truly adults. Add to this the seductive song of fickle  adulation and you have a heady brew that would be despised  as much as tobacco products were it not for the fact that the gurus of the sports industry want very much to foster the notion that sport is good for you and a harbinger of good health.

Which brings me to Ian Thorpe, now in rehab with depression:


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The thing about swimming is that it would have to be one of the most mind numbingly boring sporting pursuits out there, spending hours after hour watching the black line on the pool floor would be enough to do anyone’s head in. I suspect though that its more about a lack of direction in and very high expectations upon the shoulders of this young man that may have precipitated his troubles.

So in the end I just have to put the obvious question. Can “sport” really be that good for anyone if it takes fine young men and women wastes their youth on essentially useless activities, like swimming up and down a concrete puddle, imbues them with the hubris and adulation of being “champions” and then spits them on the scrapheap with no ability to do something else in their lives by the time they  are thirty…

What does being a sporting hero  really mean  Comrades?


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