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"You will read The Sandpit everyday and you will enjoy it no matter what tosh I publish....."

“You will read The Sandpit everyday and you will enjoy it no matter what sort of  tosh I publish…..”

This is my 3000th post here at the Sandpit, isn’t it amazing just how quickly this milestone has come around?

I like to think that this  blog functions at many different levels and its contents is as varied as life itself .

Its primary purpose has always been to keep me entertained and to give purpose to my morning cruise through the daily news reports and blog updates , to that end I like to write about the issue de jour that has taken my fancy as I sip on my first brew for the day.  Of course I have also shared some of the events that happen in my own life when I have thought them notable enough  and I have tried to do that with a little bit of wit and my rather wry sense of humour.

So for the next three thousand  posts I hope to continue to provoke and stimulate thought and words from you,  my dear readers, even if those thoughts and words are entirely focused on telling me that I have got it wrong in the most fundamental ways! Sometimes I even get feedback affirming that what I have said is correct, frankly either response pleases me though naturally the later has a somewhat sweeter effect on the palette.

Cheers   Comrades



Sugar hits, Gillard, Swan and a sense of humour.

As I suggested the other day when I reblogged Tanimo’s  post there is a very distinctive lack in the sense of humour when it comes to our friends from the left. A very obvious lack of any ability to see the humour in their own tendency to take themselves too seriously. Personally I am listening to my own internal laugh track when it comes to our current federal government and trying to convince myself that what we are seeing coming out of Canberra is in fact an elaborate satire from the same author who gave us “Yes minister” and “Yes Prime Minister”. To think that the farce that is the Labor government is not a work of satire is almost too awful to contemplate, yet contemplate it we must:

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What saddens me about this sort of thing is that its a bribe that won’t deliver and its totally at odds with the “tough budget” claims from Swan. Ah well at least the parents of children who get this sugar hit will get better flat screens for less as the prices are much lower now than they were when Rudd financed so many Plasmas in  his first panicked response to the GFC.

All the world is a stage, and Gillard and Swan are the comedy act that is playing like a tragedy train wreck, sadly for their fans the chances of their style of act  getting top billing again any time soon is ever diminishing.

Cheers Comrades

Beneath Contempt, or a sad lack in the sense of humour department

You lot just have no sense of humour at all!

It may not be a good idea on many levels but its funny to me especially in the rancour being exhibited here. It won’t change a single mind when it comes down to it, those who believe on AGW will just be outraged at being reminded that theirs is a faith based argument and those who doubt the AGW hypothesis will be unmoved because they think that the Warministas are all bonkers anyway. I suspect that Tanimo is outraged because this sort of thing is not amenable to obtuse statistical arguments and obfuscation.
Any way I will watch with joyous amusement as all here rage against the storm ………………
Cheers Comrades

Open Mind


The so-called “Heartland Institute” has not only decided to end their offensive billboard campaign, they now claim that it was just an “experiment” all along.

This provocative billboard was always intended to be an experiment. And after just 24 hours the results are in: It got people’s attention

Then they indulge in blaming the victim of their smear tactic.

In my opinion, their claim that it was always intended to be an experiment is a lie. In my opinion, their claims that global warming activists have sunk as low as they did, is a lie. In my opinion, they showed their true colors, which were so despicable even their own allies couldn’t stomach it.

In my opinion, the so-called “Heartland Institute” would have to elevate themselves by about a million light-years before they could even rise to the level of “beneath…

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Bring out your dead, Burn, Bury or Dissect? or Do funeral insurance ads shit you to tears?

One of the reasons that I have become rather adverse to change as I have got older is the way that change brings with it any number of unintended consequences . Add to that the development of my  rather dark sense of humour and you might just appreciate just why I found this piece from Der Spiegel worthy of a post this morning:

Click for source

We can all appreciate this rather strange situation but it has also got me thinking if I am the only one to be totally over the endless adds on the TV for “funeral insurance”? this was almost unheard of just a year or so  ago but now you can’t watch any of the free to air commercial channels without being implored to buy some insurance product “to protect your loved ones from the hefty  unplanned expense” its all based in pinging people’s guilt chips and frankly I think that there is something quite unseemly and obscene about the whole thing. To be honest I bet that if you are really worried about covering the cost of your funeral it would be a better option to just save some cash for that purpose than pay a profit making stipend to some profit making insurance company many times the cost of the funeral over the life of the policy and  who, sure as night follows day,  will try to screw you over when it comes time to payout. .I have had to organise a few  funerals during my lifetime  and as sad as that task has been it was never too big a deal to cover the cost even from a modest estate. Frankly there are far more emotionally  difficult tasks than finding mere money to pay for the box, the service and the disposal of mortal remains.

OK rant over, you can now go back to more happy thoughts on this day that is shaping up to be rather nice even though its Friday the thirteenth 😉

Cheers Comrades

“penis enlargement” would make life rather difficult if it worked this well.

Like most mature grown ups I’m more than happy with my own equipment and I find the endless emails spruiking ways to make bigger that which is entirely adequate annoy rather that entice or even amuse these days. However this vid is quite funny in a nicely understated way.

Cheers Comrades

England helps visitors who are a long way form home

A helpful sign

No exploration of Blighty would be complete without visiting Lands End and what a wonderful demonstration of just how inclusive the English are when it comes to helping out visitors who are a long way from home. This picture is courtesy of Mr Squiggle, the Sandpit’s Royal wedding correspondent who is discovering that English cuisine is actually better that many food snobs would have you believe .
Cheers Comrades

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