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Absolutely Retro Minimalist Simplification

I'm using a set of these instead of fuel injection.

I’m using a set of these instead of fuel injection.

Off to my brother’s to pick up an engine so I expect to be out for the better part of the day (even missing “The Insiders” and “The Bolt Report” also calling in on brother number two to pick up a set of Honda side draft carburettors which should mean that I will then have all of the ingredients for my  Absolutely Retro Minimalist  simplification of my sports car. I have lined up a place to weld up my manifold which will be a cut and shut of the Honda and Nissan elements. a Morris distributor with an electronic ignition upgrade will eliminate the computer entirely I have a new low pressure fuel pump to match the carbs and I have even managed to find the much longed for speedo drive gear for my transmission which means that I will no longer have to rely on my Sat Nav for my speed measurement.

Oh yeah I almost forget the count is on in the WA uber By election and guess what, not much has changed !

Cheers Comrades




Pretty things from Honda

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honda_chopper_racing_scooter_concepts-56 honda_chopper_racing_scooter_concepts-41

I have long been a fan of Honda’s motorcycles and their scooters, in fact when I first began blogging I chose the Screen name of Niceperson because I  used to ride a small capacity Honda motorcycle and they used to say in their advertising “You meet the nicest people on a Honda”. Anyway I like the new machines from Honda and think that when it comes to urban commuting a small scooter is a better option than a bus pass and the way that the fares climb ever higher….

Cheers Comrades


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