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The Vexed question of young lesos

Lesos denied justice? Well one of them is under the age of consent.

Today I look at the disturbing social trend for young girls to become lesos while they are still at school and have sex with underage girls at the same school.

What has prompted this is the Ivanhoe Girls Grammar controversy  which is really a storm in an A cup but which all the media thinks is a real big deal and have stuck it on there front pages.

The story is about how 16 yearold student Hannah Williams is bitching over not being allowed to take her 15 yearold lesbian girlfriend Savannah Supski to the Year 11 school dinner dance. Hannah’s Dad Peter even lodged a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission saying the school was “homophobic” and had “discriminated against his daughter because of her sexual orientation”. He did not get very far with that and has now pulled his daughter out of the expensive school and stuck her in a free government one to finish her Year 12 next year. I guess hes saving a lot of money by doing that too. 

Now I will make a brief comment about the dinner dance ban and move on to the real issue here of underage lesos: I think Hannah might have been pushing the envelope with her school by wanting to bring a Year 10 student at the same school to the Year 11 ball. But the school was dumb to say they must bring boys because what about the girls who cant get a male date because they are not attractive, what do they do? I reckon the school was right to ban Savannah from attending a function for the next year up but wrong to say girls cant bring girl dates if they cant get a bloke. They could have made a ‘no-signs-of-leso-affection’ rule if they wanted to, like ‘no kissing and no feeling each other up’. Then they could have avoided this controversy and our media would not be filled with this stupid non-story.

So onto the real issue. One of these girls is only 15 and in Victoria that is under the age of sexual consent which is 16 here in Victoria in case you were sizing up your next door neighbours daughter – dont do it if shes under 16 or you will go to jail.

Which raises (not begs) the VEXED QUESTION:

Should lesos over the legal age be allowed by law to have sex with lesos under the legal age? You know should older lesos be exempted from the law that says you cannot have sex with a minor? It seems they are.

If a 16 year old boy was humping a 15 yearold girl is that legal? I dont think so. The 15 year old is under the age of consent so it should be hands off and dick kept in pants should it not?

You are welcome to stand me corrected if so but it seems to me that lesos are getting around the law here.

This also raises the issue of how the hell do girls know at 14 or 15 or even younger that they are really lesbian? Could it be they are just following social trends of ‘gay is okay and its cool to be one’ and are getting led astray and laid by older lesos at there schools? Especially maybe at all girls schools – no other choice eh? Yous can debate that one in the comments but I think I have raised another important issue here.

Celebrity adoption follies

How many of you groan when you hear about another high profile “Celebrity” wanting to adopt an orphan child from some third world country? I can’t help thinking that they are treating the children involved as if they were some sort of pet that they want to rescue from the RSPCA. I also think that the children in question are being taken from one  unnatural circumstance into another equally unnatural life. Is that really a step up for the children involved?
Now the latest folly we have Reggie Dwight (AKA Elton John) seeking to adopt a small boy from the Ukraine.

I want love: Sir Elton said he thought he was too old to adopt but has changed his mind since meeting Lev

I want love: Sir Elton said he thought he was too old to adopt but has changed his mind since meeting Lev

Of course he has run into a couple of major problems in seeking to fulfill this wish, not the least of which is the fact that he is Gay and that he is too old to meet adoption criteria for the Ukraine. Fortunately for the child involved these hurdles are likely to be too high to allow the rich and self indulgent singer to get his hands on the pet that he so obviously desires.
What I am waiting for now is the shrill chorus of homosexual activists who will be insisting that this whole business is an example of “homophobia” or anti-Gay prejudice, when it is just an example of a country wanting to do the best thing for the children in its care.
Cheers Comrades

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