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Herald Sun intern slips under editor’s fingernails

A well argued piece that I think worthy of wider currency. The young woman was both naive and running with her own political agenda. I disagree with your suggestion that the Herald Sun should have just copped in on the chin and ignored the so called expose.
Cheers Comrades


Bolt bounces back onto the radio waves

Just as one door closes another one opens and on this occasion I can just imagine a number of lefties, like our learned friend, getting rather hot under the collar at the prospect of Andrew Bolt getting a new radio gig with 2GB in Sydney:

Click for source

Well do I recall the expressions of joy from the Pee Pee crowd when MTR closed well now they can bemoan the fact that Steve and Andrew will be on a station with a far bigger reach….
Cheers Comrades

Whitney Houston, A line of coke in the wind

Ah another day and another dead celebrity Junkie and as the media goes into a its usual “oh what a sad and tragic loss of a “great” person” mode. So we have wall to wall headlines like this from the Herald Sun:

No one needs to pay a corpse and you can bet that sales of Whitney Houston’s music will now improve significantly, because quite simply dying is such a good career move these days when the media just loves to eulogise even the saddest slave to the white powder. I wonder just how long it will be before someone like the Queen of over sentimental songs about dead women, Elton John writes some ditty pointing out that Huston was found nude in the bath ?

I can just imagine lyrics that say ” her life was like a line of coke in the the wind…”

Yep that would be a big hit for sure.

Cheers Comrades

The Mac attacks

You can always rely on the HeraldSun for political incorrectness:

Armed men ?????????


Sleazebag or victim, have your say on PCness … here!

If you find this repulsive imagine what a female thinks about it.

Do not misunderstand my intenions and meanings in this yet another ground breaking hard edged post. Today I breach the topic of political correctness when it comes to what is sleazy behaviour by men towards females and what is not.

This 40 year old bloke above from Preston got told he was a real sleazebag when he gave a flower to the receptionist at his local gym as a “friendly” Easter gesture. He is pleading innocence and that this is political correctness gone mad.

And now TheHerald Sun – being the conscienciuss vangaurd of our morals and ground breaking anti PC paper that it is – seems to have taken the 40 year old’s side and has said this:

Have the PC police gone too far this time? Vote in our poll and then have your say in the comments below

Is it sleazy to give a stranger a flower? Yes/No

They even have this banner at the top of their website, that’s how important they think this question is:

Now on the surface you may not see the glaring ommission in the HeraldSun’s question but I see it because I have a nose and and an ear for these things and pretty good eyes and a brain.

The obvious answer to Herald Sun question as written is “NO”, of course its not sleazy to hand out flowers to strangers because it goes on all the time and has done so since the hippies started it back in Hate Ashbury in Gay Francisco back in the 60s.


The question should be this one:

Is it sleazy for an ugly 40 year old with bad teeth, a gummy mouth and nasal hairs protruding to …. 

…. chat up a 15 year old receptionist at his gym and give her a flower?


What do you think?

No wonder she complained.

The Beatles question we all want answered

"You cannot reheat a sueflay" - but can you wear one?

Iain is a selfconfessed punk rocker fan (he said so and if you look closely at his self portrait to the right here you can still see the safety pin still in his ear)

But give me The Beatles any day.

Why? Oh, I dunno, something about them actually playing good music … you know, the type you can listen to 40 years after it was made and it still sounds up-to-date.

But I did not write this special, one-off, cutting edge post to have a go at Iain, even though I am still waiting for his cheque for all my guest posts.

I wrote to have a go at the Herald Sun, over this article:

SIR Paul McCartney says it was a blessing The Beatles never reformed.

The musician – who quit the Fab Four in 1970 – admits the possibility of him, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr reuniting was often discussed but never happened, and McCartney thinks it was for the best.

Would you have liked to see the Beatles reform, or do you agree with McCartney? Share your thoughts below.

This is all kinds of stupid on all diffrent levels. The Herald Sun has reached new heights of idiot.

Look, half The Beatles are DEAD, how can they be reformed?

And what do they need reforming from?

Smoking dope in the 60s?

Taking LSD?

Rooting 1000s of girls?

Get real, they were not the only ones and now even THE POPE HAS FORGIVEN them (sorry I cant find the link to the Vatican).

But  this is the real question we need to know a answer to:

Have a look at this photo of Paul McCartney

(its above you will need to scroll up)

Hes 67 years of age.

But does you think he dies his hair?

Share your thoughts below.


I have found the Vatican link:

Catholics forgive Beatles for being hedonests, druggies, fornikators & devil worshippers

It’s time the UnAustralians @ Groupthink grew up and finally left school … and stopped poo-pooing the Melbourne Cup

I have to report on some sad goings on over at sadsack.com central. In this our week of greatest national party pride what do I find? What have I accedentaly stumbled on over at that new site which is the watered down version of Grods? Theys hanging shit on our national day – the Melbourne Cup – that’s what I find. It’s UnAustralianism at its very very worst.

Well what else would you expect from a bunch of namby pambys that thinks getting around in lycra on bicycles while munching carrots and refusing to eat real food like Maccas and big thick Steaks at Sizzlers is goodiness?  That thinks lattes @ $4 each is better value than a 100gm jar of Nescafe for the same price that makes 20 cups? They got all their values wrong, as these ‘choice’ quotes’  clearly show.

Please note that For illustrative purposes, and to prove my points on the exGrods UnAussieness, I have put there quotes in captions to these stunning photos that I took (well actully I took them … from the Herald Sun) and added my own clever cumbacks to there downbeat and justwrong remarks and points of view. I even got one in from Planet Poison:


the Melbourne Cup is a regression … (and) is neither remarkable nor rewarding. It’s time Australia grew up and finally left school – Bob Dumpling.

Well maybe it’s time you grew up Bob, and finally started wearing some pants.


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