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Iain almost gloating about Craig Thomson in a new post, or Cheers Comrade Ray

The Craig Thomson saga still has a few chapters to play out but it has reached an interesting turning point with his very public arrest and him being charged with one count of fraud with 149 other charges to be laid in the very near future. Now without wishing to preempt the court process I am enjoying more than a small tingle  of Schadenfreude at this very welcome news. This is not inspired by any thought of Thomson himself but rather the  minions of the left who have just about turned themselves inside out trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and constructing the most elaborate conspiracy theories in the process.

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Of course this does not really help Gillard but by the same token it won’t deal her any sort deathblow either. Frankly the death of this Labor Government is more like to come from a myriad of small wounds that will slowly exsanguinate   the body of our oldest political party until it becomes just a pale shadow of its former self.

Cheers Comrades


Dedicated to the brokenhearted “True Believers”

Who polished Craig Thomson’s Knob?

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The deliberate ineptitude of the Labor government over the Craig Thomson affair is as amazing as it is unsurprising and I am rather darkly amused that it is only now that someone has decided to try to find evidence that it was actually Thomson’s knob that got polished in those brothel transactions that were made on his union credit card. Talking about an obvious path to the truth that has been deliberately avoided for political reasons would not be unfair  in this case.

The roller-coaster ride is far from over for Labor on this issue and aren’t we conservatives enjoying seeing them scream as the  car dives over yet another  precipice?

Cheers Comrades


Front row Julia and Wayne
Second row Chris and Penny
Third row Peter and Greg

“Please Leave Me Alone:” Craig Thomson Just Doesn’t Get It

Another insightful and exhaustive argument Yale, well done that man!

Where is Craig Thomson when you need him?

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Now if only Craig Thomson and his credit card had visited Brisbane more often this business may just have survived ….

Cheers Comrades

And the condemned man drank lots of water.

Like a lot of politics junkies I watched Craig Thompson’s address to the parliament and I must say that I found his rambling speech anything but convincing and his consumption of water was to say the least extraordinary and clearly a significant tell of just how fearful and nervous he clearly was about delivering his explanation to the house.

  Anyway what did everyone else think of this piece of tragic political theatre ?

Cheers Comrades


Julia Gillard and the problem left too long to cure

I tend to think that the age union movement has made itself largely redundant and it has certainly earned the disdain and distrust that most people express at the mention of  its exemplars Like Craig Thompson. Its redundancy stems from the changes in the workplace that has seen so much work becoming casualised or based upon fixed term contracts. Employers too have long realised that its expensive to select and train its workers so they are awake to the advantage of paying valued workers above the going rate to retain them. All of these factors have led to a very marked decline in union membership during the course of my lifetime and now the unions are in a decline that is likely to be terminal.

Sadly for those who still believe in unionism there must be great disappointment in the news that the ACTU is to finally move to stop the endemic corruption and and a very cavalier attitude to the funds gathered from union members that is so evident from the FWA investigation of the HSU (east).

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“The claims of misconduct, including kickbacks and rorting, had tarnished the entire union movement,”

Well Yes Prime minister  that is true but I tend to think that no amount of stating the obvious  is going to make any difference now and coming from a woman who has such a flexible view of telling the truth such claims have well, just about no credibility. Its rather sad for those who value the notion of a workers collective organisation that it has taken until now when the whole union concept is in serious decline for them to realise that integrity and good governance is important because the disease of corruption is probably too far advanced now  for meaningful redemption.

Cheers Comrades

Tony Abbott doing what Labor should have done in the firstplace

There is much to praise in this announcement from Tony Abbott…

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott addresses the Institute of Public Affairs at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne. Picture: Stuart Mcevoy Source: The Australian

Citing the adverse findings made by Fair Work Australia against the HSU’s Victorian branch, Mr Abbott says if the offences had occurred in a company with directors, the offenders would have been exposed to criminal penalties including personal fines of up to $200,000 and up to five years’ imprisonment.

Under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009, individuals face lesser civil penalties of up to $2200.

In an address to the Victorian Liberal state council, Mr Abbott will assert his plan is about greater transparency, accountability and “protecting the interests of low-paid union members”.

“Australian workers who join trade unions deserve to know that their membership fees are being used for proper purposes,” he will tell Liberal Party delegates.

“The worst aspect of the HSU scandal is that 70,000 low-paid workers have had their hard-earned money misspent by union officials on political campaigns and escort services. Why shouldn’t the low-paid members of unions be afforded the same protections as shareholders?”

Under the Coalition proposal, the penalties i8n the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 would be the same as those in the Corporations Act 2001.

The Coalition intends to change the guidelines on financial disclosure and reporting so “they align more closely with those applicable to companies and that required by the ASX corporate governance rules”.


Sadly there is also good reason to be sad that it takes the coalition to do what the Labor party should have done to protect the interests of workers when it comes to the misuse of union funds as exemplified by the allegations against Craig Thompson

Cheers Comrades

Sould Bill Shorten be on suicide watch?

Hands up anyone who is a fan of “Yes minister“, OK now tell me is Bill Shorten not working from one of the scripts in this interview! My oh my how the Labor party lurches like a drunken sailor from one misstep to another! Heck,  Shorten even looks like he is suicidally depressed in the vision, he certainly has absolutely no enthusiasm for the message he is tasked with selling. Maybe that is how the Gillard government will end. Some poor MP may just decide that the whole sorry Saga that is the current Labor government is too shameful to live with and that suicide is a more honourable end than sticking around to share the ignoble dissolution of this  excuse for a government. From the looks of his demeanour it looks to me as if poor bill Shorten should be on suicide watch, he should clearly be kept away form the drug cabinet, sharp knives, stout rope  and any sort of firearms.

Cheers Comrades

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