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Julian Assange’s complaining lungs

That hero of the left seems to be unhappy about his health and the accommodations at the Ecuadorian embassy, at least that is the latest spin from the Guardian:

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Am I the only one to think that this is the same sort of old and tired ploy that some holiday makers at Club Nauru are playing? You know say that this place is making you sick to garner sympathy in an effort to get what you want?
If Assange is well enough to use a treadmill then he can’t be that ill and in any event he always has the option of leaving the embassy and surrendering to the British authorities who will be more than happy to transfer him to Sweden where I hear  that they have some top notch health services for those with complaining lungs, heck if things get real bad they might even consider transferring him on to the USA where they have the best medical facilities that money can buy and a clear willingness to consider him an honoured guest within some very secure accommodations that promise very long tenure and even free legal advice…

What more could this boy from my part of Oz possibly want?

Cheers Comrades

On Julian’s Christmas list?

Designer vaginas and Wayne Swan’s budget

There are some things mooted for Labor’s  budget that I agree with like the suggestion that the Medicare rebate for “designer vaginas” could be substantially reduced:

THE government is expected to target one of the more delicate areas of medical care – cosmetic genital surgery – in its search for cuts to the cost of Medicare.

The increase in so-called ”designer vagina” surgical procedures is expected to come under tougher scrutiny in relation to eligibility for Medicare benefits in Tuesday’s budget.

The procedure is one of several operations that can be performed outside hospital and thus attract the benefit of the Medicare safety net which considerably reduces the out-of-pocket cost of expensive surgery.

Vulvoplasty or labioplasty, sought by patients to improve the shape and size of the vagina, and to treat painful or embarrassing conditions, can be eligible for Medicare payments if deemed to be clinically necessary, but not if performed purely for cosmetic reasons. The operation can cost about $4500.

However the number of these procedures done outside hospital attracting payments under the Medicare safety net has nearly doubled in recent years to 191 in 2010, at a cost of $427,551.

There are lots of cheeky puns and quips that come to mind about this news item and the Labor government which I will leave to the imagination of our readers but I’ll reserve my comment to the promotion of pelvic floor exercises and the idea that the way that nature makes the female anatomy is pretty damn good in my opinion and that female genital mutilation is bad even when it is an elective procedure.

Cheers Comrades

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