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The only realistic penalty for such a crime has to be death.

I have often argued here that there are some crimes for which there is only one adequate penalty . Well what could be a better case in point than the cold-blooded murder of more than 3000 people on 9-11?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Santa he ain't (Daily Mail image)

Mohammed and his four co-accused will be brought from the controversial prison at Guantanamo Bay to face multiple charges, including murder, relating to the suicide hijackings that destroyed the Twin Towers, large parts of the Pentagon and brought a plane down in a Pennsylvania field, claiming almost 3,000 lives.

Attempting to reassure Americans that the suspected perpetrators of the worst terrorist attack in history would not walk free, President Barack Obama said: “I am absolutely convinced Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be subject to the most exacting demands of justice.”

Eric Holder, the US attorney general, said that after reviewing the evidence he was “confident of a successful outcome”.

He added: “If I had concerns we would perhaps be in a different place.”

Stressing the emotional significance of staging the trial near the scene of the crime, he said: “After eight years of delay those allegedly responsible for the 9/11 attacks will finally face justice.”

He underlined his confidence “in the ability of our courts to provide these defendants a fair trial, just as they have for 200 years”, adding that he fully expected to direct prosecutors to seek the death penalty for these “heinous acts”.

Ok lets just go through the”anti death penalty ” check list shall we?

  • Doubt about the guilt of the accused?     No problem when they boast about their crimes
  • The crime  does not warrant a capital sanction.   Hmm we are talking about  9/11 here, who would believe that one?
  • The fairness of the trial process.   Hmm, Well a trial in New York has to be “fairer” that a military commission in the minds of even the most froth encrusted Latte sipper… So that one is attended to.
  • Any method of execution is a “cruel and unusual’ punishment.  No  that won’t wash. There are some crimes that  actually justify the most cruel and painful end that can be imagined.  By any measure 9/11 is one of them.

Well that is sorted then, bring on the trials and then bring on the executions.

Cheers Comrades


How do you get off the tiger, without being bitten?

a rideWhen Barak Obama did his big deal of “signing Gitmo out of existence” I said that signing the executive order was easy and that the hard part would be to actaully close the facility. Well events in US politics seem to be moving towards the sort of stalemate that I envisaged as release for the latte sippers’ friends continues to be unlikely before the 22 January deadline set by  Obama.

Mr Holder said the Administration was still trying to meet the goal US President Barack Obama set on his second day in office.

He played down one controversial sticking point in the Guantanamo debate, saying that the Justice Department and its Bureau of Prisons had proved that the most hardened terrorists can be housed safely in the US.

His comments came a few days after the House of Representatives voted to prohibit the transfer of terrorism suspects from Guantanamo to face prosecution on American soil.

That measure, if it becomes law, would complicate the Administration’s plan to empty the military prison by early next year.


One problem is what to do with as many as 100 detainees, most of them Yemenis, who the Administration has said are too dangerous to be released to other countries but who cannot be prosecuted in the US due to a lack of admissible evidence.

What I want to ask PKD and his fellow bleeding hearts is how do you get off this particular tiger without being bitten?

Would he be happy to be blown up or have his loved ones killed seeing that he is the one who wants to put “high minded principle” ahead of the need to protect the world from misanthropic nutters who want to impose their faith upon the rest of the world?

Cheers Comrades


Enemies of the state

A friend sent me a link to a story on Yahoo about the amount of covert surveillance  undertaken during the last administration in The US and which undoubtedly continues under the current administration. My friend was keen to make comparisons with the Will Smith film “Enemy of the state”. Frankly I can see where he is coming from here . We certainly do live in a world where every aspect of our lives is surveyed by someone.  Now I can’t help but wonder how we can live our lives without fear under such circumstances.

However I can also understand the reasons that security agencies want to follow the activities of certain nutters so that they can be both prosecuted for the crimes they plan and prevented from carrying their plans to fruition.  Strewth, that is a tricky thing to do in a time when failure to prevent an atrocity is the biggest boo boo that our police and security organisations fear.

My friends, of the Latte sipping variety, are very keen to get hot and bothered about the invasions of our privacy, notions of the correct and appropriate  gathering of evidence for a prosecution, which is all well and good, should we be willing to accept that some of the plots actually coming to fruition. But, and this is a big” but”, what if the decision to wait means  a successful atrocity?

Hmm Its a balancing act, and one that I would not care to be responsible for. So comrades where should we draw the line?

Understanding the problem is, sadly, far easier than finding a solution, so I am interested to hear where my readers would draw the boundaries on security  service oversights of our lives and why they chose the positions they do.

Cheers Comrades


Enemies  of the state

Reality has won at Club Gitmo.

Well when I heard about Obama’s decision to close down Club Gitmo I was rather keen to point out that a stroke of the pen was easy but , as Capitan Picard would say “making it so” would be somewhat harder. Now it seems that liberal principles have gone head to head with reality and,praise the Lord, reality has won.

Guards search detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Photo: AP

Guards search detainees at Guantanamo Bay. Photo: AP

The Obama Administration said it would introduce a number of reforms to the military commissions that are already processing 13 of the most serious cases of terrorist suspects held in the US base in Cuba.

The reforms would make the system fairer and more in line with US justice, the Administration insisted.

“This is the best way to protect our country, while upholding our deeply held values,” Mr Obama said in a statement outlining his reasoning.

“These reforms will begin to restore the commissions as a legitimate forum for prosecution, while bringing them in line with the rule of law.”

But lawyers who have campaigned against the tribunal system since it was introduced by Congress in 2006 under pressure from then president Bush said they were disappointed to see it revived.


Several key amendments will be made to the commissions system. Statements using CIA interrogation methods that are “cruel, inhumane and degrading” — since outlawed by Mr Obama — will no longer be admitted as evidence.

The party that offers hearsay evidence must now prove its reliability. In Bush-era trials the burden rested on the party that objected to it. And the accused will get greater latitude to choose his defence counsel and more protection if he refuses to testify.

Constitutional lawyers, however, rejected the argument that the tribunals could be improved to make them acceptable and workable.

My position has always been that these men are NOT ordinary civil criminals and that they should not be tried under any civil jurisdiction, frankly I am pleased that the reforms have been made to enhance the workability of the military commissions  and lets hope that we see the continued detention of these men vindicated by the court process, heck it would even be a good thing to see the worst of them given a dose of the “green dream” which would, I am sure, send  the left into a frenzy of outrage.

Amusingly my earlier prediction that none of the detainees would ever be freed on US soil is right on the money:

A plea for $US50 million ($A66.7 million) from the White House to pay for the closure of Guantanamo and transfer the prisoners elsewhere has provoked a hostile response from Capitol Hill. A bill put forward by Democrats in the Senate would give the President the money, but on condition that none of the detainees ended up in any of the 50 states.

Cheers Comrades

“They have a killing problem”

Janet Albrechtsen writes a cracking piece in today’s Oz about the Jihadist problem and explains why treating them just like normal civil criminals is a very bad idea sadly far to many “progressives” just don’t seem to get it at all.

Janet Albrechtsen

Janet Albrechtsen

It takes a sweet but rather dim-witted Pollyanna view of the world to suppose that men infused with an ideology to kill infidels and trained to do so need only spend some time in the equivalent of a detox centre to get those dirty jihadist thoughts out of their minds. These guys don’t have a drinking or drug problem. They have a killing problem.

But in a society where we think we can treat every transgression, from swearing to homophobic language, with a stint in rehab, it’s no great surprise that we now think terrorists are just miscreants of a slightly nastier kind.

This has always been the liberal mindset. Terrorists, we were told, ought to be treated and prosecuted as criminals in ordinary courts, because we can’t really be at war with a transnational group of religious nutters. The obsession with simple moral absolutes meant that denying habeas corpus rights to alleged terrorists caught on the battlefield was equally wrong. Liberal justices in the US Supreme Court agreed, leading Chief Justice John Roberts to declare, in dissent, that the American people had just lost “a bit more control over the conduct of this nation’s foreign policy to unelected, politically unaccountable judges”. Soldiers would henceforth have to collect evidence and take witness statements from the battlefield like a cop busting a drug ring. As Justice Antonin Scalia said in his dissent, “how to handle enemy prisoners in this war will ultimately lie with the branch that knows least about national security”.

Now let us just imagine a twelve step program for Jihadists…

“My name is Omar and it has been six months since I made my last bomb…

Hmm, it just does not seem to work as a joke, perhaps that is because there is nothing to laugh about here and some very hard headed thinking is needed to tackle this issue.

Cheers Comrades


Guantanamo Bay release overturned

In my previous post on Gitmo the scenario that is outlined in the BBC report below was exactly what I expected to be the stumbling block to an early closure of the facility. So I am sadly not surprised to hear this at all

The 17 have been in Guantanamo Bay for nearly eight years

The 17 have been in Guantanamo Bay for nearly eight years

A US federal appeals court has rejected the release of 17 Guantanamo Bay detainees onto US soil, reports say.

A US judge ruled last year that the 17 Uighurs – Chinese Muslims – were no longer enemy combatants and should be released into the United States.

China has requested their return, but the US will not send them home for fear they will be persecuted.

No other country has agreed to take the men, who have been detained since they were picked up in Afghanistan in 2001.

Now if my latte sipping friends have an answer to this dilemma then I am sure that President Obama would be more than happy to have them sent to him on the back of a postcard.( visualises many heads being desperately scratched in coffee shops in the inner-city precincts across Australia ).
Give up?
As I said before it is not as easy as the stroke of a pen symbolism to actually make Gitmo go away.
Cheers Comrades


That makes four that we know about

Greetings from the most exclusive club in the Caribbean

While the left make some very simplistic arguments made on high legal principles those of a more practical bent have to face the precisely the problem highlighted in the quote below.

RIYADH – Saudi authorities have rearrested nine Islamist militants, including former inmates of the US military detention centre at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, the interior ministry says.

The ministry in a statement late on Sunday said the nine Saudi nationals had undergone a rehabilitation program for Islamist militants arrested in the kingdom and for returnees from the notorious US prison.

Since the start of the rehabilitation program, nine people, who had taken part in the program, have been rearrested,” a ministry official told state news agency SPA.

Some of them had returned from Guantanamo,” the official said.

The comments come in the wake of reports that two men who had been released from Guantanamo and went through the rehabilitation program had resurfaced in Yemen and had rejoined al-Qaeda.

On Friday the US-based SITE monitoring service reported that two men released from Guantanamo have appeared in a video posted on a jihadist website.

Now I think that my friends from the left are bathing in that longest of African rivers on this question and that it may only be when one or more of the men from Club Gitmo does something  more serious than a bit of Jihadist blogging, that the  leftist minions   will have  to answer the really hard questions about how do we  ensure procedural fairness for the individuals at Gitmo and protect the innocents who may be killed in an atrocity if some truly evil men are let lose on the world.

It is the same questions that confront law enforcement agencies everywhere, do they act as soon as they know about a planned attack  or do they wait until just before the off so that enough evidence for a successful prosecution can be  gathered? The risk is of course that they may wait just that little bit too long and they may just end up be watching an atrocity in real time….

It ain’t easy and those who think that it is are being so foolish, it is no surprise to me that even the great Messiah of the global left, Barack Obama, has given himself a year to sort out the holiday makers at Club Gitmo why should any of the leftist minions think that it can be done sooner?
Oh that is right, they don’t care about the practical realities, all they care about of their “high minded principles”. Sadly it is unlikely to be any of the latte sippers who lie cooling in a morgue if Barack Obama gets it wrong …
This is an act in haste and repent at leisure situation Comrades and I for one am comforted by the fact that those actually in power in the US are going to take the utmost care and a little time  on this issue.
Cheers Comrades

Don’t do it…

I am eternally amazed by how naive most of my friends on the left actually are when it comes to the question of Guantanamo bay.

A "white kinght" , but not as we know it

No one will thank Brother Number One if he allows any Gitmo inmates to settle here

KEVIN Rudd has left open the possibility of Australia taking former inmates from the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, but warned that any US request for an inmate to come would be subject to legal criteria and assessed on a case-by-case basis.

As the Greens warned the Prime Minister he faced a political backlash if he accepted detainees held in the US military jail at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, a spokesman for Mr Rudd confirmed that US authorities had approached Australia and other countries about resettling the detainees.

“Australia, along with a number of other countries, has been approached to consider resettling detainees from Guantanamo Bay,” the Prime Minister’s spokesman said.

“Any determination for an individual to come to Australia would be made on a case-by-case basis. All persons accepted to come to Australia would have to meet Australia’s strict legal requirements and go through the normal and extremely rigorous assessment processes.”

The Australian reported yesterday that the US State Department had over the past 12 months cabled more than 100 countries seeking help to clear out Guantanamo Bay.

That the USA has to seek third party countries to take them says volumes about the sort of threat that these men are seen to be. The reality is that there is no easy answer. No US Government, not even one lead by the newly the “Anointed One” is going to release these men on US soil and if they will not be accepted in their homelands then they will be enjoying the hospitality of camp Delta for the foreseeable future.
I don’t have any definitive answer but what I do know is that under NO circumstances should we accept ANY of the detainees for resettlement here. Quite simply they are the responsibility of their countries of origin and they pose too much of a threat to the peace and safety of our fellow citizens to consider any option that will see them living on our soil.
Cheers Comrades

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