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Another Carbon abatement Ponzi scheme on the verge of collapse

I have been a bit under the weather over the last few days, in fact I have had a sort of flu like symptoms for the last week, you know with a sinus headache and a general feeling of utter lethargy. On top of that joyous present from my son I have been having a rather bad patch with my back.  that has seen my doctor prescribe me some even stronger pain medication and to be honest it makes be feel like I’m a bit “off with the fairies” sometimes. In fact my interest in politics has been a bit subdued lately. Oh I have been fighting the good fight a bit  in Latte land and now I think its time to offer a new post here to the loyal readers of the Sandpit. So without further adieu I’m going to consider the viability of the UN sponsored “global carbon trading scheme”. The Guardian is of course one of the most partisan and pro AGW papers  on the planet so lets have a look at the report in the latest edition:

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What I am struck by upon reading this article is an inescapable feeling that the whole UN scheme is, like the Gillard monstrosity just another Ponzi scheme where its all about  creating “confidence”  but because that confidence is predicated on false expectations and and eternally growing pool of “investors”  the whole thing is bound to fail sooner rather than later:

Governments have a last chance to restore confidence in the system when they meet in Qatar this December to discuss climate change. But few participants hold out any hope that they will agree to toughen their 2020 emissions targets, which are scarcely even on the agenda. Instead, governments are focusing on drawing up a new climate change treaty by the end of 2015, which would stipulate emissions cuts for the period after 2020.

As I have been saying for ages if the response to AGW can not be made to happen at a truly global level then any efforts from a minority of the global emitters is at best pointless and futile.At worst it will be an expensive exercise in climate piety that is of no value what so ever. There is only one answer to the AGW question that is to do nothing, wait and see if any of the dire prognostications come to pass and if they do then we deal with each  problem as it actually presents itself rather than spending huge amounts of effort and treasure trying to forestall things that may never happen.

Cheers Comrades


I’ve always been impressed with the skill of ‘climate scientists’. Particularly when it comes to graphs. The first that comes to mind is of course that famous ‘hockey stick’ curve. And what a curve (ball) it was. Despite being shown to ‘hide the decline’ and be completely fabricated, it nonetheless captured the hearts and minds of the warmist brigade.

 A good graph will do that to you.

So it’s no surprise that I find myself in the same enthrall of some recently revealed data.

Apparently Australia’s plethora of Silver, and not Gold, Medals won in the London Olympics, isn’t due to a lack of training, or a surfeit of tweeting but something far more noxious.

It’s the Carbon Tax, Labor’s tax on carbon dioxide, that’s worrying our Olympians. They’re afraid to breathe in or out, lest they rack up a carbon dioxide debt upon returning home.

This graph proves that.

Yep, that’s right folks, our sportsmen and women are afraid to breathe, just as our businesses are afraid to  make a profit, in case they rack up a ‘carbon debt’.

This is the Labor way.

However, there is an upside to this supposed global warming apocalypse. As the next graph shows, when the global temperature supposedly rises, piracy on the high seas decreases.

 So rest easy folks, because, as the planet heats, you’ll be bothered less and less by pirates.

Canada inspires with funding cut to NRTEE

In some instances Canada is often seen as being quite similar to  this country. We are both countries which have a large land area and lots of natural resources with comparatively small populations. We also have rather similar cultural traditions derived form our British colonial heritage. Of course our climates could not be further apart and I reckon you have to be tough to stand the Canadian winters in a way that even Tasmanians don’t come close to. They too have suffered the ravages of the millenarian  Green religion but its good to see that they are finally beginning to fight back and that they are beginning to dismantle and de-fund a quango not unlike the much derided “Climate Commission” created by our own Labor/Greens government.

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Sadly it may take a bit of time, and a change of government, for the Climate Commission to cease embarrassing the poadlitical grown ups but the experience in Canada does show that it can be done and that in these austere times the saving is very much to the advantage of the nation.
Cheers Comrades

CO2 not only heats up the planet but it also makes you fat!!!!, well according to the men in white coats it does!

You have got to just love the way that just about everything can be co-opted to the Warminista faith as proof that “climate change is real” But this example is one of the more loopy ones out there.

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Like so many aspects of the Warminista liturgy this argument takes a simple coincidence and elevates it far beyond credible logic or reasoned argument, Is it any wonder that we can see the arse of the Goddess under those new “Green” threads?

Cheers Comrades

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Doug of Canberra

I found this comment in Andrew Bolts Blog and I liked it so much that I quote it here. It sums up the shortcomings of the man made global warming position rather well,read and consider:-
Posted by doug of Canberra on Fri 13 Oct 06 at 01:32pm
To the debate-over shouters (before you take away my right to free speech):
1) if there is no proven link between hurricanes/cyclones and GW, it does not mean that there isn’t one – it just means that you have no right to say that there definitely is.
2) If there is no proof that the rate of sea level rise is accelerating, you have no right to scream that we’re all drowning.
3) If most of Antarctica is actually cooling, don’t say it’s all melting.
4) If the Greenland ice sheet is getting thicker in the middle, don’t say it’s going to disappear in a couple of years. For that matter, if the Vikings used to have farms on Greenland, don’t claim that melting along the coast is unprecedented.
5) Until the satellite data (now adjusted for orbital decay) supports the surface record, and for that matter, supports greenhouse theory (which says the troposphere should warm more than the surface), don’t shout that the science is settled.
6) if melting glaciers in Europe reveal roman ruins, don’t say that we should panic because glaciers are melting!
7) If droughts and floods and storms have occurred all thought recorded history, don’t blame every drought and flood and storm on Global Warming.
8) If the satellite data fails to show warming in the southern hemisphere, don’t even talk about “global” warming – especially since your theory says that sulphate aerosols reduce the impact of greenhouse gases, and these aerosols are more abundant in the northern hemisphere.
9) There is a huge cost to reducing global CO2 emissions, and this cost will be borne disproportionately by the poor – especially in the third world. Please stop with the “precautionary principle”!
Of course there has been a rise in global average temperature – thanks in large part to a big hot-spot in the northern hemisphere, but please, stop the hysterical wailing and gnashing of teeth and let reason prevail!

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