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Bioshock Infinite, a steampunk visual feast and a whole lot of fun.


On Thursday I had to get some last minute Easter supplies and having finished playing though GTA4 again I felt the need for something new to play so I bundled up a pile of old games and went into the local games shop where I traded in  and put my money down for Bioshock Infinite and I have been playing it on and off since I got home on Thursday.


All that I can say is “wow” its a wonderful game with a bright and glorious visual style a fun game mechanic  and a narrative that is totally engaging even though it is rather surreal and sometimes confusing you get totally sucked into the game universe where you have no trouble suspending belief and accepting  a city that floats in the clouds, a girl who can tear open rifts in reality and that you  explore,  live and fight in a game world that is the epitome of swanky steam-punk  chic.

Its a big ten out of ten from me

Cheers Comrades


Thursday morning ramble

Having spent yesterday fixing our car, I am rather sore today while I am pleased that my efforts have saved us a few hundred bucks that it would have cost to have had the part fitted it was as is so often the case more complicated than I expected, I had to make a spring compressor and two other special tools  just to fit a new drivers side strut top now that its done I will have to spend the day today recuperating so that I have enough endurance to do the shopping on Friday. That’s OK because I got the new game that I have been waiting for and I have been sampling its game play which is pretty good. I think that I am beginning to get a feel for its control dynamic which is rather different to Need for speed the Run. further I am trying to get more of a feel for the map which is essential in in an open world game and I am just loving the graphics which are quite stunning.

Which brings me to the just released trailer for Grand Theft Auto V one thing you have to give to Rocksatar games is that they know how to build up the anticipation and to make sure that their games  are well subscribed and Pre-ordered before they released. Check this out:

If the Game-play is anywhere near as good as Red Dead Redemption  or GTA 4 it should be a stunning game.

Cheers Comrades

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