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Rooting the Greens

I am going to confound my critics by for once hoping that Labor wins a particular seat in the upcoming election. My reason is simple and strategic, I think that a Labor MP is infinitely preferable to a Greens MP and I am very glad to see that both Labor and the Liberals are going to put aside their  ideological fealty to neutralise the Loopy Greens:

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It will give me the greatest pleasure to see the Greens laid low at the next election no matter what else we are delivered in the counting.
Cheers Comrades

Saving the planet one root at a time

Saving the planet one root at a time

A Great deal of blood on the hands of Brother Number One

The thing about apologies is that they can not undo the serious consequences for which they express contrition. Now where is this more so than in the case of the fatal results of Brother Number One’s Pink Batts fiasco:

blood on his hands

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“In each case the employer should have recognised that roof spaces are inherently dangerous places to work and they should have had in place reliable systems to effectively manage that risk,” Mr Barnes said.
“Three people died because that didn’t happen with the three registered installers.”
State Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the men “lost their lives because of a chaotic, rushed and underdone” Federal Government policy, and blamed Mr Rudd.
“Kevin Rudd took ownership of the scheme under his first prime ministership, and the responsibility should lie with him,” Mr Bleijie said.
“These tragedies were preventable. In April 2009, Queensland’s Building Services Authority warned the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet about the risks but it never responded.

The coroner’s report is   incredibly damning of the federal government and its role in the design of the scheme and its something that we critics of  Brother Number One have been saying  ever since these three young men were so tragically killed. Of course we have had the usual excuses made about it being the responsibility of the States to regulate the building industry but such nonsense has no currency with the families of these three young men who will never recover form their tragic and unnecessary loss. So when you see or hear Brother Number One makeing his insincere apology don’t be swayed towards the excuses and Labor party spin. instead remember that  it was a panicked  Kevin Rudd who created the fatal scheme and it is a desperate Kevin Rudd who now just hopes that this issue will go away so that he can play his game of spin.

We, the voters, should instead remind the erstwhile Brother Number One time and time again that his decisions have cost lives in the roofs of our houses we lost fine young Australians and on the seas to our north Brother Number One has to be held responsible for the deaths of an unknown number of “asylum seekers” as well.  Strangely enough he is apologizing for that as well. Surely there has to be a point beyond which such empty apologies are an insult to both the dead and those who grieve for them and I for one think that Kevin Rudd is well past that point.

With respect for the dead Comrades.

Matthew Fuller, Rueben Barnes and Mitchell Sweeney.

Matthew Fuller, Rueben Barnes and Mitchell Sweeney.

Booking seats on the Titanic

Hmm you have got to love those Loopy Greens and their Peons in that Quango invented by Gillard to buy their parliamentary endorsement…


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While I certainly do understand the strict letter of the law interpretation of  the “caretaker conventions ” its ludicrous that this Quango  is prepared to enter into contracts  and disperse Largess in the full knowledge that the coalition will close down the Quango at the earliest possible opportunity.   Frankly I suspect that those who enter into contracts with this instrumentality would have a very hard time suing   for compensation after a change of government because the coalition have made it very clear that that they will wind up this utterly useless sop to Greens ideology and its likely that a judge would agree with the incoming government that any contracts would be void and not liable to compensation.  Even if this were not the case its unlikely that the Green cronies would have spent all of the 10 billion by September 14 so all the Greens could hope to do is deprive the treasury of some budgetary savings when this quango is abolished.

Finally what is the bet that all employees of this Quango are on short term contracts?

Cheers Comrades

a new scheme to extract  energy from spinning girls will have the dual benifit of crating employment for the pretty young things and they are less of a threat to bird-life.

A new scheme to extract energy from spinning girls will have the dual benefit of creating employment for the pretty young things and they will be  less of a threat to bird-life than the wind farms that they will replace.

Labor’s new employment program, only failed state Labor MPs and their minions need apply…


Well they do call themselves the Labor party but you have to wonder why so many of their failed state leaders qualify for various government jobs:

An analysis of recent Commonwealth appointments reads like a who’s who of former high-profile Labor figures. The Opposition has accused the Gillard government of engaging in a “jobs for the boys” program.

Appointments include former Victorian premier John Brumby to the chair of the Council of Australian Governments Reform Council on December 7.

Former Queensland premier Anna Bligh was appointed to the board of Medibank Private three days earlier.

Her South Australian counterpart Mike Rann, was given the role of Australia’s High Commissioner to the UK on August 23. In November, ex-Queensland Treasurer Andrew Fraser was appointed to Australian Sports Commission board.

A month later, Mr Fraser also joined the board of the new Moorebank Intermodal Company. Former Queensland attorney-general Cameron Dick was appointed to the chair of the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission on November 30. And ex-Victor- ian Deputy Premier John Thwaites was given the chair of the National Sustainability Council in October.

Mr Thwaites was also appointed chairman of the Australian Building Codes Board in the previous year.

Former WA premier Geoff Gallop was given a job on the International Education Advisory Council and appointed chairman of the Australia Awards Board. Former NSW Labor party president and Electrical Trades Union secretary, Bernie Riordan, has the role of commissioner of Fair Work Australia.


Its nepotism at its very worst as far as I can see and something that I am sure Gillard would have hoped would remain under the people’s radar.  I can’t help seeing the ghost of Oscar Wilde’s  ‘The importance of being Earnest” here one or even two appointments of the State Labor Alumni would not raise eyebrows but so many in such a short time just screams  “jobs for the party faithful” and stands as in indictment of Labor nepotism.  Sadly its the sort of sleazy practice that we have come to expect from Gillard and her crew.

Cheers Comrades


No pavlovas for Wayne and Julia, or the abject failure of the MRRT


The old aphorism about the number of chickens from their precursor eggs that should have served as a source of wisdom for Wayne Swan and his peons in treasury. The fact that he had already planned a virtual feast of omelettes, sweet custards and ostentatious pavlovas from the proceeds of his mining tax demonstrates that both he and his mistress in the lodge really haven’t got a clue about the difference between their wild imaginings and the reality of the economic environment.

click top search result for source document

click top search result for source document

Only The ALP under the leadership of Julia Gillard can create a tax with such fanfare and then have it collect no revenue at all. Frankly there is one simple upside to this and that is the abolition of this badly designed tax will actually improve the government balance sheet because the commonwealth will save on the administrative costs that it has created and there will be no revenue losses to be made up elsewhere because this tax collects no revenue.

At every possible level its a very big Labor fail

Cheers Comrades


Don’t get fooled again by the Greens

While many conservatives hate any political party to the left of   Genghis Kahn I actually have a fair bit of time for the ALP and those who support it, I do appreciate that most many of its ideals have some merit even though it has lost my vote over a number of stupid things adopted into its platform. The main reason I abandoned it was more to do with managerial incompetence in office both at the state and federal level. There has been a sad  decline in Labor’s fortunes under Gillard which shows no sign of abating as the party moves zombie like towards the next election there is one bright spot on the eastern horizon and that is the even more severe decline in the fortunes of the Australian Greens. If there is one thing that must gladden the hearts of most Aussies it’s seeing the cold hammer of reality hitting that loopy bunch of ideologues as their fortunes continue to decline.

Thus I found Lenore Taylor’s piece about the changes to the Greens policy platform such a hoot mainly because what she reports is not a substantive change of heart from the Greens as much as it is a cynical marketing exercise where they have sought to conceal  their true agenda behind euphemism and understatement.


THE Greens have announced a party platform portraying many of their core beliefs as ”aims and principles” rather than explicit policies, presenting a smaller target to critics in a federal election year.

After a year in which senior Labor figures have labelled the Greens as ”loopy” and extremists who threaten democracy, the new platform does not resile from the party’s basic beliefs, but it contains fewer firm policy measures, in keeping with the manifestos of the major parties.

It removes one of critics’ favourite lines of attack, no longer specifying that the Greens support death duties.

The platform gives the Greens’ federal MPs – currently nine senators and one member of the House of Representatives – flexibility in negotiating legislation when holding the balance of power. But it will also make it harder for opponents to attack or ridicule the party over specific policies.

For example, the new platform no longer specifies that the Greens want to abolish the 30 per cent private health insurance rebate, but rather talks about ”redirecting funding from subsidising private health insurance towards direct public provision”.

And it no longer calls for a freeze on Commonwealth funding for private schools, stating instead that funding should be based on school need and that money not provided to the wealthiest private schools under the model should instead be given to the public sector.

The new platform was agreed at the party’s November national conference and has now been approved by all its state branches.

The document still makes it clear that the Greens want to increase the marginal tax rate for people earning more than $1 million, but no longer specifies that it should be raised to 50 per cent. It advocates increasing the mining tax and applying it to more commodities, but no longer proposes a rise in the company tax rate to 33 per cent.

The platform says the Greens want tax reform that improves housing affordability by no longer rewarding speculation, but it does not specifically call for an end to the concessional arrangements for capital gains tax. It no longer specifies that the Greens support death duties or an ”estate tax”.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/greens-soften-policy-stand-20121226-2bwh0.html#ixzz2GCFd1OZb

Frankly I find this as bizarre and desperate as another Green of my online acquaintance who having been outed and forced to delete his blog then decided to try and claim that he was anonymous … As the old adage says, a leopard can’t change its spots and this attempt by the Greens to hide their pustular lesions with weasel words and euphemisms is not likely to be successful because the voting public are not stupid enough to be fooled by this political myth making.

Cheers Comrades


Julian Assange’s complaining lungs

That hero of the left seems to be unhappy about his health and the accommodations at the Ecuadorian embassy, at least that is the latest spin from the Guardian:

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Am I the only one to think that this is the same sort of old and tired ploy that some holiday makers at Club Nauru are playing? You know say that this place is making you sick to garner sympathy in an effort to get what you want?
If Assange is well enough to use a treadmill then he can’t be that ill and in any event he always has the option of leaving the embassy and surrendering to the British authorities who will be more than happy to transfer him to Sweden where I hear  that they have some top notch health services for those with complaining lungs, heck if things get real bad they might even consider transferring him on to the USA where they have the best medical facilities that money can buy and a clear willingness to consider him an honoured guest within some very secure accommodations that promise very long tenure and even free legal advice…

What more could this boy from my part of Oz possibly want?

Cheers Comrades

On Julian’s Christmas list?

Well lets look at the real middle class welfare of domestic solar power…

Its a rip off and its the poor and those who rent who are being slugged every time they turn on a light or boil their kettles for a cuppa, Yes I’m talking about those roof top Solar installations that are so beloved by those of the Latte sipping persuasion,  While these minions of the left may  complain bitterly about “middle class welfare” they are happily dreaming  photo-electric dreams of their roofs covered with money making appliances.

Costly: Householders face additional burdens to cover the cost of solar electricity feed-in tariffs. Picture: Luke Marsden Source: The Courier-Mail

HOUSEHOLDS will soon be slugged $240 annually to pay for the power produced by rooftop solar systems.

New modelling has revealed that by 2015-16, almost 15 per cent of the total household power price will fund the solar feed-in tariff.

The Newman Government has already cut the tariff for home-produced power to 8 per kilowatt hour for all solar systems bought after July 9.

However, the new figures exposing the huge burden being carried by all consumers to pay those who produce solar power may prompt the Government to also reduce the 44/kWh tariff paid to those who previously installed photovoltaic systems.

The Government is investigating ways to reduce network costs – the price of moving electricity from the power generators to people’s homes – which account for about 50 per cent of all electricity prices.

The modelling by the Queensland Competition Authority estimates the costs caused by solar for consumers will fall to just under $100 annually, or 6 per cent of power bills, by 2019/20.

Energy Minister Mark McArdle said the Government’s decision to cap the scheme had already produced significant savings.

Mr McArdle said the solar feed-in tariff would have cost $1.8 billion by 2028 but this had been reduced by $300 million.

“This cost is passed through to all households in the form of higher network charges, which just adds to the burden of this scheme,” he said.

“What we have here is Labor, and its Green partners, hiding its head in the sand and continuing to claim that renewable energy schemes are decreasing the cost of electricity. This is blatantly untrue and the modelling by the QCA should finally end this.”


This is the real middle class welfare comrades and its clear to me that this is the sort of thing that will be killing our economic position far more that things like the baby bonus but of course its the inner city demographic who love the idea of “renewable energy” so the Labor governments who are so indebted  to them have to keep them sweet. Sadly its we ordinary electricity consumers who have declined to sup at the solar trough who are paying through the nose each quarter so that these green parasites can feel good about the planet. Could any of you guess that my $500 electric bill is due in a couple of days?

Cheers Comrades

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