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The left’s hero Assange is compromising the security of your family and country

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gestures as he appears at a window of Ecuadorian Embassy in central London to make a statement to the media and supporters, Sunday, Aug. 19, 2012. Julian Assange entered the embassy in June in an attempt to gain political asylum to prevent him from being extradited to Sweden, where he faces allegations of sex crimes, which he denies. Assange called on the United States to ‘end its witch hunt’ against the WikiLeaks organization. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

One thing that I like to do here at the Sandpit is to welcome submissions from Guest authors and to day I have something by an occasional commentator who goes by the handle “Kman” its about that white haired Australian holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

I don’t know if you receive the email from GetUp, but it appears that Mary Kostakidos (ex SBS) is appealing through GetUp to “Save Assange” from the death penalty.
Death penalty? How and why would Mary Kostakidos who calls herself a “journalist” write such rubbish?
The only civilians ever executed for espionage in the US (and rightly so) were two Americans who were Communists and were convicted and executed on June 19, 1953, for conspiracy to commit espionage during a time of war. Their charges were related to the passing of information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. This was the only execution of civilians for espionage in United States history. The ability of the Soviet Union to build atomic weapons could have ended the world as we know it in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis. Also European law, and in particular Swedish law, it is illegal for a Court to agree an extradition to a country where the accused may face the death penalty.This absurd “death penalty” supposedly hanging over Assange’s head though is just another of the excuses and conspiracy hysteria surrounding Assange by his misguided faithful adherents. Some incidentally who are now out of pocket thanks to Assange breaching bail so they lost the bail money they had ponied up.In the GetUp letter Kostakidos refers to a letter in the New York Times but omitted from the quote , but hidden at the very bottom of her letter, was that the authors were Michael Moore and Oliver Stone, hardly the champions of capitalism or the American Government. Moore. The well fed 300lb. multi-millionaire Moore who lives in luxury, once said that the American system is so flawed that Germany should never consider trying to copy it but stay on their correct socialist path. And Oliver Stone like Moore, supports Castro and Communist Cuba .Now if this NYT quote is so important, why does Kostatinos hide the authors at the bottom of her letter? Kostakidos says ,,,”What they’re doing to Julian Assange should terrify us all” …Actually Assange is the head of a new breed of terrorist and what Assange is doing should terrify us all because he is undermining not only the U.S. Government but even our own Government.
Mr. Assange’s detractors accuse him of pursuing a vendetta against the United States. so to does the Leftist U.K. newspaper “The Guardian” .
Now it is not just governments that denounce him: some of his own comrades are abandoning him for what they see as erratic and imperious behavior, and a nearly delusional grandeur unmatched by an awareness that the digital secrets he reveals can have a price in flesh and blood.
The cunning of Julian Assange’s strategy is that he has made everyone complicit in his own private decision to try to sabotage U.S. foreign policy. By his own admission Assange has stated that he “gets immense pleasure in hurting the American Government” and he “wants to bring it down.” The very government that has ensured his freedom and that of the rest of the free world for nearly seventy years.
Yet Kostakidos says ,,,”What they’re doing to Julian Assange should terrify us all” Actually what Assange is doing should terrify us all because by undermining the U.S. Government, he is placing all of us at risk. And for those who may not be aware. Our defense is almost completely dependent on American military might. We live under the U.S.nuclear shield and behind the guns of the US Fleet, which ensures that our sea-lanes are free and able to carry traded goods and oil, which in turn allows you to keep your job, drive your car and pay your mortgage. Our submarine fleet is down to one and even that caught fire the other day. Our defense forces are so miniscule that the U.S.Army alone has more mechanics than we have personnel in our entire ADF. However thanks to Assange ,U.S. intelligence that can warn of attacks on our soil or our citizens overseas is now being compromised, and Kostakidos and GetUp actually want you to support this delusional egotist?
WikiLeaks / Anonymous logic.
“We will fight for rights to privacy by exposing people’s confidentiality”
“We will fight for property rights by attacking people’s property”
“We will fight against greed and corruption by stealing credit card information”
“We will fight for freedom of speech by hacking the sites of people who disagree with us”
“We will fight for the rights of customers by knocking down the online service, which they all use, for a month”
In its self-contradictory maintenance of its own untraceable operations, it effectively declares itself to be the only agency in the world that is entitled to secrecy. Some find it absurd that the United States should have a larger military than the next 10 nations combined. But that gap in military power has probably been the greatest factor in upholding an international system that, in historical terms, is unique” …Robert Kagan.
The left’s hero Assange is compromising the security of your family and country- and as Cicero said “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within…
Cheers Kman

Spin Vs Spin Vs Spin, or Don’t let the advertising make you dizzy

I’m sure that  we have all seen The government’s slick pro-carbon tax ads which don’t mention  Climate change , instead they concentrate on a “Clean energy future” with lots of footage  of happy smiling alternative energy purveyors, well who wouldn’t smile knowing that they are in line for buckets of government largess?  Its like money for old rope and nicely circumvents the need for their product to meet the market requirements that it be fit for its purpose in the most economically efficient manner possible and I think that its fundamentally dishonest to claim that the government’s tax will make their products and schemes cheaper, it won’t they will remain as expensive while the more economical coal fired generation is artificially inflated by this stupid tax and if the latest Newspoll is anything to go by it looks like Juliar has got a little bit if a bounce back for her  our $25 million advertising campaign. Which may be heartening for Labor supporters like Ray but as they always say about the Polls you can’t just count upon the result of just one poll and in any case going from “bloody awful” to “not quite so bloody awful” is not much of an achievement.

Anyway now we are to be assailed with more ads from the other side of the argument and judging from Greg Combet’s reaction to this ad it has the government rather scared, perhaps they fear the same sort of public reaction to these ads that they saw to the ones produced by the mining tax campaign.

click to view clip courtesy of Andrew Bolt

After all it plays upon the widely held belief that  tax is a necessary evil and that Labor/Left of centre governments just love to increase taxation beyond the point where it harms our economic prosperity. Of course being a conservative who supports free enterprise I can see some merit in that belief. In fact I tend to think that there is an eternal balancing act required to collect enough revenue to keep the government solvent while it provides necessary services while not destroying the incentives to create prosperity and like a lot of people I just can’t see that any of the things proposed for this tax have merit for our nation.

Now also in the Government’s corner is the hard left organisation Getup and as I receive their email newsletters its interesting to see the way that their rhetoric echoes the old style communist propaganda, they really do see this  issue as one that is all about the noble proletariat fighting the good fight against the evils of the capitalist elite. Just peruse their latest email begging for cash so that they can post adds in the daily newspapers to counter those posted by business:

I am sure of one thing though and that the only substantive winner from all these varying  ad campaigns are going to be the agencies that create them and the media organisations that accept the cheques to run them. Speaking of which I can’t help but think  that there is a delicious irony in the thought that when Getup extract cash from their supporters the eventual destination for much of this cash is Rupert Murdoch’s pocket!

Now isn’t that just a lovely jubbly thought?

Shush though, don’t tell them or they might just think twice about donating to Getup for campaigns such as this instead of giving their largess to less worthy causes like the Salvos or the Brotherhood of Saint Lawrence…

Government political advertising will never be eliminated and we have seen our share of it from both sides over the years I don’t know about anyone else but the slicker the ad the less convinced that I am by the message which makes you wonder if the people who have been subject to the biggest con job here are those in the political parties and organisations who pay  for the advertising agencies products. Because when it comes an issue like the Carbon Tax, that has been front and centre in the public discourse for months there seems to be so little to be gained by all of that expenditure. Then again this is a government that is very adverse to getting even their NBN project subjected to a cost benefit analysis so it is unsurprising that they don’t think that they should consider their advertising  budget in the same terms either.

There is only one solution to the duelling banjos on this issue and that  is to ignore them all and go with your gut instinct, for me that suggests that the tax is a pointless money churn with no social or environmental benefit, others may see it differently and that is the precursor to one of the best thing about politics, discussion and debate between real people.

Cheers Comrades

GetUp! found out and denounced for hypocricy

Call me perverse, but rather than subscribe the right wing newsletters I subscribe to organisations like GetUp!, because I am more interested in understanding the other side than I am in having my own beliefs reinforced by reading the rhetoric of those who have similar values to my own. I have a grudging respect for the people who thought of the notion of GetUp! and the way that they manage to mobilise well meaning lefties to dig deep into their own pockets to finance their campaigns. Its a very slick organisation. they very cleverly send their subscribers like yours truly endless emails that are personally addressed and written as if they are just a one to one missive rather than a bulk mail out. They even run some campaigns that have worthy aims (like their one about mental health) On the other hand their dedication to the Warminista faith would put even “JM”*to shame for being a back slider . All in all I look forward to the GetUp! missive in my mailbox because it is often just comedy gold.


GetUp! getting down and dirty for the far left

ADVOCACY group GetUp! accepted a record $1.12 million donation from a big union just before the federal election while urging its members to support a ban on political donations from unions and business.

It used the donation from the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union to fund a TV advertisement attacking Liberal leader Tony Abbott’s ”archaic” views on women and social issues in the days before the August election.

It went to air as a GetUp! advertisement, with no reference to it largely being funded by a Labor-affiliated union.

GetUp!, which says it has more than 300,000 members, has become a campaigner on issues such as climate change and refugees. Its High Court challenge before the federal election allowed tens of thousands of extra young people to vote.

But its willingness to take such a large donation, the type of which it wants banned, has led to claims of hypocrisy.

The opposition leader in the Senate, Eric Abetz, said the donation showed GetUp! was nothing more than a Labor front.

”It’s clear there is a strong relationship between the unions and GetUp! and the Labor Party campaign,” he said.

Who would have thought that they were dancing to the tune of the union movement?

To be fair to all sides of politics we have to ensure that  no front organisations like GetUp!  are allowed to run political advertising during our election campaigns without the same level of scrutiny as all of the actual political parties do. This story certainly shows that GetUp! is a front and hypocrites to boot’ well who would have thought that????


Cheers Comrades

*well at least they don’t pretend a science gongs like she does 🙄
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