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Germany Faces Energy Disaster and our Greens Follow Blindly

German media ‘Die Welt’ reports:

Germany only just escaped large-scale power outages. Next winter the risk of large blackouts is even greater. The culprit for the looming crisis is the single most important instrument of German energy policy: the “Renewable Energy Law.”

According to Die Welt, the “Renewable Energy Law” (EEG) stipulates the priority of green electricity supply. What was once useful as an aid for the market introduction of wind and solar power, has today, 12 years later, disastrous side effects.

It pushes those plants which alone can guarantee a stable power supply, i.e. gas and coal-fired power plants, out of the market far too early. More and more facilities are being decommissioned. The result is a significantly higher risk of large-scale power outages, so-called blackouts, whose duration and propagation is hard to predict.

Federal Network Agency (FNA) said the near-blackouts last winter are hard to overestimate: although the cold spell was short and mild, the situation in the German electricity network was “very serious” according to the Agency.

Of course that’s in Europe, it’s got nothing to do with Australia. Or has it?

Last week our Greens, those tree hugging, environmental loonies, have once again stepped outside their so-called area of expertise.

The Newcastle Herald and Lithgow Mercury both report that the Greens are introducing a bill before the House of Representatives, the No New Coal Power Bill 2012, which would halt the planning approval for the proposed Cobbora coal mine. Approvals for this coal mine, which is midway between regional townships Mudgee and Dubbo, would be scuttled under the Greens’ legislation.

Their reasons?

“The new power stations would flood the state with cheap electricity and undermine the viability of renewable energy and energy efficiency,”

That’s head-shaking stuff. ‘Cheap electricity??’

Spokesman for the Greens, Jon Kaye, goes on to say,

“Thousands of new jobs in the solar and wind sectors would be lost.”

These jobs are non-existent now, and if they eventuate, will be jobs reliant totally on government subsidies. Is this the future of our economy? A government funded society?

Wind and solar power are by no means a viable source of base load power, as the situation in Germany shows. As it currently stands, the power that runs our cities, our industries, can only be maintained by coal-fired or hydro power. Not only won’t the Greens approve new dams, they are now blocking new coal-fired power stations.

It’s obvious that the Greens are prepared to turn the power off before there are equally viable alternatives. And as a result, they are prepared to trash Australia’s economy in the name of their Green religion. This is their socialist manifesto. Hiding behind the environmental banner, they are prepared to return Australia to the 1930s.

Perhaps a further look at Germany may provide some perspective.

The before pictures in this pictorial look alarmingly like photos taken at the end of WW2. Unfortunately, they were taken some forty five years later in 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This is what socialism looks like.

The after pictures were taken ten years later, after capitalism had a chance to clean up the mess that socialism made of East Germany.

The complete photo spread is here, and it’s shocking in its profundity.

Socialists, enjoy.

oh, and btw, an old DDR (East German) joke…..

What would happen if the desert became a Communist country? Nothing for a while. Then there’d be a sand shortage.


Anti-social behaviour at the football

I totally agree with the sentiments in thsi post even though I have less than zero interest in sport. The way that so many corporate gumbies insist upon filling every possible second with noise helps feed the stimulus addiction of the masses who could well benefit from some time to appreciate the joys of quiet contemplation and conversations that don’t need to be shouted above the roar of the greasepaint.
Cheers Comrades


If our neighbours played their music too loud, so loud that we couldn’t have a peaceful conversation in our house, I would ask them to turn it down. And if they refused I might call the police and I would expect them to attend and ask the neighbours not to be so anti-social.

So when I was at the football yesterday and the music and commercials and crass announcements from the public address system were absolutely deafening I had no hesitation in texting the number provided on the scoreboard to “report anti-social behaviour.” This is what I wrote:

Please stop the people near me in the Ponsford Stand who are playing music so loud that I can’t hear myself think…no, hang on it’s the MCG public address system! Tell me, why is this anti-social behaviour tolerated? Why can’t I hear instead the noise of my fellow football supporters? Please reply…

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