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Bring out your dead, Burn, Bury or Dissect? or Do funeral insurance ads shit you to tears?

One of the reasons that I have become rather adverse to change as I have got older is the way that change brings with it any number of unintended consequences . Add to that the development of my  rather dark sense of humour and you might just appreciate just why I found this piece from Der Spiegel worthy of a post this morning:

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We can all appreciate this rather strange situation but it has also got me thinking if I am the only one to be totally over the endless adds on the TV for “funeral insurance”? this was almost unheard of just a year or so  ago but now you can’t watch any of the free to air commercial channels without being implored to buy some insurance product “to protect your loved ones from the hefty  unplanned expense” its all based in pinging people’s guilt chips and frankly I think that there is something quite unseemly and obscene about the whole thing. To be honest I bet that if you are really worried about covering the cost of your funeral it would be a better option to just save some cash for that purpose than pay a profit making stipend to some profit making insurance company many times the cost of the funeral over the life of the policy and  who, sure as night follows day,  will try to screw you over when it comes time to payout. .I have had to organise a few  funerals during my lifetime  and as sad as that task has been it was never too big a deal to cover the cost even from a modest estate. Frankly there are far more emotionally  difficult tasks than finding mere money to pay for the box, the service and the disposal of mortal remains.

OK rant over, you can now go back to more happy thoughts on this day that is shaping up to be rather nice even though its Friday the thirteenth 😉

Cheers Comrades

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