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And its just another leap to the left for Auntie

It seems that Auntie has issues with the placement of her deck chairs:


I have on occasion listened to Kelly in the mornings and she is not that bad when it comes to a voice to wake up to. There is however no doubt that she is another one of Auntie’s voices who leans very much to the left. In a better world wouldn’t it be nice to have the fill-in host of the Insiders being from a more conservative perspective? You know to show the world that the ABC can do balance properly as its charter demands?

Cheers Comrades


Socialist ruby slippers of high office

If there there is one virtue in the sacerdotal tradition of the Catholic Church that I really admire its the humility and piety that has been exhibited by the new pontiff in his refusal to take up the ostentatious trappings of his high office. not for him are the palatial apartments in the Vatican, not even the fancy red shoes are important to Francis. I was actually unsurprised that our new PM Tony Abbott is following the same example in his choice of digs while the lodge is being renovated and even more surprised that some media commemorators from the Left  like  Radio National‘s  Fran Kelly should be tut tutting that (and I paraphrase) “Abbott should be seeking accommodation more in keeping with the dignity of his high office” .Call me an idealist but  I would have thought that a true socialist  would be applauding the simple workman like piety  on show here. This along with Julie Bishop‘s decision to travel business class for her official duties as Foreign Minister really seems to be striking the right tone for an incoming  Abbott Government.

The lesson of history has been that socialists like Fran Kelly, Gillard and Rudd  are often the biggest fans of forelock tugging deference to our elected officials even though you would expect their ideology to be endorsing the clear humility of both the Holy Father and our New PM (elect), yet if they did then they would have to explain or justify the love of the good life exhibited by the last two and a half Labor PM’s…

Cheers Comrades


Brother Number One’s “DON’T PANIC!” moment

I used to love watching Dad’s army, with of all people my late dad, and we both loved the show because despite the humour at the ineptitude of the characters There was a great deal of respect for the real home guard who would have bravely defended their home and hearth had Hitler actually invaded. Sadly for the people of this country Brother Number One has been a far worse leader than Capitan Mainwaring in Warminton-on-sea and it seems to me that we are witnessing him doing an impersonation of Corporal Jones and crying “The election is coming DON’T PANIC! DON’T PANIC! the election is coming!”

As the Prime Minister continues to dump contentious and costly policies before the May 11 budget, some Labor MPs fear too many policy reversals and broken promises are being wheeled out in too short a time, creating a perception of panic.

Mr Rudd yesterday walked away from his 2007 claim that the election campaign should feature three leaders’ debates including a contest on the Sunday before polling day.

It also emerged that a plan to build 260 childcare centres on school grounds, which was dumped last week on the grounds it was not needed, was on course for a $500 million blowout.

Mr Rudd’s sudden decision to shelve the emissions trading scheme until at least 2013 and adopt Tony Abbott’s “wait and see” approach was criticised by environmentalists as a betrayal and by business as a potential threat to $50bn of investment.

Despite campaigning in 2007 on a climate change platform and describing the issue as “the greatest moral challenge of our time”, Mr Rudd yesterday deferred the CPRS to avoid a Coalition scare campaign on price rises and save $2.5bn in the budget.

On the way to the bus stop with the kids I happened to catch Penny Wong trying to sell the government decision to postpone the ETS scheme til 2013  and I could not help weary a rather wry smile as she tried to argue that this was a good decision and not an admission of defeat. Wong tried very hard to blame the opposition for the failure, she ducked a weaved she made excuses and for me the magic moment was when Fran Kelly dug out archival recordings of Wong’s own rhetoric about the need to act with urgency. Words uttered only a short time ago by our minister for climate change that she now repudiates.

What we are seeing is a government it total panic mode, the collectively had a brown trouser moment when the GFC became apparent and hastily created make work schemes that were fatally flawed or so badly designed so that beneficiaries were the spivs and scam merchants they have made wild promises that they can’t keep and now that they face an upcoming election the want everyone to forget their “mistakes”.

If every a government deserves  to join the one term club it is the one we have now .

Cheers Comrades


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