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What do you do when your 12 year old comes up and announces that she wants to watch the State of Origin game?

What do you do , as a long time supporter  of the Anti football league, when your 12  year old daughter comes up and announces that she wants to watch the State of Origin game?

Well I did the only thing that a good father can do and I immediately suggested that we watch the game together and you know what comrades I enjoyed the experience, It helped a great deal that QUEENSLAND thrashed the Blues but I have to admit that I am warming  (slightly )  to the idea that watching sport can be pleasurable:

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TRY!!!! Comrades

Soccer ain’t “footy”

It’s the eve of the AFL footy finals and what do we find? Yes, Soccer in Australia – which ironically calls itself ‘The A League’ – is launching its latest advertising campaign designed to lure Aussies away from real football, with this uninspiring black & white video under the laughable slogan “We are football”:


Look, I have nothing against the round-ball game and I reckon it’s a good idea to have a safe alternative so wimps and mummy boys can pretend that they are footy players too. But give-me-a-break, Soccer, in this country at least, is a 3rd-rate sport that lives so much in the shadows of Aussie Rules that it doesn’t even have the guts to run its season over the same time of year.

With the A-League season start now held back until October, soccer chiefs believe they can generate far greater interest. They will then rely on the quality of the “product” to persuade more fans to become repeat spectators or television viewers.

There is also a deliberate policy to try to rally the estimated 2.5 million serious soccer fans in the country behind the local competition, or at least take an interest in it as the first steps towards converting a massive participation base into paying customers. A source close to the campaign said the choice of “We are football” was designed with this in mind.

The only reason soccer has any popularity at all in Australia is because over summer there are no alternative “football” games to watch. That and the fact the Socceroos have made the last two FIFA World Cups in 2006 & 2010. But even those achievements have failed to inspire Aussies to regard soccer as anything but an amusing diversion.

Soccer is just a bloody boring game with more action in the crowds than on the field. In fact violence at soccer games is far worse than at any other sport and there are good reasons for that, as SockPuppet (i.e. yours truly) wrote under the post “Soccer the beautiful game my arse” :

Look I do not like to state the bloody obvious but it is pretty bloody obvious to me that there are 3 main reasons why soccer crowds are the worst behaved:

1. Boredom: In what other game in the world can you have a 0 – 0 result? There is not a lot of action out there on the pitch and when and if someone kicks a goal its like “how the hell did that happen?” and the crowd goes nuts.

2. Prissy poofy rules: In soccer you can not even touch your opponent. That’s because it’s played by a bunch of metrosexual Beckham types who are not real men. This lack of contact and violence on the field means the supporters have to take their frustrations out on the opposition supporters. And they do.

3. Migrants: There I have said it. Lets face it, Soccer is a game that is enjoyed by violent people from violent countries. So what else would you expect? How many times have we seen Serbs & Croatian fans belting the shit out of each other? And Greeks and Macedonians? Imagine if we let the Jews & Arabs play each other – there would be war in Melbourne. They should keep their differences back in their homelands and not bring their arguments over here.

Stuff Soccer and bring on the AFL. There is no crowd violence at an AFL game. Unless it’s a Collingwood one and Collingwood loses. Then we are in big trouble.

Says it all. Oh, and go Saints.

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