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Divorced from reality

Uncomfortable: A passenger sleeps on the floor after her flight is cancelled at Luton Airport (Daily Mail photo)

The weather here at this time of the year is on the whole rather good even if it is a trifle warm, When we have one of those summer storms we all know that the sensible thing is to find somewhere to sit out the worst of it and relax until the fury subsides . You just can’t fight it and win.

The same rule applies when you are in a place that has wildly cold weather at this time of the year, raging about it and the way that it has affected your travel plans is just pointless and makes you seem like an idiot in the process.

I was just amazed how unrealistic so many travellers stranded by the weather induced breakdowns of the Eurostar trains were when they were interviewed by news reporters on the TV. Sure being stuck in the tunnels was unpleasant and the disruption of their travel plans  inconvenient but no one is to blame, Its the weather stupid! In days gone by before the era of mass transit travellers knew and understood that sometimes it was just too dangerous or too difficult  to travel. Nowadays so many travellers think that no matter how bad the weather that they have the right to go anywhere they please on the planet and curses on anyone who has not worked out a way to defy the laws of physics to make their travel plans come to fruition.

Travellers in such conditions need to have a little humility and accept that they are not distinct from the environment they live in. I blame being able to get all kinds of produce at any time of the year. Quite simply too many people have lost touch with the seasons of the year and they think that they have a right to anything they desire any time that they want it. We need to respect the earth and its moods and to respect the fact that no matter how clever the machines we make are that they won’t always be able to go where we want precisely when we wish to do so.

If you are stuck somewhere for Christmas think of it as an opportunity to share good will to all and to create some joy with strangers, after all isn’t that part of the spirit of the festival?

Cheers Comrades


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