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Wasting police time

False accusations of rape are something that the Feministas  will insist are so rare as to be of no consequence  but as I have explored at this blog previously it is a serious matter and something that can not be ignored for ideological reasons.  Now it turns out that a supposedly nasty rape reported in Sydney  was in fact entirely fictitious and that only after an exhaustive and expensive investigation by the police  has the claim been exposed as a total fabrication:

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The only upside here is that no poor sod has been dragged in to be interrogated and accused of a crime that he did not commit, however the amount of time and resources that have been expended by the police would have been quite considerable, not to mention the fear an loathing felt by women in western Sydney at the thought of a gang of men out there targeting  lone  women at night should not be under estimated…

So what sort of consequences should this stupid, stupid girl face for her fabricated claims?

A bill for the cost of the wasted  police time perhaps?

A community corrections order?

A stint in one of Her Majesty’s fine hotels?

Being named and shamed?

Sadly I tend to think that she will get off Scott free and still considered a “victim” rather than as a perp

Tis the way of the world Comrades


Do you honestly think that you could come back from this Mark?

I don’t have much to add to this sad story, the title says it all really. Over a serries of posts on the issue of false accusations of rape Mark L had been insisting that he could bounce back Fine and Dandy from being in a similar position to Terry Harrison in the quote bellow.

A man maliciously accused of a rape he didn’t commit is calling for a change in the law after speaking out about what he describes as the worst 11 months of  his life.

Terry Harrison, 34, lost his home and had it attacked and burgled after single mother Shirley Prince, 42, claimed he raped her during a house party in May last year.

She admitted perverting the course of justice last Tuesday and was jailed for three months after appearing at Durham Crown Court.

Terry Harrison was maliciously accused of rape and says he endured the worst 11 months of his life because of it

'It was hell': Terry Harrison was maliciously accused of rape and says he endured the worst 11 months of his life because of it

As part of his bail conditions Terry wasn’t allowed to visit his home town and missed family birthdays and a funeral.

He also lost the tenancy on his house and was forced to live in a hostel in  Middlesbrough for five months.

In an attempt to deal with his ordeal he turned to alcohol and sleeping pills.

Terry, from Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, where Prince is also from, said: ‘It was hell, I felt lower than low and several times I contemplated killing myself.

‘I thought about chucking myself off the Tyne Bridge.

‘It was horrible. I was tossing and turning every night, I could never sleep.

‘My windows were put through.

‘I just had to get on with it. I kept thinking: ‘Is this really happening?’ I couldn’t believe it.

‘I cannot believe how long the lies went on for.

‘I kept expecting it to be over. I thought she would tell the truth or police would drop it when they found no DNA – but it went on and on.

‘It is one of the worst crimes I could imagine and something I would never do.

‘I was going insane with the accusations going round my head, being away from my home town and friends and family.

‘The law should definitely be changed, it’s not right that innocent men are named and shamed for something they haven’t done.

‘Men guilty of rape deserve everything they get, but I didn’t deserve it.’

Terry also fell victim to vigilantes while under police investigation.

He said: ‘I was spat at in the street, I had my windows put through and my house was  burgled.

‘I just wanted to be believed but with a case like this people judge you to be guilty until proven innocent.

‘I felt so ashamed, I felt like everyone looking at me thought I was a rapist, I was losing my head thinking about it.

I actually think that Mark is talking absolute bollocks on this issue, and he knows it,  because he has said that he would not support the employment of a teacher with any sort of cloud over his head “for the safety of the children”. Now as I see it If it is reasonable to suppress the name of a complainant in a rape case then it should be good enough to suppress the name of the accused as well, until a conviction is secured.
Cheers Comrades

My bold added

Melbourne’s ambulance service won’t reinstate him…

A PARAMEDIC cleared of sexually assaulting a drug-affected patient is shattered that Melbourne’s ambulance service won’t reinstate him.

Simon Howe, 32, was found not guilty of digital rape and indecent assault by the County Court this week and now wants his job back.

But the Metropolitan Ambulance Service yesterday claimed he was sacked for breaching his employment contract by not filling out an incident report. They said working for the MAS again was not an option.

Mr Howe yesterday said he had proved his innocence in court and was now being put through the added trauma of an unfair dismissal case.

“I’m devastated, shattered, my life has been turned upside down,” Mr Howe said yesterday.

“As far as MAS is concerned I was guilty. I have had to pay for the right to prove my innocence and I still have to pay today.”

Mr Howe said stricter security measures such as cameras were needed in ambulances to protect paramedics against false allegations or violence.

Herald Sun

In the past I have said that false accusations of rape can ruin a man’s life only to have some of my friends of the feminist/leftist persuasion insist that once the accusation is proven false all will be sweetness and light for the accused man.  Sadly for their argument the life of Simon Howe  is actually dark and sour at this very moment. despite his being acquitted of the charge of digitally raping a woman. He now has to fight another court case to win back his job.

And is there any hint that the complainant will either be named and shamed or suffer any negative consequences for her  false claims?

Not a sausage  Comrades


For Mark L

My life’s in ruins*, says teacher cleared* of having hotel sex romps with 17-year-old pupil


00:03am on 4th October 2007

Cleared*: Teacher Andrew Riley outside court yesterday

A teacher who was cleared of having cocaine-fuelled sex with a pupil has told how his life had been ruined by his teenage accuser.

Andrew Riley, 36, said his marriage and his career were left in tatters after the girl claimed the pair enjoyed a series of liaisons in hotels.

He told the jury that although he had stayed in hotels with her and admitted that their relationship made him feel wanted, there had been no sex.

The 17-year-old, who suffered from low self-esteem and had problems at home, struck up a close friendship with the handsome PE teacher after he took her under his wing.

But he and the girl began to exchange Internet messages detailing their fantasies and sexual experiences.

When the girl went to university Mr Riley decided to end the relationship but she was furious and reported him to police.

Yesterday the married father of two was found not guilty at Preston Crown Court of two counts of abuse of trust by having sex with a person under 18 and not guilty of a charge of offering to supply cocaine*.

Daily Mail

Putting aside  that this teacher has been bloody stupid in the way that he related to this young woman, the fact is that she has made accusations against him that have been proven by the jury at his trial to be false. He has clearly been exonerated and my commentator Mark L would have us believe that now that the teacher has been vindicated by the jury that his life will happily return to normal. Some how I don’t think that Andrew Ridley’s life will ever be the same again.

 Does this example  help Mark understand just why I think that false accusations of sexual impropriety, or rape, should be seen for the life destroying crimes that they so clearly are?

I hope so.
Cheers comrades

*emphasis added to quote

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