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Situation normal at Fairfax

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I don’t know about anyone else but when I read that someone is “bashed” I imagine that a rather intense and cowardly beating has taken place, that multiple blows have been delivered and that the person delivering the “bashing” is some kind of evil bully because the word “bashing” usually has those sorts of associations. The use of the term in today’s Fairfax press is at best sloppy journalism but I suspect that this is rather deliberate word choice with the intention of casting the worst possible aspersions upon the staff of the detention centre. From the latter part of the report we see that the so called “bashing” may not have been entirely unprovoked you know what I reckon that there are few people out there who would not respond to being assaulted by a detainee with some sort of like for like response. If ever there was an example of lopsided reporting and propagandising its this entirely crappy piece from Fairfax. You would have thought that a good journalist would have sought details about how many blows were struck and precisely what sort of blows they were , the duration of the incident and if any injury ensued but no all Fairfax give us is a piece of skewed drivel that leads the reader to imagine some poor innocent Asylum seeker “bashed” by their cruel jailers…

Lift your game Fairfax you can certainly advocate for your desired position on the government policy but this piece is totally lacking in accuracy or fair minded balance, sadly that is situation normal for Fairfax.

Cheers Comrades



In defense of wet fish slapping

This is an interesting piece from the Fairfax that is decrying the fact that the ABC movie show has declined to do on onscreen review of “Wolf Creek 2”

They dismissed the locally made horror film in the final seconds of their ABC-TV review program At The Movies this week with the words, ”We’ve chosen not to review Wolf Creek 2, but on our website you’ll find interviews with director Greg McLean and actor John Jarratt”. (Said interviews were filmed, it seems, without the involvement of either of the show’s hosts.) In declining to consider a movie that topped the local box office last weekend with a haul of $1.7 million, they handed its makers an almighty slap across the face with a wet fish. More importantly, they abnegated their responsibility as Australia’s most-watched movie critics. Yet Stratton reviewed the film for The Australian. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/movies/big-bad-wolf-margaret-and-david-snub-local-horror-movie-20140226-33ihm.html#ixzz2uTHPLW32

Now I may be wrong but it seems to me that the complainant from Fairfax seems to think that because the movie is a financial success that its rather questionable content should be overlooked by David and Margret. Now I happily admit that I do like a good horror film but I have very little time for those which have no moral center, the ones that are just a spalaterfest or “torture porn” do nothing for me but elicit disgust. So I say that David and Margret are perfectly entitled to decline to review ANY film just the same  as Fairfax are even if that film has been made here.

It certainly explains why the Aussie film industry is in the toilet though, they seem to produce either dreary soul searching angsty crap or rubbishy torture porn, what ever happened to films about people that we can like or believe in?

Cheers Comrades


The bright side of Kevin

When even the normally very  Labor friendly Fairfax press runs a piece on their front page suggesting that a substantial loss for the ALP might not be such a bad thing for the party you have to accept that things are very crook indeed on planet  ALP:

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There is some value here for the ALP being comprehensively defeated because if the party were in fact a shrubbery it would be one that is need of some serious pruning to remove a great deal of the old and twisted wood and to make it into something that can be admired by those of us in the middle rather than just the creatures of the ideological left, most importantly the ALP needs to learn how to manage the business of government with competence and sound administration. and until they either learn how to do this or recruit those who can already do this they will never again be a credible government that can be trusted.

Cheers Comrades

Fairfax just needs a murdered schoolgirl…

The report in today’s Oz raises an interesting moral question about the nature of journalism,  namely is it morally acceptable for a journaist to break the law to get a story.


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So after breaking to the ALP database in a flagrant breach of the law this troika of Age journalists are trying to suggest that it was their god given right as “journalists” to flout the law in pursuit of some “great truth”? Is it any wonder that the profession is held in such contempt by the public? The thing is if these three get away with hacking  the ALP how long will it be before we have members of the fourth estate  hacking the computers of ordinary citizens ? Of Bloggers, like you and I dear reader, just because we may happen to express opinions that they dislike?  The laws that protect the ALP in this instance  protect us all and no one should be exempt from prosecution when they get into our computer systems  because they are “journalists”.

It has just occurred to me that Fairfax has taken such delight in the woes of the British branch of the Murdoch press in relation to the “hacking” scandal that saw one tabloid shut down in shame and journalists facing criminal charges and here they are with their own little “hack-gate”  sadly for the general public there is no great heart string puller like the victim being a murdered school girl in the Australian example but morally is this act by Fairfax journalists really that different?

I don’t think so,

Cheers Comrades


Labor’s Light Brigade and the coffin makers union

If there is one certainty in this country  it is the simple fact that The Fairfax press will always give any Labor  government the benefit of the doubt for  far longer than it will do for any Coalition administration. Its just what we expect from them because most of their journos are sympathetic to leftist thinking  and ideology. Thus when you have a lead story suggesting that Gillard resign from the Prime Minister position then things must be really crook with the government:

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Some how though I doubt that Gillard will go with any dignity, that she is capable of making the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the party. She is just arrogant enough to think that her losing face by resigning would be less preferable than leading the party into the blazing guns of a well disciplined opposition who are not in the mood for showing any mercy to a government as bad and incompetent as her administration.

One can only think that Gillard is imagining  this poem,

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon behind them
Volley’d and thunder’d;
Storm’d at with shot and shell,
While horse and hero fell,
They that had fought so well
Came thro’ the jaws of Death
Back from the mouth of Hell,
All that was left of them,
Left of six hundred.


and imagining that she will be redeemed in a  political afterlife  as one of the glorious dead who went down fighting. We are not however any longer in the age of Alfred, Lord Tennyson where we glory in the noble but stupid and pointless sacrifice. We are in an age of pragmatic politics where we expect that the sacrifice for the greater good should be as bloodless as possible. Of course I agree with Fairfax press insofar s they are suggesting that Gillard has used up all of her electoral good will frankly it no longer matters how she tries to present her self, no matter what sort contortions she tries  hers is a lost cause  and she can only drag the entire party  down further with each extra day she stays in the lodge.

 Ray must be just as despairing as all of the all the other  ALP tragics  at this point in time because even Kevin “I’m here to help” Rudd  will lack the power to  retain office at the election. You see I used to think that Rudd “could save the furniture” but now I’m not so sure,  because the party brand has been so tainted by the Gillard crew that even many of their “true believers” will either vote for Abbott or, as I think more likely, just abstain by making an informal vote on September.

Of course the coffin makers union are delighted at the prospects of such a large surge in business  from the  Labor light brigade  but they are , like so many unions, being short sighted and self focused because for the sake of our democracy we do actually need  two parties who are both relatively competent in government and who will deliver to the people good governance and sound administration and the real tragedy of the Gillard government is that they have demonstrated that the ALP are not only unfit to govern but also that they are also not going to be capable of providing a respectable or credible  opposition for a a very long time  either.

Cheers Comrades

Gillard (seated) and her most trusted advisors

Gillard (seated) and her most trusted advisers

The days of wine, roses and Comcars

The Saga of Slippery Pete just gets better and better, the report in today’s Fairfax press points out that there is a massive incentive for Slipper to resign before the allegations against him are tested in the courts:


The documents suggest Mr Slipper holds a particular fondness for Poachers Pantry, well known for its gourmet smoked meats.

When he retires, Mr Slipper can expect to receive a yearly pension of about $157,000 for the rest of his life.

However, if he is found guilty of the alleged fraud, Mr Slipper is likely to lose everything besides a refund of his superannuation contributions (without interest).

Mr Slipper’s retirement package is especially lucrative because of his long service – 23 years as an MP – and his occupation of highly paid roles including Speaker of the House of Representatives, where he earned an annual salary of $371,463.

The threat to his entitlements provides an incentive for him to resign before he faces court next month, if he fears a guilty verdict and wants to protect his pension.

There is little precedent for Mr Slipper’s predicament but legal experts and public servants familiar with politicians’ entitlements said an early resignation would likely protect his lucrative pension package in the event of a later conviction, although they could provide no guarantee.

Either way, if he remains in Parliament and is convicted, he will lose much of his entitlements regardless of how severe any sentence is.

Of course given the fact that this is an election year one can only wonder if Slipper resigning his seat before he can be convicted will mean a by-election or what is more likely that the voters of Slipper’s electorate being unrepresented in the parliament until after the general election. Neither choice can be very attractive for the Gillard regime because both would highlight Gillard’s poor judgement in making here deal with wine loving Slipper in the first place.

Cheers Indeed Comrades

Once were warriors

Like everyone else on the political planet I am appalled when I hear of young people being abused but what I find amusing about the story about the ADF is the contrast between the way that News LTD and Fairfax have written about the just released report. first the report as published in the Courier Mail:

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and this is how Fairfax report the same story:

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Please take just a few minutes to read both articles I’ll still be here when you get back and then we can consider the difference together.

You’re back?


Now lets get down to tin tacks please consider the two pieces and ask yourself which one seems to have the most politicised agenda here. For me the answer is that Fairfax’s authors are pushing an argument that is antagonistic to the military in general and full of misandry with its provocative  headline. Frankly it seems to me that it is trying to suggest that all soldiers are rapists, Hmm where have I heard that sort of nonsense before? Ah yes its the sort of stuff you get from feminists who insist that there is a “rape culture”  and that every man is a rapist.  either by acts or thoughts.Worse still they primary allegation that inspires the headline goes back to 1951 which means that the alleged perpetrators would have long ago retried from the service.
By way of contrast the news piece concentrates upon a student guide to the unofficial slang and jargon of the academy. Frankly its not really a surprise to me that such a derisive lexicon exists and has currency in the ADF, every military since ancient times has had its own language and way of seeing both itself and the world. the question that this raises to me is just how seriously we should take such a thing and does it matter anyway?

On one hand I am as concerned as the next man about the way that women are treated  within the ADF but on the other hand I can’t help thinking that we expect our military to do some pretty brutal tasks (like kill the nations enemies in our name) so that requires a certain level of  mental toughness  that getting all PC and protective of new recruits is not going to engender. The aphorism about heat and kitchens comes to mind here. Is there a way of protecting the ladies who take the Queens shilling without making our military a bunch of wooses who are so frightened of causing offence that they are useless in their primary role of fighting for the country? That is the issue as far as I’m concerned. While I am all for and full of respect for any woman who is at heart a warrior and wants to do her bit to defend the wide brown land I am far less keen on the idea of women at the pointy end being protected and pampered to pander to feminist notions that gender is a construct and that traditionally male preserves like the military should be changed to make them more female friendly. If a woman wants in to the military boys club then it has to be on the same harsh and brutal terms as her male counterparts  or she just does not qualify to be a warrior for our nation.

Cheers Comrades

Does anyone really think that Labor can sell the, Ah Hem, “virtues” of Climatechoices to a cynical public?

Thanks to those fine folks at Fairfax we have a Poll taken right at the beginning of Gillard’s Climatechoices and surprise surprise It shows that the public are far from being amused by this tax and spend money churn:

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My question to you dear readers is there anyone out there who think that Climatechoices is going to be anything other than a total disaster for team Labor?

With their record of not being able to “sell” their message on any policy does anyone think that they will be able to convince the public that they have something of virtue in their Climatechoices regime?

Come on who will offer me a bottle of red on it?

Cheers Comrades

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