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The next exciting episode in the Carbon Tax saga, Or Clive Palmer puts a cat among the Green pigeons

If there is one issue that has done for Labor in general and Gillard in particular its the accursed Carbon tax. I am not a lone in thinking that the whole Carbon mitigation push is just the mother of all ponzi schemes that will be a delight to accountants and Green zealots but will leave the rest of us struggling with the  ever increasing price rises to all of the everyday commodities and services that are essential to our modern life.  Worse still the whole edifice  will have absolutely no positive social benefits and its effect upon the climate is likely to be less than zero* once you factor in the obvious tendency that many industries and their jobs will end up being exported to countries that don’t have such a punitive and pernicious Tax or carbon trading system. With this in mind I am delighted to see that Clive Palmer is talking about challenging the legitimacy of the legislation in the High Court.

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Of course the minions of the left are going to see this move as proof of their belief that the “Evil Billionaires” are indeed exerting too much influence upon the society that we all share, Hmm I think that its wrong to think like that when the issue is a foul beast like Gillard’s Carbon Tax, we ordinary folk should be eternally grateful that there are people with both the resources and the determination to oppose this unconscionable tax regime in the courts.

Of course it may not even become law the way things stand at the moment Gillard is faced with the loopy Greens wanting her to drop the promised Company Tax cuts so that there will be more money ion their slush funds for social engineering. Yep its all fun and games in Canberra as this little story arc plays out on the national soap opera. Is it any wonder that I am such a fan of the show?
Cheers Comrades

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