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Wind schemes and socialist ideals

– The blades of turbines on a wind farm catch the wind 10 August 2007 in front of Aegean Sea on Evia island, off the eastern coast of Greece. (RAE). AFP PHOTO / ARIS MESSINIS (Photo credit should read ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/GettyImages)

To say that “climate change” is all a load of hot air would not be strictly correct but it is very clear that the virtues of wind turbines have been very greatly over sold and now that there are a large number of these machines gracing  blighting the landscape its is easy to see that they are just not delivering the goods in terms of the energy that they are collecting. Were it not for subsidies schemes we would just not have so many of these useless monuments to Green vanity dotted like herds of lanky white elephants on the country side.

Good sense is starting to make itself known as recession hit governments realise that subsidising green energy schemes is not sustainable in the long term no matter how devoted  its protagonists are to the Gaian faith. Thus we have seen a very big cut back in subsidies for solar panels here in OZ (which will hopefully stop the endless telemarketer calls trying to sell systems to cynics like Moi) and In the UK the government is very keen to substantially cut the overly generous subsidies that has financed so many turbines in the UK.

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    To me the real irony is that so many of the acolytes of the Green faith are so hot to trot for socialist ideals  and yet they  also endorse these subsidies that only  enrich a small clique of climate “entrepreneurs”.  Am I the only one who can appreciate the hypocrisy for a socialist endorsing Green  subsidy schemes whilewhining about lack of funding for  leftist agendas that they are passionate about? Isn’t it strange that they get so upset about the miners making a quid producing real benefits to the economy and the nation yet they don’t raise a single  eyebrow about the shysters ripping off the community in the name of Gaia?

Cheers Comrades

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