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Julian Assange loses court bid against extradition

Well I am pretty sure that our friends form the left are going to be fuming and fulminating about this piece of news:

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Of course what I expect to happen is that once he gets to Sweden the USA may well seek to extradite him to face charges, but really why would anyone expect that The USA would just meekly shrug their shoulders and accept their classified information being published by WikiLeaks? Of course they are going to want to bring the this man to face the consequences of his use of the stolen information.
Does that make the USA right or wrong here?
I don’t know to be honest but the fact that the Uber-left is so in love with this man and his website makes me tend towards suggesting that no hole is deep enough for Assange.

Cheers Comrades

Abu Hamza al-Mazri, holidays in the sun, and the Queen of hearts

If you do the crime then you should do the time by my reckoning but it never ceases to amaze me just how wriggly some people are when they have played the Jihad game and they face being held to account for their willingness to kill for Allah. So when preachers of hate like Abu Hamza al-Mazri use every means possible to avoid extradition from Britain to the USA over eight long years it is something of a win for justice when you see his last avenue of appeal denied.

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Having spent the last eight years being pampered in a cushy English prison there will be some justice to be had at last when he is welcomed into the  custody of the sponsors of the  famous tropical  holiday camp, “Club Gitmo”. Sadly for Abu Hamza al-Mazr he won’t be going to that famous holiday destination instead it will be a federal prison where a whole new team of Lawyers will bend over backwards to help him avoid his just deserts . Makes me  rather more sympathetic to the queen of hearts position on justice, well just  sometimes it does.

  Cheers Comrades

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