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“I think the studies, and I think they date back from the 1950s, assert that Eric Abetz is still living in them”

(by SockPuppet ~ a real 70s guy when chicks and booze were cheap)

“I am a double dickhead from Tasmania”

 I dunno about you but I bet that Senator Eric A Bet was having a bet eachway when he tryed hard to get out of what he said on Channel Gen Ys cutting edge The Project show last night:

‘I was cut off’: Eric Abetz blames Mia Freedman for reports he linked abortion to breast cancer on The Project

 “I think the studies, and I think they date back from the 1950s, assert that there is a link between abortion and breast cancer.”

Now yous on the far right wing side where Eddie ‘I bet’ Abetz sits too will no doubt sprung to his defences position no doubt you will.

And yous on the left side of the far right wing will just say:

“Hes a dickhead from Tasmania”

which would then actuallymakes him a double dickhead because Tasmanians have Two heads.

(studies from the 1950s say so).

I on the other hand I am above politics and like the Buddha Zen deity I say this:

I think my post heading sort of says itall.

Comment away (God f*cken knows we need it)


Be careful what you wish for, because there are times when you get it and the result is not what you expected.

Barnaby Joyce in Perth shortly after being dumped as opposition finance spokesman. Picture: AAP

The departure of Nick Minchen from the lime light has given Tony Abbott the perfect opportunity to reshuffle his front bench and as Much as I like Barnaby Joyce as a wild card politician even I have to admit that finance spokesman
My Late father in law was an accountant and while I appreciate the importance of understanding the numbers It is probably right that after months of pressure over a few less that cautious statements that Barnaby should be moved to a different portfolio. The Government probably thinks that his is a scalp that makes up for Garrett’s that now hangs from Tony Abbott’s belt, well Barnaby may have been intemperate with his words but at least there are no Aussie families who are grieving the loss of their house of or a family member because of it.

Calling a press conference in Sydney yesterday afternoon, the Opposition Leader moved quickly to end the speculation, fuelled over the past two days by both the government and his own colleagues.

Mr Abbott said Senator Joyce had done a first-class job and had “really helped to popularise the notion of debt and deficit. I think that the Labor Party has given him an undeserved attack.”

Describing Senator Joyce’s new role as “equally important”, Mr Abbott said the position would be “a better fit for Barnaby as we hone our political attack going into the next election”.

The new role will allow Senator Joyce to reprise his attack on the government’s emissions trading scheme, particularly in regional areas.

Mr Abbott also flagged a possible return to the front bench for former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull, but not until after the next election, citing the fact the government’s emissions trading legislation was still before the Senate and that Mr Turnbull was committed to supporting it. Senator Minchin’s position as opposition Senate leader will be filled by the current deputy, Tasmanian Eric Abetz. Queensland senator and moderate George Brandis was last night understood to have the support of Mr Abbott and Senator Abetz to become deputy.

Mr Robb, a Howard government minister, had been on the front bench without portfolio after withdrawing late last year to seek treatment for depression.

Mr Robb last night said he welcomed “the opportunity to resume portfolio responsibilities”. He said his new role would complement his responsibilities as chairman of the Coalition policy development committee.

Mr Abbott’s move yesterday came after speculation about Senator Joyce’s position was fanned by government and Coalition MPs urging a change to the finance portfolio. Queensland Liberal senator Ian Macdonald, speaking on the ABC’s Radio National, said attacks on Senator Joyce were diverting attention from the Coalition’s economic credentials.

I think that the adage that we should consider here when we listen to the inevitable gloating from Brother Number One’s minions is “be careful what you wish for” because there are times when you get it and the result is not what you expected. Personally I hope that this line up change makes for a stronger and more cohesive opposition and improves the chances that Brother Number One will be looking for new digs soon …

Cheers Comrades

Amusingly  after writing this post  I checked out what Dennis Shanahan has to say on this and I was pleasantly surprised that he takes a similar line to my own.   🙂


One thing that I have noticed within business and bureaucratic environments is the general aversion to making decisions even about the most innocuous things which must surely be the foundation for the constant reference to focus groups by the government of Brother Number One.

With the average cost of conducting a focus group estimated at $4,000, the opposition calculates that 3,750 have been conducted by market researchers at taxpayers’ expense this financial year, Fairfax newspapers say.

Deputy leader of the opposition in the Senate, Eric Abetz, told Fairfax it was ludicrous that Labor was splashing such large amounts of taxpayer money on political focus groups and consultancies.

“What possible justification is there for spending $20,000 to see what people think of (the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts’) new logos, or $50,000 to get their views on a booklet that’s already been printed?”

It may not be much in the bigger scheme, but when the government insists on such things for the trivialities why should we expect that they will be any better at decision making on a bigger scale?

Its a worry Comrades

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