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Mohamad Elomar needs anger management or a one way ticket to Mecca


Found this missive in my in-box this morning from a rather het up  Mohamad  Elomar, frankly I think it is a very good reason to continue to critique a faith that sprouts this sort of belligerent triumphal-ism. The email of course begs the question of how tolerant do we have to be of the intolerant in a multi-faith and multicultural society?

Cheers Comrades


Due to threats from Iain Hall, the editor ’99’ will be temporarily on a break from this blog

What a load of nonsense this post is! I have only ever written one email to this blog politely asking why my comments have been disallowed. The claim that I have accessed any other email address is just a flat out lie.
My what a lot of weaklings you lot must be if you run screaming from one single email sent to the blogs official and public address. So I challenge the blog owners here to put up the proof of your ludicrous claims or withdraw them.
Cheers Comrades

Turn Left 2013

Apparently being blocked from a blog is not enough for some people.

They manage to access a private email account only family and work colleagues have.

So for a little while, a new editor will be stepping in to manage the comments.

Thank you Jo Nakashima, and there is a trash and block as spam button, ineffective as they are, use them.

– 99 for Turn Left

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