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Some very good sense here

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Christopher Pyne grades Gillard’s “Education revolution” at D-minus

If you are the parent of a school age child you may appreciate the  interesting opinion piece in the Fairfax press this morning written By Christopher Pyne.  His piece makes a most valid point that just throwing money and grand promises at the education system is no guarantee that we will get a good outcome as a result.

Education Minister Julia Gillard’s delivery of the so-called “revolution” is bureaucratic, centralised, and scores, overall, a clear D-minus on her report card.

Let’s take the promised computers, for example. The original election promise was $1 billion to give a computer to every student but they “forgot” to include necessary related costs such as software, network support and staff training.

To appease the states, Julia Gillard had to put more money on the table to cover these costs and the program blew out to $2.2 billion.

So was this enough money to speed things along? Apparently not, because as of October we know that only 150,000 of the 1 million computers had actually landed on the desks at schools.

At this rate, it would take seven years to deliver on their promise – with the computers becoming obsolete as most need replacing every four years.

What’s worse is that parents are now being asked to pay for computers in some states to speed the process along. In some South Australian schools, parents are being asked to pay up to $1350 over four years to take the taxpayer-funded computers home.

Not exactly a great report card for big red now is it?

Like a lot of revolutions this one is a failure.

Hmm what do you expect though?

Cheers Comrades


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