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Beneath Contempt, or a sad lack in the sense of humour department

You lot just have no sense of humour at all!

It may not be a good idea on many levels but its funny to me especially in the rancour being exhibited here. It won’t change a single mind when it comes down to it, those who believe on AGW will just be outraged at being reminded that theirs is a faith based argument and those who doubt the AGW hypothesis will be unmoved because they think that the Warministas are all bonkers anyway. I suspect that Tanimo is outraged because this sort of thing is not amenable to obtuse statistical arguments and obfuscation.
Any way I will watch with joyous amusement as all here rage against the storm ………………
Cheers Comrades

Open Mind


The so-called “Heartland Institute” has not only decided to end their offensive billboard campaign, they now claim that it was just an “experiment” all along.

This provocative billboard was always intended to be an experiment. And after just 24 hours the results are in: It got people’s attention

Then they indulge in blaming the victim of their smear tactic.

In my opinion, their claim that it was always intended to be an experiment is a lie. In my opinion, their claims that global warming activists have sunk as low as they did, is a lie. In my opinion, they showed their true colors, which were so despicable even their own allies couldn’t stomach it.

In my opinion, the so-called “Heartland Institute” would have to elevate themselves by about a million light-years before they could even rise to the level of “beneath…

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