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No one gives a Gonski about anything Gillard says

When you are impotent its rather difficult to convince your paramours that you can give them a scorching seeing to if they don’t do as you wish. thus I find that Gillard’s threats to the states about their majority  disinterest in he “Gonski ” education plan rather pathetic and just a little bit sad.

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Lets be honest here, NO ONE expects that Labor will be in office in six months time let alone the next six years which means that all of the threats about future funding are ridiculous and it demeans the office of Prime minister for Gillard to keep up the pretence that Labor stands a snowflake’s chance in hell of making good on anything it promises between now and September 14. Even if we were not in an Ersatz election campaign and Labor was not facing defeat beyond that which it received in Queensland there is the not so small matter of Gillard’s form when it comes to truthfulness which the voters are reminded of every time they pay their energy bills which always invoke a memory of the foundational lie of the Gillard incumbency ” There will be no carbon tax under a government that I lead ” still echoes for me when ever Gillard says anything at all and I’m very sure I’m not the only one who can’t forget or forgive her for such dishonesty.  If there is a song that epitomises Labor’s stench to the voters it has to be this:

While the alternative is not perfect it does not need to be to be better than the disaster that is the Labor party that is disintegrating more every new day. the only bright spot for Labor true believers has to be the fact that the  loopy Greens are likewise in substantial  decline and now struggle to get into double digits.

Cheers Comrades


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