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This stupid woman who seems to have the road sense of a moth in the night time.


I tend to be pretty easy going about loonies in lycra but this vid just makes me mad at the arrogance  and sense of entitlement of this stupid woman who seems to have the road sense of a moth in the night time.


If you look at the vid just before the crash its absolutely clear that the Taxi has come to a halt its brake lights are very clearly on yet the stupid bitch has such a sense of entitlement that she does not slow down or think that maybe the taxi is stopping to drop off a passenger.  A passenger who would have no chance of seeing her before he opens the door  thanks to the architecture of the car.  It shows just how crazy the pro loonies in Lycra traffic regulations are and that no fine should be payable if a reasonable person could not possibly see an approaching  cyclist and therefore avoid opening a door into their path.

I rode motorcycles for many years and the number one rule is always to ride defensively and the same mindset must surely be applicable if you are riding a bicycle. Clearly this stupid arrogant and excessively entitled woman was not riding defensively, Karma caught up with her, but sadly thanks to lobbying from the noisy cycling subculture they have the weight of the law making them even more arrogant and stupid.

Not amused Comrades


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