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There are times when the death penalty is unquestionably justified, the execution of Mohammad Ajmal Kasab


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Despite the fact that hanging is to quick and painless for this class of scum-bag  the short lead time between his trial and execution suggests that a capital case need not be as drawn out and expensive as trails tend to be in the United states when a truly evil man is quickly dispatched.
Cheers Comrades

Scumbags, your wait is over

WASHINGTON: A national drive to halt the death penalty in the US has been defeated in the Supreme Court, with the justices ruling that lethal injections, if properly administered, are a “humane” means of executing a condemned prisoner.

By a surprising 7-2 margin, the court rejected a constitutional attack on the main method of carrying out the death penalty across the US. Its ruling cleared the way for executions to resume after a seven-month delay.

Since October, officials and judges in several states have put executions on hold while awaiting the outcome of the case decided on Wednesday. It involved two Kentucky death row inmates who argued the lethal injection method violated the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

The court’s opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed there was strong support for the death penalty among the judges.

“We begin with the principle … that capital punishment is constitutional. It necessarily follows that there must be a means of carrying it out,” Chief Justice Roberts wrote. “Some risk of pain is inherent in any method of execution – no matter how humane – if only from the prospect of error in following the required procedure.”


When it comes time to send these condemned scumbags to their just deserts there has probably never been a more humane method of execution than lethal injection. It works just like the practice in millions of veterinary practices around the world . The lawyers who brought this case can certainly be respected for their inventive line of argument but the fact that the judge’s vote was 7-2 makes this a resounding vote for the death penalty.

We can argue for ever about the morality of the death penalty but I support it on the whole because there are some crimes that are so horrendous that no other sanction is adequate and because it is far more humane than putting someone in a small box for the rest of their lives.

Cheers Comrades


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