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The naked snowman

As I’ve said before, I love living in north-east Victoria, even though it’s pretty quiet up here at the moment and the ski fields are doing it real tough despite the excellent conditions they’ve had. It looks like skiing is a stuffed industry but, as far as I’m concerned, tell someone who cares. We do well enough down here in Bright over the other 9 months of the year so the greedy corporates up there at the over-developed mountain resorts are getting exactly what they deserve in my opinion – i.e. bankruptcy.

Anyway, I guess the near deserted state of the ski resorts might explain this guy’s Darwin Club attempt last night at nearby Falls Creek.

Well, that and some, err, substances perhaps:

‘Naked’ man found in snow unconscious

MYSTERY surrounds the discovery of a reportedly naked man, suffering from hypothermia at Falls Creek.

Men heard the man groaning in the snow below a chalet about 4am and he was taken to the Falls Creek Medical Centre where he was attended by Dr Dominic Blanks.

Some reports stated he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but the doctor said that did not appear the case.

“I don’t even think he was wearing that, I think he was naked in the snow,” Dr Blanks said.

The man was believed to be semi-conscious when he was found and had lost consciousness when he arrived at the clinic.

“Initially he had a temperature of 24.5, normal would start about 36 and anything below 30 is quite severe hypothermia,” Dr Blanks said.

Police are investigating how the man came to spend the night in the freezing temperatures.

Look, I hope he recovers, but I think he should be named & shamed.

Better still let’s see a photo of him. Or a video … preferably clothed!

In the meantime, this video that I found on YouTube will have to do. It’s not him (or maybe it was) but he’s obviously not the first to try this little party trick.

What an idiot:



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