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Damian Lataan gets upset

I am by no stretch of the imagination perfect, well anyone who has the slightest bit of modesty would say the same thing about themselves, but there is one thing that I take great pride in and that is my willingness to entertain a wide ranging spectrum of opinion at my blog. I have been more than willing to allow comments from just about anyone as long as they are prepared to behave with some civility to other posters and to me . The recipe that I  go to is simple, opposing views plus good manners equals lively debate.

Yesterday this blog was graced with a visits from the Aussie Bloggosphere’s more lively nut jobs,  Damian Lataan. This is a chap who seems to believe every mad conspiracy theory going, from the “911 truther”stuff, the “protocols of the elders of Zion” no conspiracy  is too mad  for this Damian , especially if it says that the Jews , Israel and the United States are involved in some evil plan to control the world.

Which is why I was rather surprised to see this comment posted to a rather flippant AGW themed piece I wrote the other day:

Hall, are you implying that imperfectly filling a D-cup does qualify one to make comment on the enviroment(sic)? And would filling both cups instead of merely one enhance the chances of you allowing her to comment?

Taking the notion to its logical conclusion, what qualifies you to comment on the environment? Sexist arrogance alone surely isn’t going to be convincing.

Damian Lataan

I have crossed swords with this nut job before but that was on his home turf and he was quite happy to just delete my comments when he had no answers to them. Undeterred I did the right thing and asked him to behave he was immune to any good sense as usual.

Better get ruthless then sunshine. I’m quite happy to prod and poke the right-wing with their lies and distortions to the point where I slow them up with the need to moderate.

Damian Lataan

I tried to explain to him that he was on my turf now and that when it comes to comments here that they appear only if I want them too, sadly the poor fool thought that he was able to do as he pleases here.

As you well know Hall there are many ways around the filter.

Damian Lataan

Hall, I’ll address you here and refer to you elsewhere as I see fit. How you address me is of no interest to me.

Your few regular bloggies no doubt will get a free ride straight into your blog. My intention is purely to make life difficult for the right-wing. I come by, say my piece, let readers judge for themselves whether or not what I say has merit and leave it at that. I have no interest whatsoever in actually arguing with the right-wing pseudo-intellectual nutjobs that roost here. If you want to block it; that’s your business. I’m quite happy to expose your right-wing pedantic and somewhat arrogant stupidity elsewhere. Not a problem.

Damian Lataan

Now at this point I could have just decided to ban the arsewipe but I was feeling a bit mischievous so I decided to mess around with his comments a little because by this time they were all rather nasty insults and I wanted to make the point that he was very wrong indeed about my control of my own blog.

What followed was a flood of comments to most of the pieces on my front page and Lataan being added to the banned list here.

Well this Damian would not accept defeat and look what magically appeared in my inbox:

Hi Iain‏
From: damian lataan (lataan@adam.com.au)
Sent: Fri 9/25/09 6:45 AM
To: iambeingnice@hotmail.com
G’day Birdbrain
Your deceit will become well known. Left or Right-wing, nobody likes people who resort to deceit.
Hurling insults at each other is just the rough and tumble of the blogosphere and I’m quite happy with it, but deceit is something else. It needs to be vigorously exposed to all and sundry, Left and Right.
I’m not interested in your pathetic little threats to make me look stupid; you’ve only managed to make only yourself look stupid.

Now I realise that the kind thing to do would be to ignore him but in many ways an arsewipe like Lataan is just so deliciously over the top that he is actually almost  a parody of himself. The trouble with him is that he functions totally on hate, and while he may think that he is fighting the good fight for a good cause he has aligned himself with every vile uber-left cause on the planet from Hamas, al Qeada, Saddam Hussein,   to Chavez and Castro,  if they oppose the USA or hate the Jews Damian has a shrine to them in the posts of his blog and he goes into bat for them, but worse still is the fact that he has no manners when visiting blogs like mine.

Boorish behaviour like his achieves nothing, it convinces no one of the validity of a cause, in fact it is actaully counter-productive because it provides a  good reason to dismiss the opinions of the more reasonable members of “teh left” especially when they seem to defend him ,at the cost of their own credibility.

Cheers Comrades

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