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Six years of laughter

The thing about the last six years of frankly awful government is that it has given us some great humour and I for one will miss the way that comedians like Anthony Ackroyd took the Piss out of Kevin Rudd. This vid is a pleasant revelation into the process of satire and comedy writing and no matter which side of the fence you are on it is worth a viewing.

Cheers Comrades


Our political public image

you never listen to a word that I said, you only seen me for the clothes that I wear, or did the interest go so much deeper it must have been the colour of my hair…

The image that we each choose as our avatar is our public image in the internet  and its one of the first things that I think about when interacting with people both here and elsewhere. So when someone chooses a particular avatar image I can’t help but wonder why.  I think about the conscious  reasons a particular image may have been chosen and I also think about how said image may have a deeper meaning . For instance consider what using this image may say about someone:


It could have been chosen for entirely innocuous reason like the user having a fondness for mushrooms (which I admit are delicious when sautéed in a little butter and garlic) It could be that they just liked the nice curved shape of the thing  or even just the subtlety of its colouring. However if that user turns out to be a teller of many lies it should be entirely unsurprising that a recipient of their many  falsehoods might find such an image a source of much merriment because it invoke the old  aphorism about mushrooms  “being kept in the dark and fed bullshit” and seems oh so apt for a purveyor of bovine excrement.

Now that all switched on politicians have a presence on the social media those of us who are interested in their use of the medium can’t help but notice the sort of images that they choose lets look at a few, from both the left and the right and consider just what  they may say about the people who use them:


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  And opposition members as well:

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Of course they are all trying to present themselves in the best possible light so each of them is presenting an image of themselves  with a smile and in a way that says ” I’m an OK person”.  Some like Scott Morrison go for informality and a candid  shot  which shows him involved in a charitable event.   Craig Emerson likewise goes for the candid and informal  and he is clearly alluding to our egalitarian  traditions and our belief that every pollie  is of the people. Wayne Swan on the other hand seems to be in search of gravitas with his very formal head-shot, Joe Hockey  is likewise trying to suggest  that he is both  competent and business like Julie Bishop gives us a rather conventional formal portrait shot that exudes both warmth and professionalism to be frank I would describe the picture  of Tony Abbott the same way. Which brings us to our current PM Julia Gillard. Readers will note that hers is the only picture here  that includes  another person, in the form of a little girl. Now knowing as we do that Gillard is both  unmarried and deliberately childless I find this image  choice rather contrived and I can’t help thinking that this is a deliberate attempt to suggest that her own lack of progeny does not make her unsympathetic to  the issues of parenthood.  Its not an unreasonable thing to suggest when it comes down to it but I can’t help feeling though that its laying the message on rather thick to use such an image  as a twitter avatar.

Oh and finally a small disclaimer  to explain that a few days ago I tweeted to our beloved leader asking about her choice of avatar image and sadly she, and her minders, have not answered my question.

Cheers Comrades

My ownavatar is a self portrait painted a few years ago

My own avatar is a self portrait painted a few years ago

Dancing In The Dark

Singing, dancing politicians are an embarrassment, no matter which side of the political spectrum you are on.

Mary Jo Fisher, a Liberal senator from SA, recently showed she was far from up to the job with her performance in Question Time of ‘Time Warp’ from the Rocky Horror Show. After being arrested for a number of shoplifting offences she resigned her singing and dancing gig in Parliament and has since sought treatment.

Scarily, Trade Minister Craig Emerson has since staged his own horror movie. Dancing and singing to a cheap backing track of the Skyhooks’ hit, ‘Horror Movie’, Craig’s horror movie was right there on our TV screens, and it was on the ‘six o’clock news’. Remember, this is the man who represents us overseas in matters of trade.

Unfortunately it was right there on overseas TV screens too. Way to go, Trade Minister.

But don’t let the music stop there, especially as our ‘world’s best treasurer’ likes to rock’n’roll. Wayne Swan, better known to most of the population as ‘the goose’, has revealed that he takes inspiration from multi-millionaire rock singer Bruce Springsteen. While genuflecting to millionaire Bruce he takes umbrage at the fact that mining bosses in Australia make similar money.

Sadly the goose doesn’t realise that our mining moguls pay a huge amount of tax, and the thousands of people they employ also pay tax.

And it is this tax that props up the government. Instead, the goose wants to kill the mining industry and redistribute the existing wealth.

Given that the goose and the government have already run up Australia’s largest ever deficit, isn’t it time to say ‘stop the music, I want to get off’?




Craig Emerson is an embarassment to us all #carbonchoices

Its far from being a good day when it comes to  the fortunes of Labor and the left  this example From Craig Emerson shows me that Labor have totally lost both their dignity and any hope of winning on this issue. If the polling is to believed Emerson is gone at the next election, well I for on think that taking up singing as an alternative to politics won’t be an option even though he will be forced to give up his day job.

  The voice he ain’t!

This is how to do it on key Craig

Cheers Comrades


Do the right thing for the environment

I quote below from a most amusing piece by Craig Emerson published today in The OZ I suggest that it should be compulsory reading for all Latte Sippers because he enunciates very clearly the problem of following the Green Religion if you want to actually do the right thing for the environment.

Recycling, we are told, is a good way to do our bit saving the environment. Anyone questioning the environmental benefits of recycling is branded a heretic. In some cities, up to 80 per cent of glass collected for recycling actually ends up in landfill because the cost of separating the different colours of glass is too high. But we feel good.

As director-general of the Queensland environment department in the early ’90s I inquired into the life-cycle benefits of container deposit legislation.

Glass bottles destined for reuse need to be many times the thickness of those that are melted down or disposed of in landfill. We discovered that by the time account was taken of the energy and water costs of collecting, transporting and washing the bottles, reuse of bottles was bad for the environment. We dared not release the results of the study for fear of being howled down as environmental vandals.

Recycling of some materials makes good environmental sense but of others it does not. Recycling proposals should be evaluated on the basis of good scientific evidence and not pursued simply because they make us feel good.

Consumer magazines such as Choice have begun to expose as greenwash the claims companies make about their products in an attempt to cash in on environmental ignorance.

A bottle of air freshener is claimed to be biodegradable, but only the cardboard packet is. Products are promoted as being CFC-free, a true but irrelevant claim since all CFCs were banned in the late ’90s. Some items are said to be made from renewable forest products, as if some species of trees are non-renewable.

Free-range chickens and organic fruit are good. But watch out for the next innovation: free-range fruit. Can you imagine the advertisement featuring dancing fruit trees all singing in harmony: “give me land, lots of land ‘neath the starry skies above, don’t fence me in.”

And remember, when you’re told a product is 90 per cent fat-free, they’re really telling you it’s 10 per cent pure fat.

Despite suggestions to the contrary I do care very much about our environment, I do practical things like reuse and refurbish many of the accoutrements of our modern life, I refuse excess packaging when I visit the fine Scottish restaurant, heck I even read most of the papers online to save the trees that would be used to make the paper.( the fact that they won’t deliver here is incidental, Honest 😉 ) However lets all be real about what is actually good for the environment and what is just pretence.

Treading lightly on the planet Comrades

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