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IT’s ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I arrived home about an hour ago to the delightful news that both Oakshott and Windsor are not going to contest the next election which all but Guarantees two seats for the National Party  but as I was preparing to write  short post on that fine prospect. But then I hear that Gillard has called a caucus ballot for 7.pm tonight. For Labor true believer’s like Ray this is the final chance.

I just hope that its over before the competition that really  matters kicks off tonight, namely the Rugby League  State of origin.

Anyway over to you Comrades


Julia , its time to “toughen up princess” because no one is buying your bullshit tears

Am I the only one who thinks that Gillard’s tears  are more than a little contrived here? Heaven in a hand basket what a woeful example of an excess of emotion! I can’t help but think that her tears are not for the disabled and their carers but for herself and the rabble that she leads.

Cheers Comrades


Oblivion 2013

Its off to the movies for me today with my wife to see the new Science Fiction  epic Oblivion, yes I know its got Tom Cruise in it but it looks quite nice in the trailer:

It may be good it may be crap but I doubt that it will be lacking in action and cute visuals which will look good on the big screen.

Cheers Comrades

Flower Gif wallpaper 240x320

A quick  review as an update

I had limited expectations of this movie and in some aspects there were the usual tropes of the genre but there was also a rather grown up plot and a nice lack of space opera silliness.  The CGI was delightfully seamless and convincing which made the world believable and the plot twists while easily predictable to this old cynic were not overplayed  or inconsistent with the vision of the film.

Over all it scores an eight out of ten  on the old  Iain-O-metre, quite worth watching and worth the price of admission to the Cinema .

Cheers again Comrades



The Crean on sour milk

Another day and another example of disillusionment for the Labor faithful now they are touting Simon Crean as a third way candidate rather than either Gillard or Rudd:

click for source

click for source

Naturally this begs the question, will the Crean rise to the top if the milk is all sour?

Cheers Comrades



“Earth Hour” and the virtues of eating cake


Ah that environmental equivalent to the hate week that Orwell spoke of in 1984 is almost upon us and like hate week  its all about manipulating the feelings of the proles so that the dominate religious  ideology can be both strengthened and reinforced.  Thus when we are exhorted to turn off our lights for earth hour those of us who do not plunge our homes and business into darkness can paint targets on our foreheads for the faithful to aim at with their condescending scorn.However like a lot of religious mumbo jumbo the underlying assumption about the effectiveness of this act of environmental contrition will be grossly overstated as will the culpability of humanity for the claimed changes in the climate. With that all in mind  I found Bjorn  Lomborg‘s argument in today’s Oz most compelling:

click or source

click or source

You don’t have to succumb to the group think about the “virtue” of turning off your lights or worse yet joining in to the immoral stupidity of getting your snout into the Photovoltaic subsidy trough that drives energy costs up for everyone else. There are better ways than these empty gestures to tread lightly on the planet, holiday in this country rather than taking that jet fueled jaunt around the planet, use your appliances and cars until they are worn out instead of replacing them when the warranty runs out. Forgo the pleasures of the fashion industry by only buying new clothes when your old ones are worn out, heck you could even seek a better balance between the need to be clean and the frequency and duration of your showering. All of theses things are going to make more difference to the planet than turning your lights off for one hour, especially if you have, like yours truly, already  been using the most efficient LED lights (that use 85% less energy than an incandescent bulb )for quite some time …

Never been a big fan of cake Comrades


Kevin oh Heaven!

A lovely bit of satire from Anthony Ackroyd

Cheers Comrades


Kevin likes to dance..

Rain on the mountain


A week ago I was worried about the possibility of  bushfire and now everything is soaked here after a couple of days of steady rain, but hey, I like the rain it makes things grow and growth is good , right?

If there is one thing that you can say about this country it is the place never lacks surprises when it comes to the weather of course there is a downside to the rain and the subsequent growth it brings and that is the need to mow which is the curse visited  upon all home owners . I used to love mowing but nowadays its just something that has to be done. Now if only I get lucky and get a good day weather wise to coincide  with one of my all too infrequent good days back wise all will be sweetness, light and garden bliss.

Cheers Comrades


The privilege of being an Australian

With Australia day coming up and the usual suspects from the left suggesting that we should take up sackcloth and ashes rather than to celebrate the country and its achievements I was rather struck by this little rave from “John the other”.

Although we are not a perfect society we do come pretty close in my humble opinion and personally I think that we are all privileged to be living here and that those who want to divide and deride by the citation of “privilege” are nothing but miserable fools who are welcome to get on the next plane outta here.
Cheers Comrades


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