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Happy days are here again…

In the wake of the election, Labor and the Greens have sharpened objections to the repeal of the carbon tax, despite the risk it would trigger a double-dissolution election to resolve the impasse. Labor deputy leader Anthony Albanese and fellow future leadership contender Bill Shorten toughened their stand against a repeal of the scheme; Greens leader Christine Milne also rejected the change, making it clear the Coalition could not get its way in the Senate. click for source

In the wake of the election, Labor and the Greens have sharpened objections to the repeal of the carbon tax, despite the risk it would trigger a double-dissolution election to resolve the impasse.
Labor deputy leader Anthony Albanese and fellow future leadership contender Bill Shorten toughened their stand against a repeal of the scheme; Greens leader Christine Milne also rejected the change, making it clear the Coalition could not get its way in the Senate.
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My businessman brother was chiding me this morning for not posting about the stunning victory of the Tony Abbott led LNP  this morning but I have been just stepping back and enjoying the way that others have been reacting to the game changing result. From Ray focusing on the real possibility that Sophie Mirrabella may lose her seat of Indi to the despair of the far left zombies  like the Taylors at a certain dishevelled electronic Cafe and the pretentious and wilfully  obscure pseudo intellectualism of Lavatus Prodeo its all been a bit of a hoot to be honest.  I am also very well aware that with the change of government to one that I broadly endorse a political blog like this one faces new challenges. Many readers may  now be expecting me to defend the government and the way that it prosecutes its policies. I certainly will defend the policies that I believe in but you won’t find me defending anything that I disagree with just because its something done by “my team” I don’t roll that way.  To be entirely Francis I think that we are in for a rather politically boring couple of years and as such there will be far less political stories for me to write about.

As some readers may have noticed I do have interests other than Australian  politics so I expect to write a bit more about those topics when the mood takes me I am also hoping that I can make some good progress on my Morris Eight project (depending on my heath issues 😦 )  popular culture topics will feature a bit more and I want to look at some more domestic life issues too. That said I think that you never know just how the issues will present themselves but if you want to keep up with the Sandpit then please subscribe to the blog for email updates.
Anyway I offer this vid for your viewing pleasure:


That all said I am not the only one who writes for this blog and I very much look forward to the other authors here contributing to the debate about the future of our country even when I disagree with their arguments. You see political discussion is not so much about the destination, which is always a moving feast, as much as it is about the journey and the conversations that we have along the way.

Cheers Comrades


For the benifit of the despairing left



The bright side of Kevin

When even the normally very  Labor friendly Fairfax press runs a piece on their front page suggesting that a substantial loss for the ALP might not be such a bad thing for the party you have to accept that things are very crook indeed on planet  ALP:

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There is some value here for the ALP being comprehensively defeated because if the party were in fact a shrubbery it would be one that is need of some serious pruning to remove a great deal of the old and twisted wood and to make it into something that can be admired by those of us in the middle rather than just the creatures of the ideological left, most importantly the ALP needs to learn how to manage the business of government with competence and sound administration. and until they either learn how to do this or recruit those who can already do this they will never again be a credible government that can be trusted.

Cheers Comrades

The left dancing on air

how the other side see things, sadly its utterly delusional.

how the other side see things, sadly its utterly delusional. click for source

This blog has no trouble or problem with contrary viewpoints, in fact as site owner I just love hosting posts like Ray’s effort yesterday even though I absolutely disagree with the premise and execution of Ray’s argument. That is because unlike the sad and deluded Mr Taylor I both understand and respect political diversity. As one of the “right-wingers” he alludes to in his piece I have to totally disagree with his claims about a lack of logic or rhetorical rigour. I was banned from his blog because I had a habit of forensically dissecting the arguments of the regulars there and thus making their arguments look very silly indeed. You see Taylor is a perfect example of just why the left is losing the argument in this election. Put simply they don’t understand that they do not have a monopoly on virtue and that it takes generosity to have civil debate about issues of politics. I foresee a very dreary time in the next couple of weeks on the blogs of the left Heck we may even see a few of their stalwarts on suicide watch because its hard being on the losing side when you have been fighting the good fight in the lead up to the election (as I well recall from 2007 and 2010) Ah well it must be time to remind them that tomorrow is another day  when they will have to face the defeat of a bad Labor government, So while they consider the pills and booze we more sensible “right-wingers” can enjoy the air-dance being performed by the left.

Cheers Comrades

Plants vs Zombie Rudd

When I having something of a “senior”  moment I have been known to  say that “I’m on drugs”  in reference to my pain meds. Well watch this and I invite you dear reader to consider just what kind of drugs  the New Again Dear Leader  is on in this video:

Besides the unbelievable LITURGY  suggesting that  victory is possible for the ALP  what I found so irksome was the New  Again Dear Leader telling this bunch of children that the “ALP build things and the Coalition Knock them down “ which is bollocks  because the truth is that the ALP plan to build things and then fail more often than they succeed in making anything worth while. .


Any way the reason I’m posting this is because the   New Again Dear Leader  distinctly says that he is “is not gong to draw breath” for the next three weeks until the  election. Now the last time I checked a human being can survive for a couple of minutes with out breathing and after about five minutes you have irrevocable brain damage so imagine the state of the New Again Dear Leader ‘s brain by the time that the polls open on September 7… this must mean that we already have a Zombie PM in the lodge

Cheers Comrades



Three smoke trails from Kevin 747

A week is a long time in politics and no one can be unaware that over the last few days the new again Dear Leader has had some rather mixed blessings , in the first instance he has made that rather audacious agreement with PNG that has been largely lauded as being something that might work. However we have also had the riot and extensive damage of the facility on Nauru which has caused about 60 million bucks worth of damage, with the sort of bad press that Labor has received for years on the “asylum seeker issue the latter does very much take the shine off the former which is starting to show a few cracks anyway as PNG now insists that it will only resettle those who are formally accepted as refugees:

PNG made it clear over the weekend that it was willing to resettle asylum-seekers who were given refugee status but would not do so for those who fail that test, keeping them in detention if no other countries agreed to accept them. The approach could breach the capacity of the Manus Island detention centre within weeks given the current rate of boat arrivals if Labor’s plan does not quickly curtail the people-smugglers’ trade.


So despite some indication that the Rudd scheme may be an effective deterrent its success is far from being a done deal. That said we should not EVER forget that it was Rudd himself who created the problem in the first place with is ill fated decision to change from the successful Howard model in 2008.  Some how I don’t think that Rudd’s culpability will be as easily forgotten as  Labor hopes.

The changes to the way that leadership of the parliamentary party is decided looks likely to be waved through the caucus as well which has to count as a win for the new again Dear Leader but I personally can’t see what has been proposed being a long term benefit to the party.  While it may well make it harder to achieve a coup while the party is in government it also means that the party will be less able to change its leader in the face of incompetence or leadership failure which means that    someone as bad as Gillard will be virtually non  removable apart from electoral defeat or being encouraged  to resign “for the good of the party”.  Like a lot of “progressive” ideas it sounds good in principle but I can’t help thinking that a rule change like this one could end up doing more harm than good .

which brings us around to the reason for all of the frenetic efforts from the new again Dear Leader, namely the desire to be in the best possible position to call the election. The latest scuttle-butt suggests August 31 barely a fortnight sooner than Gillard’s mooted  September 13 but light years away from her utterly hopeless position:


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Thus we find that Labor, instead of giving us the needed concrete changes prior to the election  offer us three illusions. Firstly that they have changed the Carbon tax when they can not get their changes through the parliament. Secondly they are set to make the leadership more difficult to change which has to mean that a bad leader can endure well past their use-by date and finally they are giving the us the illusion that they have found a s9olution to the boats with the less than rock solid deal with PNG.

As I see it the honeymoon is all but over for Rudd and that things can only get worse from here on in because already the contrast between the new again Dear leader and his predecessor are fading fast. Personal popularity of its Dear leader won’t save Labor from the consequences of its misrule over the last six years and while they may loose fewer seats than they would have under Gillard  I still can’t see them winning the election either.

Cheers Comrades


He thinks he can but we had better hope that he can’t

And there will of course be the damage to the budget, with a fall in the carbon price to $10 reducing revenues to 2016-17 by about $14bn. There must be a likelihood that loss will be partially offset by extending the scheme’s coverage, further cutting the diesel fuel rebate and slashing the number of free permits. But all of those amount to tax increases, imposing distortions of their own; and with mining and many other industries already reeling, how can those increases be justified?

Ultimately, the only certainty that emerges from this ever-moving fiasco is that the government’s climate change policy is anything but a “market mechanism”. After all, markets, to work effectively, require meaningful property rights and price signals that allow decision-makers to weigh the costs and benefits of alternative decisions. Having trashed those, the policy has degenerated into a random tax, liable to be changed at each turn of the polls and (through its dependence on the EU carbon price) captive to the follies of European politics.

No doubt, Rudd will brush all these issues aside. No doubt too, as in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, new modelling, showing massive gains, will be released; and as in Orwell’s Ministry of Plenty, the officials compiling those estimates will comfort themselves with the thought that it is “not even forgery: merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another”, as the adjustment to “the constantly changing party line” requires updating “statistics that were just as much a fantasy in their original version as in their rectified version”.

Long forgotten is “the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time”. And forgotten with it is the virtue of taking commitments seriously. Instead, all that remains is the truth Peter Garrett blurted out in 2007: “once we get in, we will just change it all.” Indeed they have, and indeed they will.


Here at the Sandpit I have been entirely consistent in cynicism about any efforts to “change the climate”  because it strikes me as being utterly stupid and impossible  on a political level even if the alarmists are correct in their claims about the science, which is dubious enough to start with. When our new again Dear Leader announced that the much reviled carbon tax will be converted a year  earlier into a trading scheme  than originally planned  I could not help being very sadly amused. Its all straight from the empty promises play book.  In essence what the new dear leader is promising is to lessen a burdensome tax that his own ideology and party has itself imposed on a long suffering nation. Worse yet he expects to be lauded and to receive electoral advantage from this empty promise.

Further our new again Dear Leader seems to think that  the utter failure of  the overseas ponzi schemes to make a bind bit of positive  difference to the climate or economic  behavior (apart from encouraging scammers )  can be safely  ignored because there is still an aura of credibility to the notion that “market mechanisms” are the best way to address “the greatest moral challenge of our generation” . None the less it seems that the short memories of the voters is what our new again Dear leader is relying upon but I don’t think those memories will remain immune to the truth once the campaign proper from the coalition begins. Then the voters will be reminded that the negative  carbon tax  effects for which our new again Dear Leader is claiming credit are all a product of the devils alliance made by his own party under  Gillard and the Greens.

At present the “floating” price of emissions is between $6 and $10 a tonne  and the way that Europe’s economy is going there is no reason to believe that this is as low as it will go. To my mind the whole thing is pointless and that an honest government (the last thing that we can call the Labor administration) would just admit that indirect  economic “tools” like ” market mechanisms”  are a crock of shit  and they never work as their proponents claim. All the while we long suffering energy consumers are paying more for or electricity due to the Carbon Tax and nothing being offered by the new again Dear Leader will make certain that this unjust impost will be removed if the scheme is converted early to a trading scheme .

The politics of  the compensation package are interesting here and you just have to admire the political smarts of the opposition in deciding to continue the largess when they abolish the tax. Our new again Dear leader is thus forced to retain the compensation himself  even if the change to an ETS  lessens the raison detre  of the payments because he can not afford to look so mean to those on low incomes or government  benefits.   What the whole thing turns on is just how much our new again Dear Leader can be believed when he makes new promises and on that I think the coalition can make big dents in his credibility by reminding the voters just how wrong his calls in the past have been as they do in their new ads:

Add to that the calm sensible and dare I say it “Grown Up” tone of this ad:

Personally I think that the opposition are going for the right balance here reminding the voters of Labor’s very poor record and presenting the positives of their policies. Our new again Dear Leader certainly has the Kardassian factor at present  however like the feelings  that silly woman love can turn to hate in the blinking of an eye so do we really want our government chosen purely on the celebrity of its leader? During the course of the last three years Labor have stuffed up so much that they have to distance themselves form just about every action and policy  that they have enunciated so I want know;  just what are its policies?   We really have no idea at all apart from Rudd assuring us that he is all for “Positive politics”:

Of course its fine  to want see a plan but what Rudd is offering is no plan , its only a plan to get a plan which amounts to Fuck all in the real world sadly to quote a friend of mine says it all:

I simply observe that whilst you can’t polish a turd, you can roll it in glitter, and that is all Rudd is doing: it’s all bullshit, but covered in fairy dust and dressed up with a story, he’s betting just enough people might buy it.


Cheers Comrades

Kevin is not a really useful engine because he spends to much time playing with troublesome trucks

Kevin is NOT a really useful engine

A Great deal of blood on the hands of Brother Number One

The thing about apologies is that they can not undo the serious consequences for which they express contrition. Now where is this more so than in the case of the fatal results of Brother Number One’s Pink Batts fiasco:

blood on his hands

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“In each case the employer should have recognised that roof spaces are inherently dangerous places to work and they should have had in place reliable systems to effectively manage that risk,” Mr Barnes said.
“Three people died because that didn’t happen with the three registered installers.”
State Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the men “lost their lives because of a chaotic, rushed and underdone” Federal Government policy, and blamed Mr Rudd.
“Kevin Rudd took ownership of the scheme under his first prime ministership, and the responsibility should lie with him,” Mr Bleijie said.
“These tragedies were preventable. In April 2009, Queensland’s Building Services Authority warned the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet about the risks but it never responded.

The coroner’s report is   incredibly damning of the federal government and its role in the design of the scheme and its something that we critics of  Brother Number One have been saying  ever since these three young men were so tragically killed. Of course we have had the usual excuses made about it being the responsibility of the States to regulate the building industry but such nonsense has no currency with the families of these three young men who will never recover form their tragic and unnecessary loss. So when you see or hear Brother Number One makeing his insincere apology don’t be swayed towards the excuses and Labor party spin. instead remember that  it was a panicked  Kevin Rudd who created the fatal scheme and it is a desperate Kevin Rudd who now just hopes that this issue will go away so that he can play his game of spin.

We, the voters, should instead remind the erstwhile Brother Number One time and time again that his decisions have cost lives in the roofs of our houses we lost fine young Australians and on the seas to our north Brother Number One has to be held responsible for the deaths of an unknown number of “asylum seekers” as well.  Strangely enough he is apologizing for that as well. Surely there has to be a point beyond which such empty apologies are an insult to both the dead and those who grieve for them and I for one think that Kevin Rudd is well past that point.

With respect for the dead Comrades.

Matthew Fuller, Rueben Barnes and Mitchell Sweeney.

Matthew Fuller, Rueben Barnes and Mitchell Sweeney.

Ghosts of events as yet unseen

-Rudd  was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. Gillard signed it. And Gillard’s name was good upon ‘Change, for anything she chose to put her hand to.

   Old Rudd was as dead as a door-nail.

   Mind! I don’t mean to say that I know, of my own knowledge, what there is particularly dead about a door-nail. I might have been inclined, myself, to regard a coffin-nail as the deadest piece of ironmongery in the trade. But the wisdom of our ancestors is in the simile; and my unhallowed hands shall not disturb it, or the Country’s done for. You will therefore permit me to repeat, emphatically, that Rudd was as dead as a door-nail.

   Gillard knew he was dead? Of course she did. How could it be otherwise? Gillard and he were partners for I don’t know how many years. Gillard was his sole executor, his sole administrator, his sole assign, his sole residuary legatee, his sole friend, and sole mourner. And even Gillard was not so dreadfully cut up by the sad event, but that he was an excellent man of business on the very day of the funeral, and solemnised it with an undoubted bargain.

Of course unlike the classic I allude to above there will be no three shades that come to change Gillard from the unelectable political pariah  to something admirable as Dickens did with the uplifting conclusion to his Christmas Carrol. Further Rudd, like Marley. caries far too bigger a chain forged by the follies of his tenure to once again walk among the politically electable. So this is as they say the final week during which Rudd can make a run to burst through the barrier between the political after life and the corporeal plane of the leadership. I think that he actually finds the political after life quite comfortable to be frank     and as there seems to be NOTHING that will turn things around for Labor maybe there is some wisdom in him doing just that. If for no other reason than to make Gillard take electoral responsibility for the savage defeat that she as so doggedly worked towards over the last three years.

There will be no richly roasted goose for the Labor party on September 14 only the supper of bitter regrets and recriminations…

We should never forget that the cooks responsible for this unpalatable meal are these two:


Cheers Comrades


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