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Bob Brown’s real reasons for quitting politics

This was posted as a comment  by GD But I reckon that its a light that should not be hidden under a bushel so here for your enjoyment is the translation of Bob Brown’s resignation missive  from Greenspeak to its true meaning:


Dear Green Fiends –
This morning I was forced to resign as Leader of the Australian Greens. I will leave the Senate in June when the Tasmanian Greens nominate a replacement Senator. This should have happened a lot sooner, like twenty years ago.

I wanted to immediately thank you for your support, enthusiasm and direct involvement in Green politics on my watch. I can never forget or adequately repay the millions of dollars I have been paid to present my destructive policies to the senate. Of course the Greens didn’t pay this, it was the poor, misguided taxpayer. I guess there are some good things about a democracy.

Our Greens Party Room now has a dearth of talent which stands out even in Canberra. There are 10 of us, but every one is true to the Greens Charter and policies, and working hard to take Australia back to the Stone Age. We are Australia’s party with blinkers.

I have been contemplating my navel, and the occasional comet, for some time. I started 10 turbulent years in the Tasmanian parliament beginning with the Franklin River blockade in 1983, and ending with the disastrous Labor-Green accord of 1989-92: witness Tasmania’s gradual decline economically as the Greens blocked the timber industry at every turn. Today the state is an economic basket-case dependent entirely on the other states for survival. Of course our ideal plan for Tasmania is to turn the whole island over to World Heritage as a national park.

Since then, there have been 12 exciting years in the Senate. We have managed to stop all dam building across the nation, thus exacerbating water shortages in times of drought and hindering water management in times of flood. Our destructive political action for the Murray-Darling Basin has forced many farmers off the land and into bankruptcy. We have solved the problems of funding a dental scheme and a disability insurance scheme: we will tax the rich more and more, even after they die. We’re pushing for the legalisation of euthanasia, as this will help a few of them die sooner.

It is now time for me to hand on leadership to the motley rabble I call my colleagues. I am, after all, 666. I want to leave the ship before it sinks, content that the Greens have managed to destroy Australia’s economy for years to come. I’m particularly proud of the carbon tax in this respect.

This morning Party Room unanimously elected Christine Milne as Leader. Christine has been my great colleague and friend for the past 25 years and she will be a frighteningly bad leader of the Australian Greens.

I am ready to enjoy the other green pursuits, such as flying around the Milky Way with my new alien friends. Yes Earthians, they did call!

The Greens are an illogical response to the post industrial age human community’s need to secure the biosphere, biodiversity, equal opportunity and long-term economic, employment and lifestyle security. Greens political philosophy will spread like a cancer, bulldozing away the rights of any individual.

The future is Red.


A beautiful morning and a contemplation of just how a fish rots when that fish is the Gillard government.

Ah, its a beautiful l morning up here in my part of the world. There is just the slightest hint of coolness in the dawn air and my coffee is hot and full of the flavour that you have dreamt about in those moments between sleeping and waking. Now as I sit here I just can’t help but be unsurprised that the Labor government is staying in power because Craig Thompson is doing a merry  dance with lawyers and judges and other minions of the legal process.

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Its kinda apt that a very bad Government is ably to stay in power only because someone who was allegedly a rather bad secretary for his union who allegedly misused a motza of his unions funds for his own gratification.This is especially so when you consider the sort of misuse of government funds that is about to happen via the so called “clean energy fund” to be administered by the looniest of the loony Christine Milne and he fellow Green religious zealots. Ok, I’m just doing a bit of free association thinking here but I can’t help thinking that in this celebration of the crucifixion of Jesus that the one thing that we can be certain of is that there will be no cure for the canker of Craig Thompson and resurrection for Labor from the pustular death that his membership of the caucus is bringing ever closer.

Craig Thompson discussing his political future on the bus to Parliament house.

Of course the raw numbers in the house is the only reason that Thompson is even still a member of the Gillard governemnt and that he has not done the honourable thing and resigned his seat…

Maybe Ray’s claim that “a fish rots from the head down” is not that true when it comes to this current government because if you think about it having a rotten cloaca like Craig Thompson is certainly not doing anything but rotting the fish from the arse hole up.

Cheers Comrades


The answer is not blowing in the wind (turbines)

The loopy Greens just love wind energy and in theory it sounds great if you have a good site but like so many schemes to save the planet there are always those pesky “unintended consequences) like maintenance issues and well tendency of these machines to chop up all kinds of birds both common and endangered,

Broken promises: The rusting wind turbinesof Hawaii 

Paul GIPE, a former California wind company executive, calls what happened next a ‘tax credit frenzy’.

‘The lure of quick riches resulted in shoddy products that littered California with poorly operating — sometimes non-operating — turbines.’

They were expensive and badly designed. Some were far too small to make a difference, others were just clunky machines designed by the aero industry with blades the length of a rugby pitch.

But thanks to the subsidies, it hardly mattered that some of the untested turbines were so sub-standard they barely even worked. 

Not to put too fine a point on it, for some wind energy investors it was simply a tax scam. 

But as tends to happen with a business that is driven by financial incentives, it lasted only as long as the subsidies. In 1986, the price of oil tumbled and the subsidies started to die out. Suddenly, the wind energy sums didn’t add up any more.

And just like the gold rush miners who had rushed to the same Californian passes a century earlier, the wind prospectors departed in such a hurry that they didn’t even bother to take down the turbines they had littered across the state.

With so many moving parts to worry about, maintaining turbines is expensive — too expensive when the electricity they could produce was suddenly worth so little.

‘So when something broke, you simply didn’t send a repairman because it just didn’t make financial sense,’ Hawaii wind sceptic Andrew Walden told me.

With some turbine makers going out of business, there were no spare parts either.

According to the California Energy Commission, the collapse in subsidies stalled the state’s huge wind energy industry for nearly two decades.

No one who has driven past one of America’s mega wind farms today can fail to be struck by how few have blades that are turning, even in strong winds.

The truth is that even fewer may be producing electricity than it appears. Many are switched to a mode in which the blades continue to turn just to keep oil moving around the mechanism, but no electricity is produced.

Unfortunately, the frenzy of windmill building during the wind rush didn’t just ruin the view, but also devastated the wildlife.

No one noticed until far too late that the 5,000-turbine wind farm at Altamont Pass is on a major migratory path for birds. The National Audubon Society, America’s RSPB, has called it ‘probably the worst  site ever chosen for a wind  energy project’.

It seems rather obvious to me that until they actaully design wind turbines that don’t fail in service and that don’t  shred the creatures of the air then that “dirty” coal fired power station is looking like a far more benign option for the environment than wind power… now can someone please explain that to Bob Brown and Christine Milne?

Cheers Comrades

The Greenies and their schemies

I am a big fan of efficiency in engineering, and in the way that our energy utilities work as well which is one reason that I abhor the whole concept of a Carbon Tax. The notion that it is a good idea to make a proven energy technology artificially more expensive, so that an unreliable and unproven technology can be artificially more competitive/attractive to consumers just strikes me as being economic madness and nothing more than making the ground fertile for the spivs and shysters who are utterly gleeful at the prospects of the green religion and the schemes to “save the planet”. But what do you expect when the Profits of the Green religion are using the selling of papal indulgences as their business model?   Anthony Watts points out the essentially evil sort of scheme that now exists in his home state of California (cited just recently  as a Green beacon by “JM”) . Just look at the way that this particular scheme is designed to gouge money from both the Tax payers and the electricity consumers:


I’m no accountant but the whole scheme would create serious lustful trouser staining for some members of that profession. Talk about evil scams by the uber-rich to sting the common people this one is just so evil that it beggars belief, and worse still its being done in the name of saving the planet.

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What worries me is that under the Gillard “clean energy future” we have the perfect ground for similar scams to be perpetrated upon the Australian public do I hear anyone saying “it can’t happen here?” well I will utter just one name and if you think about you will agree that we should be afraid, very afraid… Christine Milne … This Zealot is going to be in control of the 10 billion dollar “Green energy fund” and there are none so susceptible to the spivs and schemers than an ideologically driven zealot with their hands upon taxpayer’s money…
Its a worry Comrades, a big worry

Christine Milne; away with the fairies

The Greens’ Climate change panic and Santa Claus

I have spent a life time arguing the toss with the faithful, on the main they have been followers of some form of Christianity and to be honest it is a great intellectual sport. Its when they have millenarian beliefs that things become interesting as I watch them turn them selves inside out in an effort to see the signal that that the dogma they believe and the apocalypse that they expect are actually going to happen and happen soon. I must confess that I find the believers in Global Warming are just the same as those who follow the old time religion;  desperate to have their faith and its prophecies validated by events and the portents that they so desperately believe will be fulfilled.Just look at this wonderful example of a Hanrahanesque “we will all be rooned ” reporting in the Age:

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Read the whole piece for a great piece of AGW true believer tub thumping and urging us all to repent the sins of modernity and and industrial society.the thing is no matter how frantic the urging of the true believers is and no matter how strident the faithful become the thing that they are urging upon the world, namely the end of burning coal, is just not going to happen any-time soon. There is just no interest in the third world economies in sacrificing their economic growth in the name of Gaia and I can’t see any reason to expect that attitude to change in my lifetime at least.
The really sad thing is that The Australian Greens really believe their own propaganda which is why they are pushing the nonsense that this country could meet all of its energy needs form renewables within a decade, something that their junior partners in government  the ALP are beginning to get concerned about as this spray form the energy minister Martin Ferguson points out:

click for source (pay-walled citation)

Ferguson is of course right that the Greens have a very contradictory position on the future of energy in this country (and the world) they are the true naysayers of Australian politics. They want to “protect” the environment  but at the same time they keep insisting on sources of energy, like dams for hydro schemes, that must impact upon natural world. They say they care about the wildlife yet they love the bird slicing wind turbines, unless its in their own back yards then they would scream blue murder. What I would like to know is just how many PV panels would we need to make the Greens energy vision work? How many wind turbines would have to  blight our landscape and just where the baseload is going to come from in their “clean energy future”?  If they can’t answer then perhaps its time to get out from under the wild eyed zealots like Christine Milne and come back to earth where we have to live with the political reality that no one is going to jump through the millenarian hoops that they and their ilk are waving around with such enthusiasm because even if their dire predictions are right (not that I think that they are BTW) then our task would be to live with the changes in the climate because we certainly won’t be able to stop it.

So as the loopy Greens celebrate the passage of the Carbon tax bills we are hearing about the collapse of the governments in Greece and Italy and now more than ever before we see a global economy that is seriously faltering yet the zealots of the green faith expect us to believe  that a global response to climate change is politically possible? Well I for one think that their solution is predicated upon the notion that the world economy is going to be consistently stable enough to enable the international trade of that most ephemeral creature the “carbon credit”. Yep that is a really believable expectation, but then so too is the one about Santa Claus …

Cheers Comrades

Christine Milne declares Australia must stop investing in fossil fuel energy sources

Warministas Like JM are aware enough of the reality of  their advocacy so they tend to be  reluctant to be totally honest with their interlocutors  when it comes to how quickly they really want to see an end to the burning of coal to generate electricity. They will talk in euphemisms like wanting to “phase out Coal” or “transition” but when pressed for a time frame for this they try to ignore the hard questions  or to change the emphasis of the debate. Well I expect that He  will be rather hard pressed to make excuses for the real away with the fairies senator of the Greens team, Yep that loonies Loony Christine Milne:

Christine Milne is away with the Green fairies

Greens’ call for coalmines ban pits them against PM

 THE Greens have demanded a ban on the development of any new coalmines and coal-seam gas facilities, hardening their rhetoric on climate change and highlighting the depth of their differences with Julia Gillard.

Greens deputy leader Christine Milne yesterday seized on a report by the government’s Climate Commission, which called for swift action to reduce carbon emissions, to declare Australia must stop investing in fossil fuel energy sources.

The comments came as the report of the government-appointed commission sparked torrid debate in parliament, with the government demanding opposition acceptance of the need for action as it pressed its case for its planned carbon tax.

As a party outsider I am well pleased that Christine Milne has come out and stated what we all know about the reality of the Warminista liturgy, they believe that they only way to entirely placate the wrath of Gaia is to entirely  close down the mining and burning of coal and oil as soon as is possible.

The way I see it there is just no practical way that the world’s current energy requirements can be realistically  replaced by renewables, there are likely to be unforeseen consequences if we try, for instance when I had some solar panels to augment or power supply at our previous residence I noticed that as well as generating voltage that the panels themselves got rather warm absorbing heat, Now its easy to imagine that PV panels on every roof may have an effect on the climate. Likewise there are beginning to be few concerns about the ecological effects of those wind turbines especially for the future of birds who seem to be most vulnerable to the fast moving rotors of death. I have seen this for myself when a neighbour’s small scale wind turbine sliced off the wing of a kestrel, the bird was subsequently  put out of its misery but imagine the creatures of the air being totally decimated if we had the numbers of of wind turbines that loonies like Christine Milne would require?

The other issue about wind turbines that has not been thought out is the effect of the air turbulence that they create in their wake. Now I don’t know if this will be a good or bad consequence but knowing that the effect is there should inspire some reticence from those who want us to have a coal free future. Turbulence form one turbine can probably be ignored but what if you have 1000? Or 10,000? Or even 100,000? The effect could make a big difference to localised climate, In fact I can imagine that this could be more significant to the planet than the minuscule effect of  human released CO2…

Anyway I ask again JM, what sort of time-frame do you envisage for the closing down of coal mining?

Further how do you propose that both the revenue and economic befits be replaced?

Cheers Comrades


A tax trifecta on the go juice for your wheels

The Greens know that they have Joolia by the short and curlies and now with the announcement of a Carbon tax it is so bloody evident that no one should doubt it:

THE Greens have pushed petrol to the front line in the war over a carbon tax, insisting prices should rise at the bowser as part of the plan to combat pollution.

As alarm grew within Labor ranks about the backlash against Julia Gillard for breaking her election promise not to introduce a carbon tax, Greens deputy leader Christine Milne turned petrol into a flashpoint for Labor by insisting the transport sector should be included in any carbon pricing regime.

Including transport in the carbon tax regime, which is due to start on July 1 next year, is expected to raise petrol prices at a time when rising oil prices — sparked by the instability in the Middle East — are already driving prices higher and adding to cost of living concerns.

Tony Abbott said the carbon tax meant people would pay $300 more a year on their electricity bills and 6.5c a litre extra for petrol, which would add about $3 to the cost of a tank of petrol.

That would make a tax trifecta on the go juice for your wheels. There is already the excise on petrol The GST on the sale and now they are proposing a carbon tax on top of that! Oh and don’t forget that the GST will rise as well once the carbon tax is imposed (just to add insult to Injury) because GST is imposed on the sale price.

But this even more revealing about just what part of the government dog is doing the wagging :

Senator Christine Milne – Climate price agreement 24 Feb 2011

Senator Milne said the climate change committee behind the carbon plan had been the Greens idea and the party had ownership of the scheme “because it’s the one we put on the table ourselves”.

She said while negotiations on the details of the carbon price package had yet to begin, the point of putting a price signal on carbon into the economy was to “drive changes in behaviour”.

“That is why we think transport should be in, and we think the price signal in transport should start to drive that transformation,” she said, adding that funds from the carbon tax could be used to improve public transport in Sydney and Melbourne, the fast train proposed for the eastern states and electric cars.

The thought of having this Climate change zealot anywhere near the levers of power is a truly horrifying prospect and we should all be worried that Gillard lacks the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this OTT zealotry. Ah but that is the result of Joolia wanting power at any price and her hope that she will still have the glory of government

Viva la revolution Comrades!




Christine Milne, away with the fairies

I saw the ABC’s latest Gab-fest the other night and Christine Milne came across as just as much away with the fairies as Bob Brown comes across as a sanctimonious old wowser.

Christine Milne; away with the fairies

Christine Milne, away with the fairies

Why not use the money set aside for cash compensation to roll out energy-saving measures? Why not insulate every home, install solar water heating and reduce energy bills by more than emissions trading will raise them? That would be providing permanent compensation, while improving the effectiveness of the program instead of undermining it. As they say, “Give someone a fish, you feed them for a day; teach them to fish and you feed them for life.”

Why not drop this shameful bullshit emissions trading scheme in the first place?

That would be far more sensible because it will not under any circumstances make one scrap of difference. But on Christine ‘s particulars

  • insulate every home sounds fine in principle but the facts of the mater are that for most of the year in most parts of the country our climate is rather mild and insulation while desirable is probably already in the majority of houses that really  need it.
  • Not every house is suitable for solar hot water and in winter electricity is still needed to boost them.

You can get the same win-win outcomes by investing in a huge expansion of mass transit across metropolitan and regional areas instead of cutting fuel excise. Instead of locking people into a future with ever-increasing oil prices, we would help them get out of their cars.

What is it with these troglodyte Greens and mass transit?

Their brains are forever locked into planet Latte. The reality is that we don’t all work in offices or factories where we all start and finish work at the same times, nor are all of our workplaces centrally located so that we can all make the journey on the bus/tram/train/ bike. I bet Milne does not try to struggle home from the shops with 15 grocery bags on the bloody bus. Nor does she care about the couple of hours each day wasted commuting from our homes to workplaces. If she was serious about saving the energy expended by commuting in person she would be advocating making working form home an option for more people especially those who spend their days at a desk in front of a screen.

Instead of propping up a coal sector our planet cannot sustain, why not retrain the workforce for the new green-collar jobs we desperately need, helping the roll-out of insulation, solar, wind and geothermal energy, buses and trains? We need to support workers but the corporations who have profited from polluting deserve no more compensation than the asbestos and tobacco industries.

I just detest this kind naive thinking because it gives the impression that miners that she would see unemployed, in say, central Queensland will automatically be miraculously re-employed fitting  pink batts and solar hot water systems in Melbourne or Hobart or to drive the buses and trains that she has wet dreams about.

Note too the attempt to make comparisons between Tobacco, asbestos and coal, typical warminist tactic that one. 🙄

This idea of in-kind compensation has been ridiculed as politically unrealistic by Canberra insiders steeped in the Howard culture of defeatism and short-term populism. But everyone I speak to around the country thinks it makes perfect sense. All it would take is some courageous leadership and it would be warmly embraced by a great majority.

This is the joy of being the member of the potty Green party you will never have to actually deliver on any of your policies so those ideas  can be as silly as you like . This compensation in kind mantra so reminds me of the soup choices in 1984 but then the Greens are such a mob of sanctimonious totalitarians that they would be right at home drinking Victory Gin and loving big brother…

Cheers Comrades 🙂

Christine Milne; away with the fairies

All Quotes from the SMH piece by Christine Milne

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