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Mt Mee and singing in the rain

The day has arrived, yep its the day upon which I usually get my annual dose of god bothering. You see each year I usually go to the local Carols on the mountain up at the Mount Mee show-grounds. But its raining here at present and they predict that this weather may well continue all day and that it may even intensify into a heavy rain this evening.

It will be a shame if it is washed out because its one of those events that brings the local community up here on the mountain together, we say our ‘hail fellow well met(s)” and share  mutual acknowledgement and the sort of trivialities that are the communal glue of any society. I will also be a shame for our children who enjoy the theatre of the event and even for unbelievers like me there will be the disappointment of not having an opportunity to explain to my son that there are some admirable aspects to the Christian template for a good society once you strip away the supernatural nonsense and undeliverable promises of an afterlife of eternal adoration and  servitude  to the deity. What is not to like about kindness to our fellows, forgiveness to those who wrong us, honesty and respect to others? Mostly though I just like Christmas with its feasting and gift giving to those who we love. I also love the conceits and theatre of the festival. For instance I just adore the patter with my son when I talk about what Santa may be bringing him this year.

“There is no Santa dad” my boy tells me every time and I always pretend to be shocked at his statement.

“Of course there is” I repeatedly insist even though I know he is not buying it.

“We all know that its you who buys the presents” he shoots back with one of those grins that melts my heart

Which of course leads into some far from subtle hints about just what those presents should be.

Mean while my lovely daughter points out that my Ebay search list has a new category that is consistent with her own hearts desire and I just smile…

Cheers Comrades


Radical honesty, or strapped for tact.

We live  our lives steeped in expectations that we should be eternally vigilant lest we upset the feelings of others and you know what I can see the social value of that in providing a sort of social lubricant  that belies the need to explain what you really feel and then to subsequently ameliorate any unintended hurt or offence that your straight shooting honesty may have caused. This when someone asks us  what we think about that new outfit or hairdo  we are more likely than to give them some sort of positive affirmation even when we sincerely think the result is, well, not an improvement or even at all atheistically pleasing. It takes an effort to do this if you are at all self-aware  and one thing that chronic pain does is make you hyper-self -aware and often  rather strapped for tact.

In the normal course of the day I don’t actually see that many people and those I do see tend to be those I genuinely care about so its rather easy to make the effort not to be brutally  honest in my interactions with them. For those who are out side this circle of compassion I seem to be generally able to at least be neutral in my responses to their clear need for affirmation.

One of the downsides of our Christian society seems to be the rather  bizarre expectation that no matter how much someone has sinned against you  you are expected to offer them compassion and concern when they are laid low by some major health crisis. No matter how much of an arse they have been it is clearly considered bad form to be radically honest with them about your indifference  to their plight or worse yet to suggest that they may have even deserved  their medical  misfortune.  Frankly I say no to this sort of dishonesty and if ever there is a time for some radical honesty its when your self styled enemies are having to perform a bit of self reflection about the way they live their lives and to contemplate their own mortality. If they have offended you I see nothing wrong whatsoever in sharing to the seductive pleasure of schadenfreude   with the object of your disdain an appreciation of Karma, that in the larger scheme of things there is a sort of divine justice.   It is after all just how I feel about the acts and behaviour of others and even myself. We all carry a chain that is forged by the things that we do in our lives and of course I acknowledge that I have my own clanking baggage, but I can’t change the past  and I refuse submit to any regret or the vain wish that the timeline be different. All that I can do is live in the now as I now think is the most honest and honourable manner to show as much kindness as I can to the deserving and as little cruelty  to those who deserve it as I can.

Cruelty is rather like chilli, a little is a fine garnish  but too much causes burning at both ends and can even be fatal in a high concentrations. If we are radically honest with ourselves then we can admit that we all, on occasion, take some delight in the suffering of  an enemy or unpleasant opponent in an argument.  I am all together too radically honest sometimes but that is just the way I am and I see no reason to change that. In fact I think that the world would be a better place if at least some of the hypocritical artifice of  faux eternal care and compassion were stripped away from our social intercourse in person and especially on the internet where false flags  are sadly all to common.   I can’t help thinking that those who make the biggest fuss about my radical honesty are not actually upset  by the apparent cruelty of my disdain but the underlying fear that I might just be right. Frankly there is nothing that upsets a sinner like pointing out their sins and the divine justice that they have so well  earned by the way that they conduct themselves in this all too short turn upon the wheel of life.

Cheers Comrades.



Geert Wilders’ speaking tour

Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Photo: AFP

Dutch MP Geert Wilders. Photo: AFP

My friends form the left seem to be utterly terrified that this man will shatter their delusions about the nature of Islam and I just can’t help thinking that this fear is an example of a the sort of intestinal fortitude deficit that saw Neville Chamberlain declare that there would be “peace in our time” just prior to WW2. If a man receives death threats and requires substantial and constant protective efforts to ensure he remains alive isn’t that an indictment of the faith that he criticises and proof that it is no religion of peace?

click for source

click for source

I expect that the marriage of convenience between minions of the left and Islam will manifest itself in the form of claims the Geert is a “racist” and an Islamophobe (cue: Damian Doyle)but I can’t see such claims as anything other than those same minions being willing butt boys for a religion that is antithetical to all of their claimed belief in the rights of the individual to the inalienable right to autonomy of thought and a right to criticise all religious dogma. The left are total quislings when it comes to any criticism of the ideology of Islam they have been utterly cowered by the threats of violence, both explicit but more from the implicit threats that the promised violence that has been focused upon Wilders will be visited upon any here who speak up against the “religion of peace”.
Its all well and good to be tolerant of all of the many ways that people seek to personify the deity but in my view our obligation to be tolerant ends the moment that followers of any faith threaten or visit violence upon their critics.

Cheers Comrades


I also note that there will be no Brisbane appearance, which is very disappointing to me personally…

Mary, Joseph, Jesus and paternity fraud


“Christ in the house of his father” by Millais

Given the time of year and the fact that Joseph was the archetypal parent who was not the father of the child he raised its probably quite timely to consider these two you tube vids about the issue of paternity fraud:

Does that make you think differently  about the  the Christian mythology about the concretion and birth of their saviour?

Cheers Comrades


This post is dedicated to my brothers who are Christians

“Tony Abbott versus the Universe”, the remix

In the comments of this post Miglo was curious about my reaction to his critique of Tony Abbott’s position on a grab bag of social issues well I wrote out a long comment  answering each point in turn only to have it disappear into the either when I tried to use it as a comment to a re-blog here at the Sandpit  So this is “take two” and hopefully this one will not disappear…

So without further adieu I will go through the points in turn


Same-sex marriage: Mr Abbott has said marriage is between a man and a woman not just to fulfil their own personal happiness ”but because we have obligations to the children that come with families”.

I see no reason to fault Abbott on this position as marriage is much more about the children that it is about social affirmation for homosexuality

Homosexuality: Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott has defended comments he made about homosexuality on 60 Minutes, saying gays and lesbians “challenge” the order of things.

Mr Abbott said he felt “threatened” by homosexuality on Sunday night’s program, a comment that has angered the gay and lesbian community and something he tried to back track from during an interview on the ABC last night.

“There is no doubt that it (homosexuality) challenges, if you like, orthodox notions of the right order of things” Mr Abbott told Lateline.

At the risk of being howled down as a homophobe I tend to think that homosexuality is against the natural order of things and it serves no biological purpose (given the simple fact that such pairings must be sterile) that said I am a realist who thinks that what consenting adults do in private is entirely their own business  and the law and society should not penalise them for their choice of partner(s).

Abortion: Christians aren’t required to right every wrong in the political arena, but they can help change the nation’s culture, suggests Tony Abbott DESPITE the debt that political institutions owe to the West’s Christian heritage, there is the constant claim that Christians in politics are confused about the separation of church and state. There’s also a tendency among Christians in the community to think that Christians in politics have to sell out their principles in order to survive. Christian politicians are often warding off simultaneous accusations that they are zealots or fakes. Indeed, the public caricature of a Christian politician is hypocrite or wuss, in denial about the ruthlessness and expediency necessary to wield power, or too sanctimonious to be effective. Take the challenge of abortion. The problem with the Australian practice of abortion is that an objectively grave matter has been reduced to a question of the mother’s convenience.

Abortion is the classic example of competing moral imperatives and the simple fact is that those competing imperatives each have different levels of validity depending upon the stage of gestation. Thus very early on its easier to argue that a women’s bodily integrity and autonomy should give her unfettered rights to terminate an unborn child the longer that the gestation endures the greater the argument for the protection of the unborn from arbitrary execution becomes. Anyone who does not realise this is essentially a sociopath who is ruled by a dark and vicious feminist ideology.

Boat people: Tony Abbott yesterday claimed boatpeople were acting in an un-Christian manner.

Given the fact atht most of these mendicants are not in fact Christian then what is contentious about this observation

Euthanasia: Legalising euthanasia in Australia would put elderly people at risk of being “bumped off”, federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has warned, after an Australian man travelled to Switzerland to legally end his life.

Killing oneself is not rocket science and  you really don’t need much more than simple things that are common around the house, nor is suicide actually a crime. But there are lots of downsides to making it easy for doctors to assist. In extreme circumstances if there is a legal cost to “helping” some one end their lives then it is a small sacrifice that should be paid to prevent malicious pressure on the unwell.

The needy: “We can’t abolish poverty because poverty in part is a function of individual behaviour”.

Contrary to leftist ideology the reality is precisely as Tony Abbott observes here some people just can not be saved from themselves no matter how much money you throw at their problems.

Women’s rights: Tony Abbott warns women against sex before marriage. And how about this brain fart: “I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons”.

Is promiscuity really such a good thing for anyone in society? The left seem to believe that sexual intercourse is  something akin to a contact sport that is little different to any other amateur sport. However this ignores its true purpose which is to propagate the species and to provide the glue that cement the pair bonds that are foundational to raising subsequent generations. As for the difference in aptitudes of men and women in different roles and professions only a fool denies that there are differences but the other side of that coin is to have a society that allows and appreciates those who want to step outside the usual gender expectations.

Recognition of Indigenous culture: ‘Western civilisation came to this country in 1788 and I’m proud of that . . . Aboriginal people have much to celebrate in this country’s British Heritage’.

Compare and contrast the sort of colonial experience that this country benefits from with the sort of colonial experience under different European colonial regimes and its clear that we would be a lesser nation under the French, the Dutch, Spanish or the Portuguese. So Abbott is spot on here.

Climate change: As a climate denier, Tony Abbott is most famous for his statement that climate science is “absolute crap“. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg – he actually has a long history of denying climate change science. “The fact that we have had if anything cooling global temperatures over the last decade, not withstanding continued dramatic increases of carbon dioxide emissions, suggests the role of CO2 is not nearly as clear as the climate catastrophists suggest.”

Does it matter what the man personally believes about the AGW proposition? I think not when it comes down to it. However if his scepticism about the millenarian cult of “climate change” leads this country to a more nuanced policy setting that eschews useless lip-service to AGW  as a front for social engineering then the nation can only benefit. If AGW theory is correct which is the greater sin? To agree with the liturgy and preform pious acts of contrition that have no effect on the problem (like Gillard’s Carbon tax ) and cost our economy a Motza Or to disagree with the theory but to act in a prudent manner to improve  the environment?

Technology: “There is no way on God’s earth that we need to be spending $50 billion plus of borrowed money on what is going to turn out to be a telecommunications white elephant – school halls on steroids.”

We would all love to have a Lamborghini or a Rolls Royce in the garage but when it comes down to it most of us would be happy with a Nissan or a Ford. lets consider just what people actually want out of the Internet rather than getting carried away by the dreams of the technophiles and the latte sippers

Foreign investment: Tony Abbott made headlines recently when during a visit to China, he declared that “it would rarely be in Australia’s national interest to allow a foreign government or its agencies to control an Australian business”.

In other words: foreign direct investment by such entities would not be welcome.

How is it a bad thing to be concerned that a totalitarian state owned corporations may not have Australian’s interests at heart when they try to buy the farm here?

Divorce: Liberal Party frontbencher Tony Abbott wants laws toughened up to make divorce harder. The opposition families and Aboriginal affairs spokesman has called for a return to the fault-based system of divorce discarded in 1975, which was replaced by a “no-fault” system. Mr Abbott’s plan, outlined in his soon-to-be released book Battlelines, would see a grounds for divorce reintroduced, including adultery, cruelty, habitual drunkenness and imprisonment.
It would be similar to the defunct Matrimonial Causes Act.

There is a great  deal to recommend in our “no fault” divorce system but its not perfect and there are times when a judgement of fault would aid justice in adjudicating some of the issues associated with the dissolution of a marriage, its property and children that make divorce tough and the experience of our system shows it could do with some review and reconsideration at the very least.

So there you go Migs I have gone through your points and shown that none of them are the black marks that you seem to think they are, all are quite reasonable positions to take and most reasonable people will be able to see that.

Cheers Comrades

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