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Hilarious genuine Green party production..

This little clip just has to qualify as comedy gold, watch in awe as these three Greens prove how stupid and naive the party is on this issue and how the patronise the public in their attempt to paint all asylum seekers as noble victims of circumstance. Sorry to say that  this is not a parody or something made to mock,  its a  genuine Green party production..

Hilarious Comrades

Labor lacks testicular fortitude

To my mind what has made the Labor party  a laughing stock on the issue of illegal boat arrivals has not just  been their wilful blindness to the realities of the situation, but their political cowardice which has held them captive to the far left open-doorists  who would believe every manufactured sob story told by the water borne mendicants who have been arriving in ever increasing numbers during Labor’s tenure in the lodge. It is only now that they seem to be finding the courage to to do what they should have been doing form the start, namely insist that those mendicants should make a convincing case to demonstrate that they meet the criteria of an “asylum seeker”.

Labor are to be applauded for finally finding the courage to quickly deport some of the latest chancers from Sri Lanka:

Asylum seekers …. new ‘turn-back’ provision / Pic: Daniel Wilkins Source: The Sunday Telegraph

But Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has now approved the use of stricter assessment of whether asylum seekers claims actually trigger Australia’s international obligations, following a spike in arrivals from Sri Lanka.

“As with the particular case of those people returned to Sri Lanka last week, there are powers available to the government to return people where they do not engage Australia’s international obligations and, when appropriate, we certainly intend to use them,” Mr Bowen said.

The virtual turn-back policy gives effect to the demands by the Coalition but does not risk lives at sea by simply turning boats back. Instead, people would be returned by plane in cases where their claims were not deemed credible.

Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal the government has been successful in slowing the number of asylum seekers from Iran and Afghanistan, however, the number of Sri Lankan arrivals has spiked recently – jumping since the end of May when under 400 arrived, to more than 1200 in October.

Mr Bowen confirmed last night that 26 new arrivals from Sri Lanka had been refused entry and were aboard a special flight back.

“The single adult males, who arrived by boat at Christmas Island and Cocos Islands earlier this week, were advised of their status and that they were subject to removal from Australia,” Mr Bowen said.

“They raised no issues that engaged Australia’s international obligations.

“Without a valid visa, they had no legal right to remain in Australia and were removed at the earliest opportunity.”

Four Iraqis and two Iranian men were voluntarily flown home from Nauru yesterday. p


Of course the fact that it has taken so long for their collective balls to drop on the issue is a very good reason that they should be condemned, especially for the huge cost of their ineptitude. It is also good to see that some of the mendicants sent to Nauru have gone  home. Now if only Labor were to make sure that ALL asylum seekers who arrive without invitation were denied permanent residency  then we might solve the problem. because its permanent residency that draws the boats here not the need for “asylum”.

Cheers Comrades

Sadly this is an example of Labor’s Balls

“We’ll risk death – but not if door is closed’, asylum-seekers say” well I say close the door then.

The opening line of this piece from the OZ strikes me as the best evidence yet that changing the way that we treat those who arrive by sea in those infamous leaky boats is the key to the solution.

We’ll risk death – but not if door is closed’, asylum-seekers say
click for source

The answer is clear. We must close the door and if we want to make a better life for these would be immigrants then lets divert some of the  the money that we save when the numbers in detention decline to helping to create economic opportunities for those in places like Cisarua.

makes sense to me Comrades

Come One, Come All

I see the news that the government intends to pay people to house refugees in their homes, instead of keeping them in detention, was received with some excitement. I suppose lefties everywhere will be lining up for the privilege to welcome a refugee into their home and hearth.

No doubt David Marr and Annabel Crabb are clearing out their guest rooms as we speak.

This also explains why we haven’t heard much from Immigration Minister Chris Bowen. He’s been too busy shampooing (a Hindi word) the carpet and putting out the welcome rug. Not that the welcome rug hasn’t already been given a good airing with the government’s refugee welcome pack.

That’s the welcome pack that refugees receive upon arrival to our globally-warmed shores. The ‘Welcome Pack’ is a cornucopia of western delights: ipods, ray-bans, nikes, suitably themed t-shirts, a plasma TV the envy of NASA and a free connection to the NBN*.
(* booby prize)

Nonetheless, there could be problems. What if a refugee’s billet is somewhere other than the abode of a political or media elitist? Will there be ‘refuge’ envy?

Mustafa: ‘I got a Greenie in Paddington’
Mohammed; ‘Curses, I’m stuck in Lakemba with losers from Lebanon’.

In detention centres, detainees are supplied with cigarettes. Given that the stipend offered by the government is $300, that doesn’t leave much left for room and board.

If cigarettes aren’t provided by the host householder, do the refugees climb on the roof and set the house alight?

These are honest questions.

Given that most refugees today are Muslim, does this mean that the host householder need make his home ‘Islam friendly’?

Ditch the pornos, stop drinking grog and tell the daughter to cover up? Of course more serious is the issue of diet. Does a recipient of this proposed stipend have to guarantee that all food will be halal?

These are important questions.

Which leads me to one conclusion.

This hair-brained scheme, given that our current influx of ‘refugees’ is of the Muslim faith, the only suitable hosts Australia can provide are Muslims.

Perhaps this should be called ‘Sponsor Your Muslim Cousins’. Which means, as a government, we can’t give the dole to new arrivals, but if we give it to you to give to them, well, we’ve achieved our aim.

It’s an Open Door policy no matter how much Labor and the Greens deny it.

A question for the Minister

I have a very simple question for Chris Bowen in the light of the Christmas Island riots:

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen rejected opposition claims that Christmas Island was out of control, saying he was satisfied the AFP had taken stewardship of the detention facility. He appointed two former senior bureaucrats to review the performance of his department and Serco.

Describing the violence as inexcusable, Mr Bowen said he had the power to reject visa applications on the basis of conduct and character, in a clear warning to the ringleaders that their activities could cost them asylum even if they are not charged.

Mr Bowen told The Weekend Australian yesterday jail time for the rioters would not be ruled out.

“Their punishment will be the equivalent of anyone else who acted in that manner,” a spokesman for Mr Bowen said. “It will be punishment that fits the crime.”

Criminal law expert Guy Hall said the detainees could be charged with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, which has a maximum sentence of 20 years. Professor Hall said the harsher end of the sentence would most likely apply because of the severity of the situation.

“Because they allegedly threw these cocktails at AFP in execution of their duties, and because they are foreigners, it would worsen their charge,” he said. “However, it’s too early to speculate on this case but talking generally, that is what would happen.”

When will the ringleaders be charged and when will the rioters be deported?

These people are behaving in and entirely unacceptable manner and there is literally no excuse for this kind of violence and until the rioters suffer actual negative consequences for their actions then the recent events on that not so festive island are bound to be repeated. Does anyone really think that any of the riotors will be charged?

My expectation is that the Labor will be do nothing because   charging “asylum seekers” with anything will just send more of their  supporters deeper into the embrace of the Greens…  After all no one has been charged over the incident where asylum seekers blew up their own boat last year…

Cheers Comrades

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