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Lefties can set free their inner whinger Ninja

Despite Ray’s long standing “love” of his local federal member for Indy I suspect that even he may agree with her analysis of why disaffected Labor “true believes™” went to Katter rather than the loopy Greens:

While the fact they fled their party is interesting, more interesting perhaps is where those disenchanted dyed-in the-wool Labor folk went.

You might assume that many would head to their allies on the left of the spectrum, and partners in Federal Government, The Greens.

The fact is that, despite the huge disenchantment, “true believers” did not park their vote with The Greens. The Greens couldn’t even manage to hold onto the primary vote they got at the last State election – their vote dropped 1.1 per cent.

That’s quite a telling indictment. When traditional Labor voters were looking to place a protest vote, they did not see the Greens as a party of choice.  Even in the inner-urban seat of Mt Coot-Tha, which The Greens were actively targeting, their vote went down by 3.5 per cent.

The Greens ran in 13 more seats across the State than the newly-formed Katter’s Australia Party (KAP), but secured only 7.2 per cent of the statewide Primary vote. Katter’s Party got 11.4 per cent.

Many southern commentators have dismissed the KAP vote as a “rural red neck” phenomenon, drawing conservative voters on the far right. But the fact is, a lot of Labor’s true believers went to the KAP, rather than vote for the “Tories” they’d spent their lives despising. Because of Queensland’s optional preferential system, and the KAP “just vote 1” strategy, most of these votes exhausted.

In suburban traditional Labor strongholds such as Logan (12 per cent), Albert (11 per cent), Ipswich (14.8 per cent) and Ipswich West (18.8 per cent) the KAP vote was in double figures.

Even in potential new ALP Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Brisbane seat of Inala, the KAP got 11.5 per cent of the vote – nearly double the Greens’ 6 per cent.

Blue collar workers no doubt found more to like about Katter’s “smaller government, less regulation” message and social conservatism, than in the Green’s wacky policies and social experimentation. And perhaps some of Labor’s traditional base actually like to hunt, fish and go camping – things that have become increasingly regulated and banned. Just perhaps.


Anyway it is very amusing watching all of the minions of the left going through the grieving process for the spectacular loss of labor in Queensland. They will bounce back of course once they work out that this is a chance for them to set free their inner whinger  Ninja and that it easier to find fault with incumbents that you loathe than to constructively defend a governemnt that does not deserve being defended.

Cheers Comrades

Oh happy Queensland day

Over a few glasses of a ten dollar Merlot I watched the Rout of Labor last night and it was a great way to end a great day that started with me voting. What I found extraordinary was the fact that Labor were not even able to rouse more than one person to man the Dayboro booth and boy did I feel bad for that guy he was a man on the edge of tears in anticipation for the result that we all new was coming. Its people like him that I feel for today. those shattered ALP faithful who have been utterly destroyed by a result that could see less than ten Labor held seats in the new Parliament. As Ray will undoubtedly say this could be a  bad thing but I think that for the first term at least we are going to see a government that understands and appreciates the value of humility . In any event due to the fact that we have only one house of state parliament here in the sunshine state any majority, even a one seat majority, gives the governemnt of the day unfettered power to run things as they please.

So as I watch the sunrise I am now more than ever happy to live in the sunshine state secure in the knowledge that the result here will send a shiver down the collective  spine of Labor Party and maybe, just maybe, they will realise the folly of some of their mad policies (like the carbon tax), sadly I suspect that they will carry on regardless in which case I expect to be enjoying another few glasses of Merlot as the Gillard crew are as soundly trounced at the next Federal election.

  Cheers are just not enough Comrades

That is  especially for my brother, a believer in more ways than one


Some happy music for a great day, or Bye Bye Bligh!

Well the sun has come out after a week of wet and dreary days and I can’t help thinking that there is something most apt about that, given that we go to the polls today which will means the end of what has proven to be a very bad government. We all know that they are going to lose very badly indeed, the question is  who will try to lead the ALP survivors out of the political wilderness? I can’t help wondering if Anna Bligh is hoping that she will share John Howard’s fate and conveniently lose her own seat so that she won’t have to endure the torture and shame of being a member of   that depression club that will be the Queensland  Labor parliamentary party room (meeting place, a phone box in George street)

Cheers indeed Comrades



The end of the Bligh(t) on Queensland governement is so close that we can taste it

If you are a  Queensland Labor MP today you will be working on your concession speech for the party faithful, you will be cutting back on the grog orders for the post election wake, knowing full well that even the stalwarts and party faithful are likely to make their excuses and depart early for home rather than to share in the misery of utter decimation and defeat  for a second longer than they absolutely have to. I expect that suicide hotlines may even be primed for calls from the  depressed and disappointed Labor “true believers” who will be in mourning for the loss of the Bligh government and  might momentarily consider self-harm when they realise that we face a prolonged period of LNP government.  I can’t help wondering just what sort of  council you can give those true believers. You certainly can’t be full of faux optimism that  Labor will quickly bounce back from the size of their (expected) defeat.

KATE Jones has the weight of the state ALP on her shoulders and she couldn't help but show it yesterday.
With her toddler son suffering tonsillitis, and polls showing her bid to slay the dragon was slipping away, the tears threatened to spill over.

Of course those true believers will eventually come to realise that opposition, as dreary and frustrating as it will be for the ALP can be a very positive thing for a political party. It gives them time to really think about what they stand for besides the desire to be in power, and maybe that  the decline of Labor here in Queensland has been all about that more than any of their unmitigated disasters and administrative stuff ups that will, according to the pundits, see them reduced to little more than a cricket team. Heck their numbers could even be low enough that they won’t qualify for party status when it comes to the allocation of  staff and resources for the new parliament.  They are just that much  on the nose up here.

    Ah well there is  always the happy pills and Electro-Convulsive Therapy for intractable depression. Meanwhile those of us who have been wishing for and dreaming of an end to Labor rule will be raising a glass or three and hoping that Campbell can do what he claims and make the government of this great state once again worthy of respect.

If you are an ALP supporter and you feel desperately depressed about the prospects of their election loss please call one of the suicide  hotlines listed on the Queensland government website because I want you to get over those feelings by getting over the ALP.

Cheers Comrades

This a a great post that highlights all that is sad and depressing about the Labor Party. Why on earth does any party try the “smear” strategy when they are their arses politically? It never works and all it does is devalue the brand of ANY party that goes down this route. Far better to keep your dignity by playing a straight bat to the voters and then losing with good grace. That way when you begin the long climb back into power you are not starting from such a low base and you won’t face such disgust and disdain form the voters or such a long period in the political wilderness.
Cheers Comrades
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Anna Bligh admits that the smear campaign has absolutely no factual basis

Sadly for those barracking for  team Labor (Queensland  division) yesterday Anna Bligh finally admitted that there is absolutely no basis or foundation to the smear campaign that Labor has been trying to get going against Campbell Newman.

Now if you think about it for just one minute you will see that with that one small admission Anna Bligh has just sunk the  (minuscule) last desperate hope that Labor had to retain office. What It means is that from now on every time that Labor runs one of its smear Newman ads the public are going to remember that Bligh admits that they are baseless and instead of shoring up Labor’s vote those ads are going to be a positive for the LNP!

Politics Queensland style!

Beautiful one day and delightful  the next!

Cheers Comrades
PS a big hat tip to Bing Bing for finding the vision

The highest urination up the wall game when it comes big sporting events

The election up here is now getting very close indeed and if you watch any commercial TV you will see the ads from all and sundry, Labor are going the personal smear on Campbell Newman but the LNP have a much more potent tool in the media battle for the hearts, minds and most importantly the votes of Queenslanders. They have the record of the Bligh governemnt which is pretty shoddy by any standards, from promising not to sell the state’s assets and then doing so  to not being able to pay its nurses properly the Labor administration has stuffed up on every level imaginable now we face the possibility that the Commonwealth games to be held on the Gold Coast will prove to be a huge financial burden upon the people of Queensland as well.

While Treasurer Andrew Fraser yesterday insisted the village would be delivered within its original budget set by the bid team of $48.9 million, the discrepancy exposes the risk carried by the Government as it builds the 1338-unit athlete village.
It is banking on a massive return when it on-sells the units as student accommodation and affordable apartments to recoup millions outlaid in building.

But the Coordinator-General is worried that would not be achievable, according to the leaked documents, which are marked “hot issue” and “protected”.

According to the document, the Coordinator-General thinks the final cost to taxpayers is more likely to reach between $120 million and $208 million.

Mr Fraser admitted returns would be at the whim of the property market but he said the Government would protect itself by constructing and releasing the units in stages, rather than flooding the market. Some units would already be sold and lived in before the Games, he said, with owners signing agreements to vacate the buildings during the event.


Ray may be right that I “don’t get sport” but I do get that the real contest at events like the Commonwealth Games is for prestige and the race is won with public opinion rather than any particular finishing line and frankly I’m actaully rather unimpressed by the whole thing and the fact that its become something of a pissing contest to see who can build the most useless sporting facilities that will forever Blight our landscape. Architects and builders love it because they get to build some horrendous monuments to their egos, and they hope to make a quid or to from the process but the ordinary people who live in the shadows of this orgy of sporting onanaism have their lives disrupted and blighted, sometimes for years, just so some polies can have their photo ops with various over trained and over indulged athletes…

Hmm Sorry for the cynical tone but I have not yet had my breakfast of champions today…
Cheers Comrades


LNP to change name to the LSD & P party? – the party for Liars, Swingers, Drunks & Pornographers

Vote LNP, the party that "can't keep its hands above the waist".

Oh dear, here I go again getting up to my neck in what is fast becoming a national joke – the Queensland State election. Look, if it wasn’t so funny I wouldn’t bother but, give me a break, how can you let this latest news – that an LNP candidate has been caught out lying about his involvement and direct ownership of a pornographic website – go by without comment?

LNP leader Campbell Newman said his party will investigate claims by the Bulletin that Gold Coast LNP candidate Mark Boothman ran a soft porn website.

The Bulletin and goldcoast.com.au broke the news of yet another sex scandal involving an LNP candidate this morning.

The Bulletin revealed Mr Boothman is the registrant, administrative contact and technical contact for DarkOsiris.com, before he was preselected to run in the seat of Albert.

From 2003 to 2008 the site featured pictures and videos of naked women and sex scenes. It promoted “hot sex scenes” and had links such as “Control Your Bitches”, “So much porn” and “hot teen”.The website also contained a restricted adult section and a Da Osiris Club restricted to “VIP members”.

Mr Boothman initially denied involvement with the site when contacted by the Bulletin last night but later said he had carried out design work on DarkOsiris.com “for a TAFE friend”.

(BUT) When he was told the website was registered in his name with his contact details, he admitted he had a connection to it.

He certainly had more than “a connection”. The Bulletin has confirmed that Boothman was the registrant, administrative contact and technical contact for the porno site and that he ran it from 2003 until he was recently endorsed by the LNP for the Gold Coast seat of Albert – a seat the LNP had ‘pencilled in’ as one they would take from the ALP. Maybe not now?

Gee, that makes three seats where the LNP (sorry, the LSD & P party) might yet snatch defeat from the jaws of victory:

1) Broadwater: Two former Broadwater LNP candidates were forced to step down because of breaches of what the LNP described as their party’s strict standards. Last month the party disendorsed its second Broadwater candidate, solicitor Cameron Caldwell, for attending a swingers club four years ago. Mr Caldwell had replaced the party’s original choice Richard Towson, who was dumped after he was caught drink-driving.

2) Ashgrove: Where Campbell Newman himself trails the sitting ALP member following revelations of his dubious dealings with property developers.

3) Albert: And this one’s a cert – it’s too late to replace Boothman!

Someone once told me something about these kind of organisational stuff ups that I’ll never forget. It holds true in so many cases, be it personal, corporate or political:

  • Once is an accident.
  • Twice is a coincidence.
  • Three times is a habit.

You could also add ‘Three strikes and you’re out’.

Well, maybe they’re not out just yet but, the way it’s going, poor little (very little) Campbell Newman – the man who admits he “can’t keep his hands above the waist” – might yet lead the LNP to an inglorious defeat.

Advice to Anna Bligh: Just say nothing. Don’t campaign. Don’t even advertise. Stay home or go on a holiday … and let the LSD & P party destroy itself.

Ah Queensland, controversial one day, a riot the next.

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