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Halal? the palace of Westminster says NO!

There is never a better time than now to be bemused bay the way that religious superstition tries to set the agenda in secular institutions, and there is no example that is better than the issue of halal meat being served to the majority of unwitting customers just so a few religious zealots can have their dogma respected. Its a subject that I have visited before at the Sandpit   and apart from the usual claims that to resist the worrying trend to make Halal the default type of meat is to be Islamophopbic which I dismiss without reservation. I have seen no argument that validates the imposition of halal meat into the menus of unbelievers without their explicit consent. which is why I applaud the stance taken at the mother of all parliaments to insist that Halal meat will not be served in any of its cafes and restaurants:

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In a democracy the majority view should prevail and on this occasion it has because it is entirely reasonable that the secular view that all animals killed so that we may eat their flesh should be killed in the least cruel manner possible quite rightfully trumps the archaic belief that a religious ritual that is innately cruel is at all justifiable to a modern world.

Cheers Comrades

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