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Thomson & Slipper sagas – is Gillard teetering on the edge?

(Reproduced from my home blog Alpine Opinion)

Caught in the middle between two goof-offs, Gillard has nowhere to go but out.

The news that the embattled and unpopular ALP member for Dobell, Craig Thomson, has, um, quit the ALP and will sit out the remainder of his term on the cross-benches as an independent, coming on top of the Peter Slipper issue is no coincidence.

PM Julia Gillard has clearly moved to distance herself from supporting Thomson ahead of the impending release of the damning HSU report and right now – at the very same time in fact – she is doing another ‘backflip’ on her position re Peter Slipper returning to the Speaker’s position anytime soon, even if cleared of any criminal charges.

Unlike just the other day, Gillard is now saying that the position of Speaker is so “important” and so “revered” that he must continue to step aside until the civil action re sexual harassment is also resolved.

Julia Gillard seems to be making it up as she goes and is clearly limping from one disaster to another. What does it all mean – an election pretty soon? Or just a new PM? I fancy the latter.

And I sincerely hope that the caucus finally sees the light and realises that Julia Gillard’s tenure as PM has been one giant mistake that must be corrected. Bring back Rudd pretty quick smart or face a political wipeout at the next election. I give her about 2 weeks.

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