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Too young for a Brazilian wax?

Ah that explains the lack anatomical detail on barbie dolls....

The post that I wrote at this blog about err, “intimate female grooming” is still regularly found by search engines and it was nothing but a bit of blogging fluff about depilatory wax that was just a little too hot. This story reported in today’s Courier Mail raises some more serious questions especially for those of us with growing daughters .

Mt Gravatt Brazilian Beauty manager Avril Radford said the youngest girl to get a Brazilian at her salon was only 14.

”Personally I think any girl under 16 getting a Brazilian is a bit young,” she said. Ms Radford said the store required girls under 16 to get parental consent before intimate treatments.

Brazilian Beauty in Brisbane has also received requests from early teens wanting a full Brazilian wax.

”Mostly it is girls around 16 but we do occasionally get younger girls in, but they must have a parent with them,” the store manager said.

Brazilian World owner Ligia Taylor said under 16 was too young to get bikini waxes.

Unlike Hetty Johnson I don’t think that pressure to undergo these sorts of “beauty treatments” comes from boyfriends , I think that it comes from the female peer groups and the desire to be members of the “cool crowd”. I’m definitely no wowser but the idea that any child under the age of consent having a Brazilian just sounds totally wrong to me and it seems to me  there is a very good argument for preventing  waxing businesses  offering their service to under-age girls.

Cheers Comrades

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