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Tony puts the media in its place

Its interesting to watch the vision for this incident and to see a confident Tony Abbott deftly put Nicola Berkovic in her place at the press conference yesterday:


After Mr Abbott arrived, the first question of the day was from Nicola Berkovic, a journalist from The Australian newspaper.

‘‘Prime Minister, do you trust this government, the state government, which is proving to be corrupt, to deliver your major infrastructure plans?’’

The question was perhaps poorly worded as no state Liberal has been found corrupt.

But Mr Abbott was not in a forgiving mood as he tried to turn his prime ministerial authority back on Berkovic.

‘‘That, if I may say so, is an entirely unjustified smear,’’ Mr Abbott said.

‘‘Let me not mince my words, madam. An entirely unjustified smear, and frankly I think you should withdraw that. There is no evidence whatsoever for that.’’

He then asked Berkovic, a former press gallery journalist of the year for her coverage of the Rudd government’s home insulation scheme, what her evidence was.

Another journalist tried to restore normal press conference service by asking Mr Abbott if he would remember receiving a bottle of wine from his birth year.

But Mr Abbott would not be deterred. Waving off the interruption, he returned to Berkovic.

‘‘Please, please, I’ve asked what the evidence of that statement was and none has been forthcoming,’’ he said, holding up his hands.

Berkovic replied: ‘‘I think that voters will have questions to ask about a premier who specifically said yesterday that if he was delivered a bottle of that nature he would remember it. Today a thank you note has been uncovered and he has resigned. I think voters would be quite sceptical about the way this has unfolded.’’

Mr Abbott said that was a very different statement from the previous one and called on everybody to lift their game.

Amusingly some minions of the left are suggesting that the put down of a woman journalist was “bullying” its similar to the line run by the Guardian yesterday as I see it we should expect a certain standard from all journalists and I hope that Nicola Berkovic   was just having a momentary lapse in judgement but some how I doubt it Maybe she should have stuck to puff pieces in Cleo about how to make lots of money when you are new to a career..
Cheers Comrades

Nicola Berkovic



I still find it hard to endorse the sort of “all Catholicism is evil” thinking of the likes of Richard and Criagy

Iain, what about a blog on the Catholic Church—-to me it looks like it has Terminal Cancer. You have given the Muslims a good run—now it’s the Catholics turn.

Richard Ryan

In the fifties its was a conspiracy of international communists that inspired that spittle flecked outrage of a paranoid group of theorists and it seems to me that today we are facing a very similar sort of rolling witch-hunt for kiddie fiddler priests within the Catholic church.

Frankly as a life long atheist I have never surrendered my self to the notion that any Godbotherer deserves any sort of deference or has any sort of deity derived authority  because it always struck me as lacking any sort of logical sense that an omnipotent deity would need any intermediaries between this world and the next.  However for those in the thrall of organised faith the authority of the religious functionaries and the prophets of the faith is an unquestioned given. Naturally this is the foundation for the abuse stories  that motivates the likes of Richard or our other regular Craigy,  to a fever pitched excitement.

The  foundation stone for the systemic history of priestly abuse surely has to be the rather bizarre idea that to be a a religious functionary you have to deny and repress the intrinsic  biological imperative to breed and give up your sexuality to the deity. The thing is that this imperative is so strong that its denial takes an almost superhuman act of will to overcome. Being only human many fail to live up to this impossible ideal. It is of course no surprise that the contemporary church is struggling to find recruits for its priesthood in this age of far more open sexuality. Add to this the tendency for victims of childhood  abuse to themselves subsequently tend to abuse a new generation children and you have the elements for an almost perfect cycle of self-perpetuating misery. finally we have the not unexpected desire for the church theocracy to try to avoid scandal and loss of social standing by dealing with any accusations against priests in house rather than seeking any sort of secular justice. To my mind the real scandal here is that the response of the church has been to essentially sweep such things under the rug and to have unjustified faith that an abuser could change or that they would  not offend again if they were placed elsewhere in another parish.

With al that in mind I still find it hard to endorse the sort of “all Catholicism is evil” thinking of the likes of Richard and Criagy because most of the practising Catholics that I have known in my life have in fact been very decent people with a very sincere desire to see a  human society  that is caring compassionate and just. So I tend to think that the desire to see the church brought down that is so evident in the Richard and Craigy’s  thinking may prove to be counter-productive. The abusers that are being named are almost always old men and the offences cited are likewise far from being contemporary . Allegations about events in the long distant past are notoriously difficult to prove to any sort of satisfactory legal standard and it generally comes down to a battle of veracity between the accuser and the accused  both of whom may be less than frank and suffer from the frailty of memory, Its a legal can of worms and only the eaters of such wrigglers, the legal profession, are likely to benefit from the creation of Royal commissions or judicial inquires  of any sort, the victims of abuse will still have their legacy of angst to deal with, the perps are unlikely to be adequately punished at this remove from their offending (if they are not already dead from old age) and the good works of the church are likely to suffer as its resources are diverted to the pockets of lawyers and those who see a way to gain monetary compensations for their suffering. That sounds like a classic no win situation to me but I expect that my readers will disagree so its over to you in the comments …

Cheers Comrades

Bloodbath for Labor in NSW

being gutsy is not enough when the product you are trying to sell is as toxic as NSW Labor has become

New NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell celebrates his win

BARRY O’Farrell has become the 42nd premier of NSW in the biggest landslide seen in modern Australian political history.

Nationals beat sitting independents in three seats – Dubbo, Port Macquarie and Tamworth – and were likely to take Monaro from Labor’s Steve Whan and, in an extraordinary result, Bathurst, with a swing of 37 per cent.

Kristina Keneally stepped down as leader after conceding defeat to the Coalition in an electoral rout which ends 16 years of Labor government and may leave the ALP with just 20 seats, down from 50.

With a 17 per cent swing and a surge in its primary vote even beyond its expectations, the Coalition is set to win about 70 lower house seats, Labor 20 and independents the remaining three.

That sort of majority will carry the Coalition, which has governed in NSW for only seven of the past 35 years, through to the 2019 election at least.

The Nationals had a highly successful night, and are expected to pick up five seats for a total of 18.

This morning is a the beginning of a truly great day for Australia in general and NSW in particular, but what delights me even more is the way that this is going to make Joolia’s row even harder to hoe because this now means that she has no hospital agreement and even less support for her ill conceived and climatically   pointless carbon tax.

Mucho Cheers indeed Comrades !

And NO Greens won a seat either!!!

Labor moving out today, la la laaaa

click for source

It is not going to be a good day for the Labor party today and I must confess to a certain amount of Schadenfreude at the expected result which will see the government change  in our premier state.

The first  question for today is just how low will they go ?

The second is will Kristina loose her own seat and be saved from the embarrassment of a resignation and incurring the cost of a by-election?

Finally I wonder what sort of “after the count” party the ALP is planning and  will it be stocked with hard liquor to drown their very great sorrows at the expected magnitude of their long awaited political rout?

Cheers indeed Comrades

Dance now!

25% swing in Penrith so Federal Labor looks at the leadership roundabout

Its hardly surprising that Kristina only made the most token of appearances in the state electorate of Penrith. Obviously she knew that Labor was in for one hell of a drubbing, which is precisely what happened.

Liberal candidate Stuart Ayres with Marise Payne and Barry O'Farrell campaign in Penrith today for the state by-election. Picture: Ella Pellegrini Source: The Australian

THE scandal-plagued NSW government has suffered a crushing defeat in a Western Sydney by-election, seeing a swing of 25 per cent against it and its primary vote plummet.

Voters in Penrith took a bat to the government on Saturday, with the party’s primary vote halved to about 24 per cent, with two-thirds of the ballots counted.

Amusingly it seems like Brother Number One is more openly under threat at present as the report in the Oz suggests :

Most Labor marginal seat holders in resources states contacted yesterday contradicted Mr Rudd’s claims that the negotiations over the proposed mining tax could take months because it was better to “get it right” than settle in a hurry.

The MPs — among at least 20 contacted by The Weekend Australian — claimed they were “bleeding” in their electorates because they could not defend a tax that was unresolved and were unable to deal with constituent concerns about asylum-seekers while the tax dominated the debate.

A minority of MPs defended the government’s handling, arguing that Mr Rudd could take his time and resolve the tax.

Mr Rudd’s attempts to play down the importance of poor polling and buy more time for tax negotiations by suggesting the election didn’t have to be held until March or April next year further confused Labor MPs.

Tony Abbott immediately accused Mr Rudd of “running scared” from an election, which is expected between August and October, by trying to put it off until next year, while Health Minister Nicola Roxon said she wanted the election to be held “soon”.

Of course the natural question is can Brand Labor really cleanse itself from the odium of its many failures during the last term in office even if it does change its leader? Despite Brother Number One’s well known autocratic style I sincerely doubt if any of its ministers can blame shift enough to save a recapitated party at the Polls.

I wonder what happens to Lynot’s grand in the event of a leadership change?

Politics is all about the numbers and Labor governs with a large majority of seats but so many of those seats need so few electors  to change their vote that even a modest part of the swing in Penrith will see them tossed out.

Cheers Comrades


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