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The big pissing contest in Dayboro

I had a lovely visit from my brother and his mate Curley yesterday and after some chin wagging over a cuppa we decided to head on down to the big smoke, Dayboro, for a pie at the bakery where we found that the usually sleepy town experiencing a huge police presence.

We counted nine police bikes, six marked cars and a similar number of unmarked cars

No crime possible in Dayboro yesterday 🙂

The reason for this sideshow?

A group of aging bikies were having a club run and they had decided to try the tucker at the Dayboro pub for lunch!
where we were sitting at the Bakery we had ringside seats to the fun and games as scouts from the club did circuits up and down the roads to check out on the coppers and members of rival gangs checked them out as well.
Forgive me for thinking that the whole thing was just a little too much like a very big pissing contest.

Anyway that was our excitement yesterday
Cheers Comrades

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