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A glimpse of Bess Price’s world

Although I’m just a simple whitefella I am very concerned about the plight of our indigenous people which is why I have written about the topic on a fairly regular basis here at the Sandpit. It is also the reason that I have been rather scathing of the lefties who have done such a great disservice to the most disadvantaged Australians by focusing on a rights agenda rather than seeking good practical outcomes and a real future for the original inhabitants of this wide brown land. This has led me to respect and admire people like Noel Pearson and Bess Price. It is the latter that I want to highlight today.

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I was lying in bed early this morning listening to Radio National when the repeat of “Background briefing” came on. Please listen at my link or read the transcript for a most sensible argument about what has to be done to give the first people of this country a chance at being part of the future rather than a sad footnote from our past. Clearly its not the rights agenda driven aborigines by choice who are going to provide salvation for those desperate people in remote Australia, its people like Bess Price who understand that not every part of Indigenous culture should be immutable or given undue deference in the face of modernity.

  Much respect Comrades

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