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Another nail in the coffin for Julia Gillard’s credibility in the AWU scandal?

For those who want to see Gillard’s involvement in dodgy deals  as entirely innocent, well may I suggest that you don’t watch this interview?

For those of us who are enjoying the PM squirming about her involvement in union skulduggery please watch and enjoy.

Cheers Comrades


Once was lost but…

How convenient is this for Gillard and Labor?

A FILE detailing Julia Gillard’s role in helping set up a union slush fund from which her former boyfriend stole hundreds of thousands of dollars has disappeared.

Law firm Slater & Gordon yesterday said it could find no documents relating to the work done by Ms Gillard — a former salaried partner of the firm — in establishing the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association in 1992.

Police believe the association was used by Ms Gillard’s former boyfriend and senior AWU official Bruce Wilson to steal more than $400,000, including about $100,000 which helped fund the purchase of a Fitzroy unit bought with Ms Gillard’s professional assistance.

Slater & Gordon managing director Andrew Grech told The Age last night that the firm had not been able to locate any documents relating to the controversial transaction.
‘‘We have not been able to identify any such documents following extensive searches of our archival records,’’ Mr Grech said.

‘‘If there are such documents, we don’t have them. They could have been misplaced, or lost. I simply don’t know.’’

Gee if I did not know better I would have to think that maybe someone is protecting a certain ranga’s arse by misplacing an embarrassing file in the office shredder….
Oh the joys of Labor in power….

Cheers Comrades

Julia Gillard, Naughty in the nineties?

Sometimes when you put a pot of water on the stove it seems to take no time at all to come to the boil and other times it takes forever. The scandal that is alleged to concern Julia Gillard’s time with and subsequent exit from Slater and Gordon is a definite slow boil situation but those bubbles are rising now and getting a great deal more excited day by day. The skeleton in Julia’s closet is certainly rattling now.

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Of course there is no question of Gillard being prosecuted due to the statute of limitations on such offences but these revelations certainly put the treatment a year ago of Glen Milne and Michael Smith  into a different light after Gillard essentially bullied their employers into sacking them for exploring the issue in the media. Well it seems that subsequent revelations vindicates Milne and Smith.

Of course the question on everyone’s lips is will this stake the Gillard Vampire or will she manage to escape with some minor wounding and limp on to the election with this black mark unnoticeable among the others that she already carries?

The latter I think because Labor are in the unenviable position of being stuck with Gillard until the next election and they have no choice but to try to front it out. A switch back to Rudd is unlikely to cure what ails the party  and as they have no viable  third choice….

Meanwhile my friends form the left are getting terribly excited about a minor Faux pas from Tony Abbott  where he contradicted Kloppers over the reasons for the delay in the expansion of the Olympic dam mine expansion. They take delight in Tony Abbott being quite rightly taken to task over his rhetorical error in last night’s7.30 report. That said its rather sobering to compare the implications of Tony  and Julia’s  media woes. where as the former is of little or no consequence the latter faces rather grave questions about both her judgement and her honesty. Further the way that she bullied the media to silence Milne and Smith  a year ago does her no favours either. Especially when you consider the way that both Labor and the Greens have been complaining about the “hate media” over the last couple of years.

While Tony Abbott will recover from his faux pas I doubt very much that Gillard will recover from the consequences of her naughtiness in the nineties.

Cheers Comrades


Julia Gillard and the problem left too long to cure

I tend to think that the age union movement has made itself largely redundant and it has certainly earned the disdain and distrust that most people express at the mention of  its exemplars Like Craig Thompson. Its redundancy stems from the changes in the workplace that has seen so much work becoming casualised or based upon fixed term contracts. Employers too have long realised that its expensive to select and train its workers so they are awake to the advantage of paying valued workers above the going rate to retain them. All of these factors have led to a very marked decline in union membership during the course of my lifetime and now the unions are in a decline that is likely to be terminal.

Sadly for those who still believe in unionism there must be great disappointment in the news that the ACTU is to finally move to stop the endemic corruption and and a very cavalier attitude to the funds gathered from union members that is so evident from the FWA investigation of the HSU (east).

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“The claims of misconduct, including kickbacks and rorting, had tarnished the entire union movement,”

Well Yes Prime minister  that is true but I tend to think that no amount of stating the obvious  is going to make any difference now and coming from a woman who has such a flexible view of telling the truth such claims have well, just about no credibility. Its rather sad for those who value the notion of a workers collective organisation that it has taken until now when the whole union concept is in serious decline for them to realise that integrity and good governance is important because the disease of corruption is probably too far advanced now  for meaningful redemption.

Cheers Comrades

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