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The “Maiden” Newspoll: Tony Abbott’s Thumping 56-44 Lead

This is good news indeed and shows how shallow and very hollow are the confected outrage over the non-rorts being cited by the desperate minions of the left. The Abbott government are travelling just as I have expected with little effort expended to be media darlings and it is paying off in respect form the people who clearly prefer prefer quiet competence and a focus on the business of good governance rather than the daily cycle of inane press release politics.

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I heard today on the ABC radio that Labor are now more likely to concede the point on the carbon tax repeal, something that I have long predicted. this is of course the only sensible thing that they can do but my guess is that they will continue to act without the “cannyness ” that Bob Carr was chiding them for lacking. for the the sake of the country one can only hope that the Labor party continues on in its current style so they remain unelectable for a very long time.
Cheers Comrade Yale

“Performance was marred by a lack of caution and political cunning.” or “not fit to rule” take two


RETIRING senator Bob Carr has attacked Labor’s ill-fated media reforms as “badly wrong-headed”, criticised its approach to carbon pricing and warned it not to lurch to the left on asylum-seeker policy.

As Bob Carr resigns from the Senate I doubt that anyone is really surprised, nor should they be surprised by his criticism of the largely unlamented Labor administration that parachuted him into the cushy Foreign Minister’s job as a result of Rudd’s tilt at the leadership 18 months ago.

Senator Carr, who will submit his resignation to the president of the Senate tomorrow, said he planned to “reinvent” himself as an expert on Asia in posts with Sydney University and the University of New South Wales.

Reflecting on Labor’s past six years in office, he said the party did “many very, very good things”, but its performance was marred by a lack of caution and political cunning.

“Just reflecting my background, growing up with Neville Wran as premier, and trying to learn from him, I’m struck by a lack of canniness in the (former) government,” he said.

“A lack of caution, cunning – canniness is probably the best word.”

Senator Carr said the Wran playbook would have ruled out picking a fight with the media before an election, as Labor did with its proposed media reforms.

Labor should have been “friends with everyone” a year out from the poll, “cooling” controversy, not creating it.

“I thought a certain political direction had been cast out that window at that moment,” Senator Carr said.

“In the end I was just thinking about the viability of Australia’s social democratic party.

“If people in Queensland and NSW get accustomed to voting Labor at a rate of 25 per cent, in a state election and a federal election, how do you recover? That was the thought uppermost in my mind.”

He said the government’s lack of “canniness” was also evident in Labor’s approach to tackling climate change, where it should have proceeded with more caution.

He said Labor should have replicated, in its first years of the government, a scheme he introduced as premier in NSW, which only applied to the power sector. The scheme could have been ramped up down the track, he said.

“It would have been a canny approach,” Senator Carr said.

Labor took the same imprudent approach in dismantling John Howard’s Pacific Solution, “without weighing – carefully, cannily – what effect that might have on people-smuggling”.

He said Labor must retain its support for processing on Manus Island and Nauru, despite internal tensions on the policy.

“It is the right policy and it is a policy the Australian people will accept,” Senator Carr said.

“There may be a temptation from time to time to criticise the Abbott government from what might be described as the Left, on this issue. It is a temptation best resisted.”


Isn’t it interesting that yet another leading light (but not light weight 😉  ) of the Labor party is now so willing to pour a bucket upon the Gillard and Rudd leaderships .  dare I suggest that, having one person disillusioned with the party may possibly be some problem with them but once you get a chorus of dismay from several then it is indicative of a party in serious political trouble.  Sadly although the party dearly needs thinkers like Bob Carr , men and women who not only have their heads around the policy ideas that the party believes in but also just a touch of street smarts to enable them to calculate the best way of making such things both happen and more importantly be accepted by the people.

So now we have two former cabinet ministers   being brutally honest about Labor’s last stint in government so I can’t help but wonder if  such criticism will continue to be valid under the Shorten leadership and surely if it does then how can the Australian Labor party ever be fit to rule again?

Cheers Comrades


Update :

the headline piece in today’s Age is worthy of note because it makes me wonder if we got value for the more than four grand a day that Bob Carr cost the  taxpayers during his time as foreign minister:

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So was he really worth more than a grand extra a day over Stephen Smith or Kevin Rudd?

Cheers again Comrades


Hitting the ground in a coma

should we turn off the machine that goes ping for the ALP?

should we turn off the machine that goes ping for the ALP?

With the change of government comes a very big change of role for the Australian Labor Party they must get over their well deserved  humiliating defeat and rally themselves to be an effective opposition and try to redeem themselves enough in the eyes of the voters to earn enough ticks on the green papers to once again do the “live at the Lodge” show.

Sadly for the true believers like our mate Ray instead of getting down to it they have hit the ground in a coma rather than even making any forward motion at all. There is only one person to blame and that is Kevin Rudd because his misguided attempt to “reform” the way that the parliamentary leader is chosen will mean that it will be weeks before we know who to laugh at as the ALP tries to look anything but silly.

The fourth estate has largely been made to look as irrelevant as they increasingly are and all that they have had to run on is the lack of vulvas in the Abbott cabinet, like who cares about the contents of the inner ministry’s underpants? I for one don’t want to see anything even approaching “affirmative action” in the way that key ministries are allocated. It has to be all about merit when it comes to picking who can sit on the big chairs or sexism wins. If being a man makes up the biggest qualification for high office its bad then so too is being a woman. Abbott has a good team here and their performance will vindicate his choice and we can leave the whining about the gender of cabinet ministers to the minions of the left.

Cheers Comrades


In the old days when we wanted to describe a litany of failure we used to say that the list was as long as our arm. With Labor no arm is long enough for the exhaustive list and one has to evoke all limbs of the body and a substantial part of the torso as well.

Cheers Comrades


Labor Lemons, from 2008 to the middle of 2011 there were 50 fails! Failures of both Rudd’s and Gillard’s. Since then there have been too many to document.

Boat people come to mind, the rapidly growing debt, the AWU theft and scam, Alleged crooks Thomson and Slipper too. Michael Williamson, and now Albasleazy.

How many have been in the pocket of other corrupt figures like O’beid and MacDonald too, or beholden to corrupt unions and organizers, Part 5. First 4 at bottom of post.

Posted on August 6, 2011

Gillard/Swan/Rudd Top 50 Lemons
1. Carbon Tax – “There will be no carbon tax under the Government I lead.”
2. NBN – $50 billion but no cost-benefit analysis
3. Building the Education Revolution – The school halls fiasco
4. Home Insulation Plan (Pink Batts) – Dumped
5. Citizens Assembly – Dumped
6. Cash for Clunkers – Dumped
7. Hospital Reform…

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Chemotherapy and the Easter bunny

 Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomed 2Day FM crew Kyle Sandalands and Jackie O to Kirribilli House with kids from the Bear Cottage charity. Picture: Sam Mooy Source: The Daily Telegraph

Prime Minister Julia Gillard welcomed 2Day FM crew Kyle Sandalands and Jackie O to Kirribilli House with kids from the Bear Cottage charity. Picture: Sam Mooy Source: The Daily Telegraph

I am eternally thankful that my fellow  Sandpit authors have given us their perspectives on the  failed coup and its aftermath because I  have been at both horrified and rather to bemused to write anything substantive about the whole sorry mess and I have been trying to avoid letting my personal feelings of Schadenfreude cloud my judgement over the implosion of the Labor party. Its just too delicious when a bad government turns upon itself  and is so obviously committing a very public act of political suicide.  Now for a government that claims  not to to be in campaign mode the stunts and pork barrelling  are starting to c0me  thick and fast. With Gillard promising millions for schools up here in sunny Queensland  and we will see an unending litany of similar promises where ever the blighted one appears to spruik  her political potions.  The new cabinet announcement will be an interesting thing to watch and I expect that those elevated to, a hem, greatness will all struggle to hold their seats as a consequence of drinking deep from Gillard’s Koolaid  but I suppose that they can take some comfort from the beneficial effect that their brief elevation to the ministry will have on their superannuation when they join the ranks of the unemployed after September 14. When you are living in gloomy times there is no doubt that you will enjoy even the most fleeting moments of sunshine even when omens foretell  that eternal darkness is but a few short weeks away.

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With that in mind I am of course not at all surprised that there are moves a foot to encourage Brother Number One to totally leave to political stage and either quit or lose his seat in the house. Personally I can understand the reason that the Gillard Glee Club would want all trace of the once and future leader erased from the timeline but I also expect that a man of  Rudd’s ego will not go quietly under any circumstance.  One who appears to being coerced to stay though is the leader of government business in the house Anthony Albanese  who is just too valuable to the Gillard  crew to be allowed to fall on his sword in the same way that fellow Ruddites have done over the last few days. Its a measure of the lack of moral turpitude in the Labor party that even in total victory of the the forces of the Rudd push that Gillard has to hold on to Albanese like grim death because they have no one in their camp who can do what he does in the house.  Yet another example of the way that this government is driven by only one thing and that is to preserve the current power and status of its  leader and to pretend that the future  of the party does not matter in the least.

The Easter festival  has always been about renewal even before it was assimilated into Christian mythology and I can appreciate the value of such a festival in the cycle of the seasons but for Labor I see it as being about death without the possibility of resurrection, of a tomb that will not be empty on the third day and that the sightings of  a risen saviour will all be the desperate delusions  of the faithful who have all but lost their religion and who chant the litany even though their hearts are not in it any more. Take heart though Comrades because there is hope that what will die in September will be the the worst aspects of the the once admirable Labor party and that which  will be resurrected and nurtured in the wilderness  of opposition will be  a party that is relevant to today and the changing face of the Australian electorate rather than a slave to the unions and their outdated socialism and class warfare mantras. Then again such political cancers are incredibly hard to kill so I won’t be holding my breath waiting for the electoral Chemotherapy to work.

Cheers Comrades


Aspiration Rather Than Desperation: Liberal vs Labor

On another thread, resident leftie Brian reckoned:

The industrial sector in this country is just about dead in the water, manufacturing is not far behind.

Could the carbon tax have contributed to this? Labor is also killing the fishing industry and the cattle export market. Is there any industry, other than the imaginary ‘pie in the sky’ green industry, that Labor has helped rather than exacerbating?

Labor destroys initiative, Labor breaks down aspiration and replaces it with desperation.

Wyatt Roy, Australia’s youngest member of parliament recognises this and takes a great swerve at the socialist and destructive Labor party that is currently losing control of our economy and governance.

Enjoy the eloquence of a future leader.

Angry Anderson for Canberra!

I know that many politics junkies become devoted fans of  the pronouncements of their party  or brand of choice, and they devote their efforts to devouring and regurgitation the liturgy of their chosen political faith but my tendency is to focus on what the other side is saying. It all goes back to a personal epiphany that I had as a child. Namely if you read what they read then you have a chance of understanding how they think and what informs that thinking. Thus my reading of ” women’s” magazines and literature made it possible for me to make easy friendships with those of the female persuasion and reading the , ah hmm the “literature” of the uneducated blokes gave me some insight about them as well. I have continued this rather catholic reading habit into my blogging career and to that end I subscribe to all kinds of electronic news letters, mainly from parties and groups that I don’t endorse at all. Get Up counts me as a member even though I have never given them a single cent or ever signed a single  one of their online petitions. I get regular emails form Julia and Wayne telling me about the virtues of the Australian Labor party. Stuff  about the Greens and the Sex party  make regular appearances in my in boxes  and it is about the last one that I’m writing today. Their newsletter had a short piece complaining that Angry Anderson might seek to enter politics as, GASP!! a conservative !

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There is a certain irony in Robbie Swan being so surprised that Anderson has taken this  political stance because like a lot of those in the Music industry I’m sure that Anderson has seen more than his fair share of the consequences of substance abuse. Anderson has shown that he is always more interested in practical results for the people who have had the rough end of the stick. Rather than the namby-pamby and detached from reality philosophical musings of those from the far left.

  Anderson in Politics?   Bring it on I say at least the campaign will be interesting and very rock and roll: and the Sex party will find that they are little more than a broken condom as the votes are counted.

Cheers Comrades

Does anyone really think that Labor can sell the, Ah Hem, “virtues” of Climatechoices to a cynical public?

Thanks to those fine folks at Fairfax we have a Poll taken right at the beginning of Gillard’s Climatechoices and surprise surprise It shows that the public are far from being amused by this tax and spend money churn:

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My question to you dear readers is there anyone out there who think that Climatechoices is going to be anything other than a total disaster for team Labor?

With their record of not being able to “sell” their message on any policy does anyone think that they will be able to convince the public that they have something of virtue in their Climatechoices regime?

Come on who will offer me a bottle of red on it?

Cheers Comrades

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