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the Labor Party dilemma

There are actually quite a few Labor thinkers that I admire and respect and Lindsey Tanner is one of them so it will surprise no one that I cite him today from his piece in the Fairfax press:

There are three fundamental factors that have made modern Labor what it is.

The first is affluence. Our aggregate level of wellbeing, taking into account wealth, income, opportunity, personal security, environmental amenity, health, life expectancy and recreation, is probably higher than it has ever been. It is hardly surprising that much of the sting has gone out of Labor’s historic mission – redistributing wealth and income to ordinary working people – when many of those people are among the richest citizens in a globalised world.

The second structural factor that has changed Labor is the emergence of serious competition on the left of the political spectrum. As the focus has shifted from material concerns to more abstract issues of environmental degradation, international co-operation and human rights, the Greens have prospered at Labor’s expense. While our record on such matters has generally been good, the Greens can always outbid us because they are not weighed down by the need to deal with material concerns and to win majority support in order to form government.

The third fundamental shift is the emergence of a distinct class of political professionals, who now heavily influence the Labor Party. This group is extremely adept at the mechanics of politics, but largely uninterested in its purpose. Continuous interaction with our toxic media has magnified its innately self-serving, cynical approach to politics.

In previous times when Labor has been weak, it has been sustained by grassroots idealism and the institutional strength of the trade union movement. If we find ourselves out of office all around the country in a couple of years’ time, we will have very little to fall back on. Rebuilding needs people, resources and purpose.

There is only one way to deal with this challenge: a complete root-and-branch rethink about why we exist. What is our purpose? What is it we are seeking to achieve? When our answers to these questions no longer contain the empty shibboleths of a bygone world and vacuous appeals to defeat the conservatives, we’ll know we are on the way back.

This is the essence of the task facing the Labor party and its actually rather sad that it will be facings its own demons without straight shooting clear thinkers like Lindsey Tanner.
Cheers Comrades

Dear minions of the left, an early morning rant

You lot all have one profound similarity and that is in your confirmation bias telling you that  Abbott is evil incarnate and that he will surely stumble so badly between now and the election that Gillard will be able to slip back into office by default. In the immortal words enunciated in the Castle “yer dremin”. Due soon is the budget update and does anyone want to lay odds on the budget being in the black? It would be only the brave or stupid who honestly expects that mythical surplus to appear .
Even The Newman factor won’t save you as the government here winds back the severity of its cuts. The boats keep coming and no amount of pie in the sky social schemes are being believed no matter how noble the idea may be. And now on top of that Gillard has once again proven what a liar she is by back-flipping on the promise to Oakshott and the Greens about a referendum on indigenous “recognition” in the constitution. The alternative bill proposed is just window dressing and it  won’t win Gillard any cred with the voters either. You all seem to think that Tony Abbott is in strife here when the reality is that  its Gillard and Labor who are still in a deep electoral hole and rather than climbing out they are  furiously  digging deeper each day. The defeat of those two Gay marriage bills means that the misdirection of that issue is over and now with one less fringe issue to distract the people from Labor’s performance the voters are going to have lots more time to weigh up the virtues of Labor in power and no amount of “look over there, wasn’t Tony a bad boy when he was at uni “ is going to save Gillard from the humiliation of defeat at the next election.

Cheers Comrades

All good on the polling front

Another opinion poll and yet more disappointment for my good friends from the left in particular those who support the Loopy Greens must be most disappointed to see that the support for their party has dropped down into single digit figures which supports my contention that as a party their support has well and truly peaked.  The report in today’s Oz lays it out for all to see.

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It also seems to me that those who were seeing the previous improvement in Labor’s polling as a turning of the tide are most likely entirely wrong. Gillard is still in line for an absolute thrashing at the next election and I can’t see that her very big on aspiration but very light on for credibility education policy is going to help things along for the dark-side either. Oh I am sure that it may play well to the far left inverse snobbery mob who resent any money at all going to private schools. The fact that all of Labor’s scheme is unfunded and not due to start for years into the future just screams “spin” composed entirely of smoke and mirrors. Labor is still going to lose the next election, and lose significantly. Will their fell good attempts to showcase make much difference?

Hmm on the current trends they may save the odd chair or two but they are still likely to be sleeping on the floor after the next election.

Its all good Comrades

What are the Greens trying to hide?

The Greens are a sanctimonious lot, full of the certainty of the zealot on what they think is the only way to see the world and the nature of our future as a society and a species. The fact that they are so secretive about just how they decide upon the shape of their policies is a cause for some merriment here at Chez Hall because I have always been fascinated by the religiously motivated. If there is one thing that can not be denied it is the religiosity of the Greens.

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The only thing that I can think would justify this(aside from paranoia)is a concern that their more extreme members and their loopy ideas will become more well known from their posturing on the conference floor, At present its only the official party line that gets much of an airing in public and I have no doubt that the party’s loonier fringe get a good go at the national conference as they try to drag the party even further to the far left. Not that this will matter too much at the upcoming election because with Labor finally realising that the Greens are their rivals rather than their friends they the Greens won’t do so well in terms of preferences and that will mean less  of them being elected. Really though being open and transparent in how they arrive at their policy positions should have been part of the party design from the get go.

Cheers Comrades

A short rant about the unrealistic and horribly sanctimonious Greens

The Greens have always been a bunch of sanctimonious posturers keen to claim the moral high ground but what I find really offensive in their campaign about asylum seekers is their contention that we are responsible for the safety at sea of anyone who hops on a rickety boat from the moment that they board that vessel in Indonesia.

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Its not only the Greens deserve our admonishment here but also the Gillard government who were hoping that notice of the loss of these people would stay off the radar and the blood would not be perceived to be dripping from Gillard’s hands. To be entirely frank on this occasion I don’t think that its fair for the Greens or any other minions  of the left to lay any blame at the feet of any Australian for the apparent loss of life on this unnamed boat. The people who took to this mode of transport took a gamble and they lost big  time. But if the Greens want to blame anyone where is their criticism of Indonesia? Because its more likely that this boat was lost within their rescue zone and on their watch. Can I dare suggest that the Greens are in fact being rather racist to imply that because we are a first world nation that we have a global responsibility to provide search and rescue services to our near neighbour even though they are a maritime nation with thousands of islands and a navy of their own?

Make no mistake the ocean is big and it can be very difficult indeed to find an intact boat when it is in distress the chances of finding survivors form one that has sunk is orders of magnitude more difficult even if you have some idea of where they sunk . For the likes of Sarah Hansen young and  Christine Milne to dare criticise the Australian navy (even just by implication) for not finding a boat that has not even sent out a distress call is just down right insulting and utterly  reprehensible.

Ah well if there is any good that can come out of this incident its the possibility that more people will see the Greens for the sanctimonious wankers that they so obviously are and as a result their support at the next poll will decline.

Rant over  Comrades

Angry Anderson for Canberra!

I know that many politics junkies become devoted fans of  the pronouncements of their party  or brand of choice, and they devote their efforts to devouring and regurgitation the liturgy of their chosen political faith but my tendency is to focus on what the other side is saying. It all goes back to a personal epiphany that I had as a child. Namely if you read what they read then you have a chance of understanding how they think and what informs that thinking. Thus my reading of ” women’s” magazines and literature made it possible for me to make easy friendships with those of the female persuasion and reading the , ah hmm the “literature” of the uneducated blokes gave me some insight about them as well. I have continued this rather catholic reading habit into my blogging career and to that end I subscribe to all kinds of electronic news letters, mainly from parties and groups that I don’t endorse at all. Get Up counts me as a member even though I have never given them a single cent or ever signed a single  one of their online petitions. I get regular emails form Julia and Wayne telling me about the virtues of the Australian Labor party. Stuff  about the Greens and the Sex party  make regular appearances in my in boxes  and it is about the last one that I’m writing today. Their newsletter had a short piece complaining that Angry Anderson might seek to enter politics as, GASP!! a conservative !

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There is a certain irony in Robbie Swan being so surprised that Anderson has taken this  political stance because like a lot of those in the Music industry I’m sure that Anderson has seen more than his fair share of the consequences of substance abuse. Anderson has shown that he is always more interested in practical results for the people who have had the rough end of the stick. Rather than the namby-pamby and detached from reality philosophical musings of those from the far left.

  Anderson in Politics?   Bring it on I say at least the campaign will be interesting and very rock and roll: and the Sex party will find that they are little more than a broken condom as the votes are counted.

Cheers Comrades

The last dance looms for Labor

Here we see a minion of the left trying to save the Gillard government by the use of a special dance to placate Gaia, sadly the Goddess is far from amused by such a poor effort so she has decided instead to endorse the coalition. Speaking through a true Prophet the Goddess is reported to have said that she is insulted by the suggestion that creating a Ponzi scheme is any way to serve the interests of the planet.

I feel sorry for those people of the left who really wanted Gillard to succeed, even if the only reason that they have now is that Julia is not Tony. Even if they are wilfully blind to the failures of this government and they insist on not seeing the bus loaded with electoral explosives across the tracks towards which the Labor train is speeding towards at full throttle. When it happens it will be a very big bang indeed and the carnage will be far from pretty to add insult to injury Gillard herself may end up retaining her seat and you can bet that if she does that she won’t stay in the parliament in the wake of such a humiliating defeat   so the party will be humiliated again at the subsequent by-election.

Well there is some good news for your common or garden variety Labor tragic and it is that the party has a plan:

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Now if only they had had a plan for good government rather than the spectacular implosion that back-flipping on that infamous “there will be no carbon tax under a government I lead” promise maybe then the true believers would have reason for hope rather than despair at this point in time but as it stands now I fear that there is no hope for Labor in government and even less reasons to believe that they will learn the lessons of the failure with the urgency that their thrashing should inspire.

Cheers Comrades

Flopping fish, the Rudd revival show, and the spectres of the past present and the future

As Labor seems to be flopping around gasping for political breath  like a fish on a jetty we conservatives can only look on with amazement at how that poor fish moves further away for any chance of getting back in the water instead of ending up in the frying pan of history as the only self filleting fish in living memory.  For those individuals who have nursed any hope that Labor could stage a spectacular come back after the Carbon tax failed to make the sky fall in are being sadly disappointed. The voters are all just so over Labor and just counting down the days until they can use their stubby electoral commission pencils  to put the party out of its misery.

We have the confected outrage at Tony Abbott’s speech made in the USA the other day but I’ve carefully read the speech and its nothing it warrant the sort of criticism that desperate lefties have been trying to serve up.  The voters have, I think, already decided that Gillard is for the chop and the fact that they have to wait until 2013 to use those stubby pencils means that politics is relegated to the back-burner for most people. Hence the narrow and rather desperate hope that Kevin could be drafted to be the saviour of our oldest political party. Yes comrades just as a thirsty man dreams of water in the desert Labor tragics dream about a white knight leading them out of the wilderness and into a future where the Labor party is not reduced to a cricket team in the currently  fashionable Queensland and NSW style. The problem is that after Gillard succeeded in calling him out before he was ready to win the contest last February he promised not to challenge again. This put him and his backers in the rather tricky position of not being able to openly campaign or even do the numbers as Graham Richardson observes in the OZ    :

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As much as I want the government changed the cautious me wants to see Labor at least make a decent show of it because we get better government when we have a decent opposition. That said even if we see Rudd raise Lazarus like form his political grave what is the chance that he will do anywhere near enough to win back even some of those dreamers of the stubby pencils? Would Rudd, for instance, re make our “asylum” policies into something effective? Would he dump the  truly despised Carbon tax? Would he tell the Greens that the door is that way? Even if he did all of that would it make the slightest bit of difference?

I am reminded of the way that Charles Dickens  opened his novel “A Christmas Carroll”

Labor was dead, to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that. The register of his burial was signed by the clergyman, the clerk, the undertaker, and the chief mourner. Scrooge signed it. And Scrooge’s name was good upon ‘Change, for anything he chose to put his hand to.

   Old Labor was as dead as a door-nail.

   Mind! I don’t mean to say that I know, of my own knowledge, what there is particularly dead about a door-nail. I might have been inclined, myself, to regard a coffin-nail as the deadest piece of ironmongery in the trade. But the wisdom of our ancestors is in the simile; and my unhallowed hands shall not disturb it, or the Country’s done for. You will therefore permit me to repeat, emphatically, that Labor was as dead as a door-nail.

The trouble is that there will be no Ghosts to show the party the “glories” of its past (Gough anyone?) The bleakness of its present (a very  miserable  Julia Gillard ) and a portent of  its dark future (none other than Anna Bligh). Labor’s is a future without the possibility of redemption and there in we find the tragedy of a once great party that shuffles zombie like towards utter oblivion but the sad thing is that apart from some desperate denialists no one even cares any more.

Cheers Comrades




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